IELTS Practice Test using reliable study materials to prepare for the IELTS is only half the battle won. It is always recommended that candidates complete as many IELTS Practice Tests as possible. Solving IELTS practise papers 2021 will give candidates an extra edge in their IELTS exam.

So, let’s practise some of the questions which are from the recent paper, and look at sample answers so that candidates get how to write and speak answers for all four sections of the examination.

Recent IELTS Exam Questions with Answers 2021

IELTS exam questions and answers from 2021. Recent IELTS exams and present them to the candidates in one convenient location.

The IELTS exam will include all recent Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking IELTS exam questions with answers in this article for the year 2021.

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IELTS August 2021: Speaking Questions

Part One: Interview

What is the full name of the person you’re talking to?

– May I see your identification?

– Do you own a home or rent an apartment?

– Describe your living space.

– What type of home would you like to live in, in the future?

– Give a brief description of your first school.

– What mode of transportation did you use to get to school?

– What was your favourite subject in school?

– Would you consider it an excellent school?

– Let’s talk about wildlife for a moment.

– Where should one go to see wildlife in your country?

– Which other country would you like to travel to in order to see wildlife?

Part Two: Cue Cards

Describe a law you’d like to see enacted or a law you’d like to see in the future in your country.

Describe an activity you do after school or work.

Describe a time when you attempted something but failed miserably.

Describe a street market in your city.

Describe an argument between two friends.

Describe a natural talent you want to improve, such as sports or music.

Describe a law that protects the environment.

Describe a puzzle you’ve solved.

More Cue Cards

Describe a live sporting event that you have witnessed.

Describe a health-related article you came across in a magazine or on the internet.

Describe a life plan that isn’t related to work or school.

Describe a time when you were not permitted to use your cellphone.

Describe a tall building in your city that you like or dislike.

Describe a time when a large number of people were smiling.

Describe a time when you were on social media and saw something interesting.


The example given below is to only make the candidates understand how the discussion that is IELTS part three is carried on.

In your country, what kinds of handcrafted items can we find?

– What types of handcrafted gifts do people in your country make?

– Why do you believe people prefer handcrafted gifts?

– Where would you look for hand crafted or handcrafted items?

– How important do you think tourism is for handicraft businesses?

– Why do visitors purchase local handicrafts?

– Should the government invest more in these arts?

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IELTS September 2021: Speaking Questions

Part One: Interview

What is the full name of the person you’re talking to?

– May I see your identification?

– What country are you from?

– Do you work or go to school?

– What city do you live in?

– Do you enjoy your current residence? Why?

– Have you ever gotten separated from your group?

– Do you assist others who are lost?

Part Two: Cue Cards

Describe a person who made a lasting impression on you when you were in primary school.

Describe an item on which you overspend your budget.

Describe a habitual activity that wastes your time.

Describe a skill that was difficult for you to learn.

Describe a time when you had to relocate to a new home or school.

Describe a time when you were proud of a family member.

Describe a difficult thing you did.

Part Three: Discussion

The example given below is to only make the candidates understand how the discussion that is IELTS part three is carried on.

– What are the activities that people engage in on a regular basis, whether they enjoy them or not?

– How can people make mundane tasks like vacuuming or washing clothes more interesting?

– Why do people experience so much anxiety? Is this a positive thing?

– How do people feel when they are stressed?

– Some people believe that a certain amount of stress is beneficial. What are your thoughts on the matter?

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IELTS Speaking Sample Question with Solution

Describe a habitual activity that wastes your time.


Every one of us has heard or said many phrases about wasting time at some point in our lives.

‘Don’t be late, don’t waste time,’

and similar phrases are frequently used.

To those who believe that everything that is happening or will happen in the future is predetermined, these appear foolish. It’s all for the best that projects are delayed or postponed. They believe that everything that has happened has been for the best. Even in the darkest moments of human life, these people see the silver lining.

What was It?

I waste a lot of time doing something so simple, and it doesn’t help me improve as a student.


also known as

“Netflix and Chill,”

is a term that refers to spending the majority of one’s time watching Netflix and relaxing. I probably find a very interesting film on Netflix every day, and I could watch those films all day if I wanted to.

The movies last about 2 hours on average, so if I watch 4 movies, I’ve already spent a quarter of my day. Excessive sleeping is another major time waster for me as a student and employee.

