The Canadian Ministry of Education has always stressed on the importance of including diversity and more number of foreign students. This speaks volumes about the mindset that Canadians have in general. The culture of the country is welcoming and makes one feel at home.Other than this, Canada is a developed nation that offers better opportunities in terms of education and higher studies. The subjects that are taught there are vast and each of those subjects will help students land a lucrative job later on in their lives. Canada PR is sought-after by countless individuals and they need to crack IELTS for Canada PR so as to make the residency process easier.
We will be dissecting five reasons that make Canada a preferred destination when it comes to pursuing higher academics.

Top Ranked Universities Are In Canada

Alma maters such as the University of Toronto, McGill University, University of British Columbia, University of Montreal and others are situated in Canada.
These highly sought after universities have excellent rankings and have churned out some of the best students. Why then, would someone not want to be a part of these prestigious universities?
Canada has a very high graduate employability rate as well. Most individuals who receive Canada PR are from India and if you’re looking to add to this list, you need to crack IELTS for Canada PR in a strategic manner.

Universities Value Research Above Anything Else

Most Canadian universities have a predisposition towards research and encourage students to do the same in their respective areas of study.
Research, as we know, has the ability to change the world and ease lives. Many programs are designed in such a manner that students have no option but to actively participate in research-related activities. This helps them grow as individuals and also broadens their capacity for thinking differently.
In fact, a device that improves cancer detection, discovery of insulin and many such useful discoveries are a result of research that has taken place there. 

A Rich And Diverse Campus

Canadian Universities have multiple fests and other events that take place throughout the year. The vibe of the university campuses is one of learning and fun. Very few academic institutions are successfully able to combine both fun and learning in such an effective manner. Students mingle with people who come from different parts of the globe and develop forward thinking ideas that help them later.
Campuses such as these are rare as most traditional universities believe in sticking to the old school methods of how campuses should ideally operate. 

Easier Immigration Process For Indian Students

Canada has always remained flexible with immigrants who flock to the country. Students who come to study there have a work permit as well. They can even apply for a Permanent Residency and stay there for as long as they like once they’ve met all the criteria.
Some universities have part-time jobs available and it becomes smoother for students to take them up while pursuing their studies. This also enhances their CV & increases their prospects of bagging a lucrative job later on.

Improved Quality Of Life

Compared to most countries, Canada has reasonable pricing when it comes to accommodation, rent, food and other budgets that a student needs to chalk out. The Air Quality Index is very good and the GDP of the country grows steadily every quarter.
It is home to the most water bodies and this makes water abundant in Canada. Being both mentally as well as physically fit is key to being happy and choosing a country that values both, ensures that its people do not have a cause to suffer.


We can list more reasons that contribute towards Canada being a top destination for students when it comes to higher studies. However, we have crunched it down to five most important pointers so that you understand what the country believes in. Hope this helps you in making up your mind about pursuing your academics from the country. If you’re looking for an agency that will make it easier for you to obtain a Canada PR, look no further than IELTS Ninja.

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