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Canada Immigration Program

The complete package for your Canada dreams. Now getting your immigration to Canada is easier than ever with our simplified process and step by step guidance and counselling from experts

What do you get?

check  Unlimited IELTS Training

check  Express entry profile

check  All documentations

check  WES

check  Police verification

check  Guidance & query resolution

How are we different?

Super affordable

It does not cost a fortune to migrate to Canada

CRS score improvement

The only thing that will get your Canada ITA is the CRS score of 440+

Guaranteed band in IELTS

Fastest method to increase CRS score is IELTS band and we help you get the maximum possible band with super personalised training.

100% transparent

Completely transparent process from enrollment to your target band achievement

How it works

  Pre Enrollment
check  Eligibility Check
check  CRS Score Calculation
check  IELTS Band Requirement
  Post Enrollment
check  IELTS training with
a personal trainer
check  Documents preparation
and verification
check  WES Process
check  Express entry profile management
check  Unlimited guidance and query resolution

Canada Immigration Fees Calculator

Fill in the details below to start unlimited private IELTS Training until you get the desired band to successfully immigrate to Canada


This is a completely customizable course with guaranteed band achievement. Find the fees for you by selecting the fields below

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Rs. 35,000

How does our IELTS Training works?

Pre-training assessment

This course starts with a thorough diagnosis of your current English Language skills and IELTS Exam readiness assessment. This assessment is conducted/analysed by a senior trainer who defines a roadmap for you to get your desired band in 1 attempt.

Customized study plan

Following the assessment, multiple trainers are assigned to you who create and monitor the study plan created by the senior trainer, specifically for you.

Mock Tests & Exam conditioning

Throughout the program, you will give over 30 mock tests, and discuss and improve upon each one of them with your trainer so you are 100% exam ready on the day of the test.

3:1 faculty to student ratio

You will always have multiple trainers collectively working on you to achieve your desired band. Throughout the course, you will have daily private classes where you will learn key concepts and get all your doubts answered.

Course Content

  • Talking about yourself.
  • Vocabulary and Phrases for talking about yourself.
  • Sentence formation for talking about yourself.
  • Talking about likes, dislikes, habits, everyday life.
  • Describing objects, people, places etc.
  • Vocabulary and Phrases for Describing simple things.
  • Sentence formation for Describing simple things.
  • Grammar for Describing simple things.
  • Describing simple experiences like family, friends, education, life events.
  • Vocabulary and phrases for describing simple experiences.
  • Describing complex experiences life events, special occurrences, art, travel, etc.
  • Vocabulary and phrases for describing complex experiences.
  • Giving details beyond simple description like emotions, feelings, attitude, hope, history, background etc.
  • Vocabulary and Phrases for giving details.
  • Expressing opinion and Giving simple arguments.
  • Vocabulary and Phrases for expressing opinion.
  • Giving complex and sequential arguments.
  • Vocabulary and Phrases for Giving complex arguments.
  • Writing error free simple sentences.
  • Writing simple opinion sentences.
  • Vocabulary and sentence structure for giving opinion.
  • Writing compound sentences.
  • Writing reasoning sentences.
  • Writing opinion and giving examples.
  • Vocabulary and sentence structure for complex sentences.
  • Idea building and brainstorming for giving opinions.
  • Constructing paragraphs for giving opinions.
  • Vocabulary, phrases and sentence structure for constructing paragraphs.
  • Comprehending simple and small text.
  • Understanding paragraph structure.
  • Breaking down complex paragraphs.
  • Comprehending complex longer passages.
  • Reading and listening awareness.
  • Education, Environment and Healthcare.
  • Healthcare, Public policy and social relevance.
  • Technology, science and history.
  • Introduction to Reading section.
  • Improving reading speed and comprehension.
  • Annotation Strategy for improving accuracy.
  • Decoding True/False/Not Given questions.
  • Tackling completion type questions.
  • Mastering matching type questions.
  • Reading Practice Tests Evaluation and Discussion.
  • Grammar lessons and drills on weak areas.
  • Introduction to IELTS writing tasks.
  • Understanding Task 1 – Letter writing.
  • How to write a good Letter?.
  • Vocabulary and Idioms for Letter writing.
  • Types of Essays – Argumentative, Opinion-based, Cause-effect etc.
  • Ideation, Brainstorming and writing essay flows.
  • PEE technique for improving coherence and cohesion.
  • Special techniques for impactful writing.
  • Special Grammar and vocabulary for Essay writing.
  • Writing Task 1 mocks and Evaluation.
  • Essay Writing mocks, Evaluation and Discussion.
  • Grammar lessons and Drills on weak areas.
  • Detailed analysis of Listening test pattern.
  • Listening test taking strategies.
  • Tackling with distractors in listening test.
  • Improving listening speed with Native english accent.
  • Developing Paraphrasing skills for listening section.
  • Solving Table completion Questions.
  • Practise tests on listening section, with analysis and discussion.
  • Grammar lessons and Drills on weak areas.
  • Introduction to speaking section.
  • Strategies for task 1.
  • Strategies for task 2.
  • Strategies for task 3.
  • Phrases, vocab and idioms for task 1.
  • Phrases, vocab and idioms for task 2.
  • Phrases, vocab and idioms for task 3.
  • 20+ mock speaking sessions.
  • Grammar lessons and Drills on weak areas.
  • 10 Complete Mock tests with detailed analysis and discussion.
  • 11 Section Practice tests on reading and listening.
  • 30+ Speaking and writing mock tests.
  • Articles and determiners.
  • Nouns and Pronouns.
  • Verbs.
  • Adjectives.
  • Pronouns.
  • Prepositions.
  • Conjunctions.
  • Tenses.
  • Subject Verb Agreement.
  • Subject Verb Agreement.
  • Expressing Opinions.
  • Complex Sentences.
  • Linking Words.
  • Conditional Sentences.
  • Paraphrasing.
  • Idioms for people.
  • Idioms for places.
  • Idioms for habits.
  • Idioms for plans.
  • Idioms about experience.
  • Idioms for objects.


The basic eligibility criterion for Indian citizens is as follows-

  • You must have recognized work-experience
  • You must be within the age group 20 to 40 yrs (for an easy entry)
  • You must have recognized education qualification
  • You must be an English speaking person

No, the criteria for getting a PR (permanent residence) visa have several stages and validation criteria. To get an “Invite” you must be going through the following process.

  • You must first get your CRS score (don’t worry we will tell how is this done)
  • The points are scored out of a total of 1200 points.
  • If your score is 430+ your chances of getting a PR invite are high!
  • Your CRS score will be higher if you have good education qualification, you are below 30 yrs of age and have continuous years of work experience, English language proficiency and spouse with good CRS score
  • There are other minor factors, which you can discuss with us
  • It is possible to increase your CRS score, we will provide the necessary roadmap to do that, IELTS score plays a very important role in improving your CRS score.
  • IELTS exam score has a lot of points. High IELTS band means high CRS score!

We provide robust services in the most transparent package to help you get your Canadian PR Invite.

  • The detailed assessment of your Immigration profile
  • Roadmap to improve your CRS score to increase your chances of getting the visa
  • Handling your express entry online application for the entire duration (2 to 6 months)
  • Documents’ preparation and verification to ensure you don’t face technical rejection
  • Progressing you through, Visa application process, Employment verification, Educational Credential Assessment and other stages until PR invite (ITA)
  • No hidden cost, consulting fees is exclusive of all Visa and document verification fees

There are various coaching institutes offering IELTS training. We at IELTSNinja also offer customized online training programs for IELTS, with a dedicated personal tutor. You can view our list of courses here.