Explain Why Do You Think it is a Waste of Time

Scrolling through netflix won’t get you anywhere; it’s a waste of time and effort. Instead of using my phone, I could have done something productive like go for a walk or read something. When you start using your phone, you won’t realise how quickly time passes. It’s as if you’re holding sand in your hands.

Finally, because time is money, it is critical to properly manage your time. You won’t get any returns, benefits, or profit if you don’t invest in the right place.

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IELTS August 2021: Writing Questions

People who break the law should be warned rather than punished in many cases.

To what extent do you disagree or agree with this statement?

Some people believe that employers should be more concerned with the quality of their employees’ work than with how they dress.

How much do you agree or disagree?

Some people are more concerned with domestic news, while others believe that international news is more important.

Discuss both points of opinion and express your belief.

Some people believe that governments should support creative artists such as painters and musicians financially. Others believe that artists should be supported through non-traditional means.

Distinguish between the two points of view and express your own opinion.

Some More Questions: IELTS Test

Some argue that subjects like mathematics and philosophy should be optional rather than mandatory because they are difficult for children.

What percentage of the time do you agree?

Some people believe that children should be allowed to make mistakes, while others believe that adults should prevent them from doing so.

Discuss both sides and express your thoughts.

Globalization is beneficial to economies, but it also has drawbacks that should not be overlooked.

To what extent do you disagree or agree with this statement?

More Questions: IELTS Test

Despite the fact that more people are reading news on the Internet, newspapers will continue to be the most important source of information for the vast majority of people.

To what extent do you disagree or agree with this statement?

Some people believe that children should be taught how to give speeches and presentations at a young age.

What is the reason for this?

Is this something that should be taught in schools?

Many students nowadays find it difficult to concentrate or pay attention in class.

What is the rationale behind this?

What can be done to address this issue?

IELTS Writing Sample Question with Solution

Child’s Development


The development of a child is the process of a child’s growth from childhood to adolescence, from dependency to increasing independence. Early childhood is critical for a child’s social, cognitive, and emotional development. As a result, it is critical that parents take all necessary steps to ensure that their children grow up in environments that meet their social, emotional, and educational needs.


Young children who are raised in an environment that do not meet their developmental needs are more likely to experience delays in one or more areas, such as learning and language. Failure to invest time and resources during the early years of a child’s life could have long-term consequences for the foster care and education systems.

When young children are exposed to a variety of learning and literacy interactions, as well as numerous opportunities to listen to and use language, they can begin to develop the necessary skills during their childhood years. If a child does not have these skills, he or she will be placed in the back of the class and will fall behind.

Parents can try to spend more time with their children to improve their word power by telling stories about the past, present, and future, encouraging play, and reading a variety of books. Parents can tell a storey about their childhood or inquire about a future school event during dinnertime.


Finally, as fathers and mothers, they must monitor their children’s development because they are the next generation. Every parent, in my opinion, should keep a close eye on their children’s development and growth. If there is a lack of care and love, children will develop disabilities and behavioural issues. As a result, parents play a critical role in guiding their children to achieve life success.

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IELTS September 2021: Writing Questions

More than anything else, your shopping habits are influenced by your age group.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Today, smoking is a leading cause of serious illness and death all over the world. Governments should prohibit the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products in the interest of public health.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Instead of having a national government for each country, the world should have only one government.

Do the benefits of this outweigh the drawbacks?

Some people believe that personal happiness is inextricably linked to financial success, while others believe that it is influenced by other factors.

Examine both sides and express your own viewpoint.

Some More Questions: IELTS Test

Violence-themed films and video games are popular. Some argue that they have a negative impact on society and that they should be banned. Others argue that they are simply harmless forms of relaxation.

Distinguish between the two points of view and express your own opinion.

Some people believe that the most successful people are those who make a lot of money. Others believe that people who make a positive contribution to society, such as scientists and teachers, are more successful.

Examine both sides and express your own viewpoint.

Many people still value artists such as musicians, painters, and writers in today’s world of advanced science and technology.

What are the things that the arts can teach us about life that science can’t?

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More Questions: IELTS Test

People in many countries now prefer to dress in western-style clothing such as suits and jeans rather than traditional attire.

What is the reason for this?

Is this a favourable or unfavourable development?

In today’s world, many adults prefer to spend their free time playing computer games.

