How many of you have plans of studying abroad? Doesn’t the very prospect of a foreign degree sound exhilarating? You can almost visualize the lush green campus and the life that awaits you on the other side.
However, as pleasant as the prospect sounds , it can get quite daunting to browse through the list of colleges and courses and pick the ones that will eventually shape your career. The best thing to do would be to seek the guidance of an Overseas Education Consultancy that is not just reliable but also registered. IELTS Study Abroad services are offered by most consultancies but zeroing in on the right one could make all the difference to your career.
In this blog, let’s explore the three major mistakes that students commit during their study abroad plans and find out how agencies that offer IELTS Study Abroad services assist them.

Incorrect Selection Of Course

This is a very common mistake that is most often committed by students out of either excitement or out of negligence.

The vast array of courses offered by universities charms the students into thinking that they should apply for the ones that seem very interesting such as Film Making , Designing , Culinary, Cultural Studies and the like. These courses sound extremely glamorous but have an extensive syllabus that involves a lot of theory as well.  By the time students realize that they’ve picked something they would not like to pursue, it gets too late.

Certain courses rank highly for a year and are opted for in hope of better job prospects. However, the ranking keeps changing and so, the student must only go for the course that he/ she is intrinsically motivated towards.

Inferior Interview Skills

Marching confidently into the interviewer’s office and assuming you can impress them with just fancy words will not help your case. Any University’s Admissions Committee seeks students who are not only genuine but also diligent. They look for focussed candidates. 

You should be well versed with the details of your course before facing the interviewer. Your motive behind moving to that particular country must also be clear. If the committee finds any discrepancy or doubt with regard to the student’s intentions, they will not think twice before rejecting your application.

Preparing for this through a Professional who has the expertise for it can help you in acing these student interviews and getting into your desired college.

Incomplete Filling Up Of Application Form

It sounds impossible but you will be surprised to discover that 6 out of 10 candidates fill up their application forms in the wrong manner. It is either incomplete or has spelling errors or has the wrong entries.

This is a mistake that can easily be avoided if one remains mindful while filling up something that determines their future. Remove any distraction , be it your smartphone, gadget or any other device while you’re attending to the application form.

Have the necessary documentation ready and keep a photocopy of every document that you may need. Make a checklist so that you know if you’ve missed out on anything.



These are three simple mistakes that students make while applying and searching for colleges abroad. All of these can be avoided if one remains vigilant or seeks the services of a Study Abroad Consultancy that  has already sent thousands of bright minds to their preferred destinations. One such agency is IELTS Ninja as they have the knowhow that’s needed for you to relocate to your preferred destination. 

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