The IELTS speaking exam is the second portion of the IELTS tests that will test you for your language skills and expression ability. You will be given a cue card topic with a question or a subject that you can chat about on the spot.

A long training time of 1 minute is granted to you and you must talk for two minutes or so.

In general, the subjects are descriptive formats that allow you to identify a variety of objects, relationships, persons, or areas of interest, such as a close colleague or your beloved relatives, or your favourite destination in the world, or your favourite enthusiasm.

One of the IELTS exam cue card topics, ‘Describe a time when you were surprised to meet your friend’ is explained in this blog with a sample.

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Describe a Time When You were Surprised to Meet Your Friend

Questions you must successfully answer-

  • Who was this person?
  • Where and when did you meet?
  • What you’ve done together

IELTS Exam Sample Cue Card Topic Answer- Introduction

Establish and clarify how you feel about this unexpected encounter.

Life is full of surprises, especially when something or someone likes to surprise me. I want to write about one of my encounters today because I was shocked to see one of my old school friends.

Her name is Aastha and we studied at the same high school together. She wanted to pursue her tertiary education at a foreign university after finishing her senior secondary education in India. Then she went to Singapore and we all lost touch with each other, sadly.

Describe the Situation related to the Cue Card Topic

I went to a shopping mall last week to get myself a new pair of sneakers. When I was searching for appropriate shoes at a renowned shoe store chain, Nike, I heard a familiar voice and turned around to see who the individual was. She turned out to be my school mate, to my surprise. In joy, I raised a hand at her and she, too, instantly remembered me.

We were both shocked and delighted to see each other after a long time. We gave each other a close embrace and agreed to spend more time together as well. We went to the cafeteria and bought some snacks with some coffee.

We especially remembered the memories of our school days over the cups of coffee, the time we spent with our friends; playing games and doing mischievous things.

Delve into the Details

She told me during our talk that she had come to India to attend her cousin’s wedding and was shopping for the same event. We spent an hour together and now it was time to say farewell to each other, but before that, we clicked on some images to recall this encounter and exchanged contact numbers to stay in touch with each other.

Describe Your Feelings about the Event and Conclude

This meeting made me feel blessed because it helped me reconnect with a good friend from the past and we had a lot of fun together.

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Answer the Follow-up Cue Card Topic Question

Here are several samples of follow-up questions that you might have posed to the interviewer about the cue card “describe a time when you were surprised to meet a friend” during your IELTS exam speech in Part 3.

  1. Why are people trying to catch up?

There are different explanations, I agree. The first is to share more time together, and it’s more interesting for most people to do it together than to do it alone.

  1. Are there any gatherings that groups need to arrange beforehand?

Yeah, there are several gatherings, including a doctor’s appointment, where people schedule in advance. It is often best to make an appointment in the case of partners, since the other person may be busy with work.

  1. Do unforeseen things contribute to our society’s progress?

Oh, for sure. Scientific discoveries happen by accident as I said before. The microwave is the best discovery I can think about. When operating on something entirely different, physicists found it, and now we can’t picture a kitchen without a microwave.


You would have a clear idea of how to handle and answer cue card questions in a rational manner by now. In the main IELTS test, the more you attempt to answer these sample questions, the more you can do. By keeping an eye on this article, you can exercise a comparable technique for IELTS cue card topics. You should note to build a context to make it sound more open and authentic. For more such explanations check out IELTS ninja.

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