Why do they behave in this manner?

Is this a favourable or unfavourable development?

Some countries are considering enacting curfews that would prevent teenagers from going out at night unless accompanied by an adult.

To what extent do you support or oppose this policy?

As technological advancements make it easier to detect and prevent crimes, crime rates will decrease.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

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IELTS August and September 2021: Reading Topics

Let’s now look at one question which has appeared in 2021 and answer it.


Do whales sleep?

Difference between African and Asian Elephants

Do ants sleep?


International Women’s Day

Christmas Eve

Happy New Year Celebrations


Elon Musk

Stephen Hawkings

Albert Einstein


What is art


Mime art


Victorian Era

Romeo and Juliet

Spring Poems

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United Nations


World War 1


I have a dream


The Great Wall of China

New York City


Culture and History

The Education System in England

Women rights

The history of coffee


Christiano Ronaldo

Muhammad Ali

Tiger Woods

Science and Technology

The internet

Space missions

Mars colonisation

The Environment

The rise in global warming

Animals extinction

Ozone layer depletion


The Black Death

The Spanish flu

Ebola outbreak

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Reading Questions 2021: IELTS Preparation with Answers

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The Benefits of Learning an Instrument 

The History and Production of Chocolate

Papyrus Plant Which Shaped the World

Why are Fairy Tales Really Scary Tales?

Transition Care for The Elderly

The Desolenator Producing Clean Water

Driverless cars

The secret of staying young

What makes us happy

Nutmeg: A valuable spice

The birth of scientific English

The nature and aims of archaeology

Why are zoos good?

The autumn leaves



IELTS Listening Tips 2021

Candidates can learn how to score a high band in listening and crack this section of the exam with confidence by following the listening tips below.

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Improve Listening Skills in General

The main goal of the IELTS listening section is to assess one’s ability to listen. It is insufficient to merely practise with materials from previous tests. To improve one’s listening skills, they should also listen to general audios from radio, television, and other sources. Aspirants can also watch some intriguing television shows. They can improve their speaking and listening skills by doing so.

Improve Vocabulary on the Subject

The audios in section 3 of the listening test are always about education, such as a student and a tutor talking about a class topic or an assignment. To study at a university, one must have a good vocabulary. This will assist them in better comprehending this section.

Go Over All of the Questions

Before listening to the audio, read all of the questions so that one can get a sense of the answer to a specific question while listening to the audio. Candidates will learn which words to use to fill in the gaps if they read through the questions. They’ll also be able to determine whether it’s a verb or a noun, and writing the answer will be simple.

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Be Aware of the Situation

Each situation in the question will be preceded by a brief explanation of what the upcoming audio is about. For instance, in the audio, they will say things like “now there will be a conversation between…” and other similar phrases, which will inform the candidate about the conversation in the audio. And none of this information will be written on the exam paper.

They must only listen to the audio to identify. As a result, they must be cautious when the audio is playing. They can figure out what the rest of the audio is about by listening to the important points.

Pay Attention

Without getting distracted, listen to the audio from beginning to end. The audio will only be played once and will not be played again. If any candidate missed any of the questions, don’t worry; just concentrate on the remaining questions to avoid losing any more marks.

The remaining questions can be reviewed at the end. If one thinks about the question they missed, they’ll eventually forget about the rest of the questions, as well as the audio recording, and they won’t be able to attempt any of them. One must multitask in this section, which means one must listen, read, and write at the same time.

Do Not Write Responses Too Quickly

Students have a tendency to write the answer as soon as they hear the audio. It is possible that it is not always correct. The correct answer could be in the following sentence. As a result, when writing the answer, keep in mind that one must first listen to the entire sentence before writing the answer.

Look for Any Errors

Aspirants will have 30 seconds after each section to check for errors. Make sure one double-checks for any blunders. It could be a grammatical error, typo, or a difference in word forms. Keep in mind that this is an English language test, so even the tiniest error counts.


The IELTS exam is divided into four sections, with each section having its own difficulties and simplicities and time is divided accordingly. As a result, aspirants should plan on how much they are spending on each section while writing their mock exams. Don’t waste time and focus on the task at hand. By practising with the topics provided in the article above, one can prepare themselves to write the examination without losing their time and energy.

In the blog section of IELTS Ninja, aspirants can find solutions to all the topics. Check it out right now!

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