Do you want to calculate what will be your average score based on your scores in this exam? Then, you can use the IELTS score calculator. It gives you the average of all the IELTS Bands scores. If on average, your score in IELTS in an overall band calculator is 6.25, it will be rounded to 6.5.

The points calculator for the scores in this exam rounds your score to the next number if the average ends in 0.75. Many students feel that it is tough to get an overall good band score. But it is not so.

IELTS is one of the most important exams if you wish to get relocated to a foreign country to boost your income or for educational purposes. An IELTS institute can be quite helpful for helping you clear this exam. However, you have to take care of some things on your own to get the desired band score.

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How to Use an IELTS Calculator?

Each section of the test – Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking – will be graded on a scale of 1 to 9. Your overall band score is determined by the average. In each section of the test, you can score whole (e.g., 5.0, 6.0, 7.0) or half (e.g., 5.5, 6.5, 7.5) bands.


Listening: 6.5

Reading: 6.5

Writing: 5

Speaking: 7

Average of four components: 6.25

Overall score: 6.5

How to Calculate IELTS Score?

The Writing test is estimated by qualified test examiners who have undergone extensive training and are closely organized to ensure quality and consistency of marking, regardless of where the test is taken. Your Writing test will be marked by at least two examiners, and sometimes three or four, to ensure the highest level of accuracy and fairness possible.

The areas of ‘coherence and cohesion,’ ‘task response,’ ‘lexical resource,’ and ‘grammatical range and accuracy’ are all scored on the Writing test. You can learn more about each of these terms by looking at the Writing band descriptors, which provide detailed information about each phrase and how it relates to the various band scores available.

How to Clear The IELTS Exam?

Maximum reading: The maximum amount of reading is required for this exam. There is no end to reading for this exam if you want to get a good IELTS general reading score or test academic reading score.

Reading increases your understanding. You can start reading anything, be it short stories, novels, or any kind of fiction.

Reading is the most important part of an exam.

You can read newspapers. Make sure that you subscribe to a newspaper to build your vocabulary. It can be daily or weekly. It’s important to note down the academic words that you have learned while reading.

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Points to Ponder

Writing daily: Similar to reading, you also focus on your writing. This will enhance your writing capability. You can start keeping a diary also so that you write in it about the events of the day. You should write essays to practice your writing skills.

You can also write stories if you can write to them. You can also have a diary for noting down all the tough words and their meanings. This way when the exam date is near, you can just go through such words.


Speaking: Since speaking is an integral part of this exam, you need to focus on your grammar. You can improve your grammar by trying out a test course which helps you in speaking clearly in English.


Enhance vocabulary: You also need to increase your vocabulary in the exam. You must learn as many synonyms as you can. Buy a pocket dictionary and carry it around with you. It will help you in learning new words. A thesaurus can also be used because it provides words for the meanings. So, you know how to express yourself more clearly in this language.

New Words to Ponder

Make sure that you can learn new words. Don’t ignore the habit of looking up in the dictionary to know the meaning of a word. Once you start reading more, you come across many difficult words.

However, when you come to learn a new word don’t overfocus on it. This means, don’t try to learn different uses of the word in many different sentences. You should learn the word in three-four sentences, that’s enough.

How to Grasp?

To learn about the usage of a word, it’s important to see how other people are using it. So, you must watch as many videos and audios about the word. You will get complete clarity about how the word is to be used in this manner.

Watch new channels like the BBC where they use tough words. Try to watch as many English news channels as you can to get a grasp of the meaning of a word. For audios, listen to podcasts. You can also watch English shows and movies to increase your vocabulary.

Different Ways of Attempting IELTS General and IELTS Academic

In the IELTS General writing task you can use idioms, whereas you must refrain from using them in the IELTS academic writing test. In the 1st writing test of IELTS, academics try not to use any idioms because they are a part of informal writing. However, in the IELTS general letter writing test, you should use idioms but don’t use them too much.

Although IELTS general is used for immigration purposes, IELTS academic is also used by private companies which are ready to hire immigrants from abroad. You can increase the exam vocabulary when you start reading the dictionary from beginning to end or you can learn a new word per day.  This is possible when you have a pocket dictionary with you.

There won’t be a problem for you in finding an exam centre in India where the exam is conducted.

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How are IELTS General and IELTS Academic Different?

Let’s discuss the structure of the academic IELTS. Both the IELTS General and the academic have the same number of speaking and listening sections. However, there is a difference in the writing and reading sections in both the formats of the test.

The reading section in the exam Academic has 4 questions that have to be answered in 1 hour. However, the writing section is tough, where 2 essays have to be written in 1 hour. The first essay has to be written based on graphs and pictures given in the test. However, the second essay has to be written as per a general topic.

The exam reading and writing sections in the general version of this test will have questions in the same format. But the level of questions is quite easier in IELTS General.

How to Select an IELTS Coaching Centre?

Practice mock tests: Make sure that you do enough of IELTS mock tests. This way you can check your abilities in different bands in limited time frames. When you have to check the answers, there are answer keys given with tests. An exam centre makes sure that you appear for several Mock tests of the exam.

After giving mock tests, you can keep checking your scores in the IELTS band calculator, this will give you a fair idea of where you will land. An exam coaching institute has many expert trainers who know how to prepare you for this exam.

Such an institute does a great job of preparing you for this test. This kind of IELTS coaching centre provides you with audio files so that you can practice your listening well.

Things to Remember

Qualified teachers: This is also important. It’s because only a qualified exam trainer can help you in accomplishing your goal. For example, they have complete knowledge of the Reading band and can help you in finding the focus keyword in the reading paragraph. Some of the institutes have proper certification programs for their exam trainers. They provide one-month training to IELTS teachers before enlisting them as trainers.

The teachers should also be trained to monitor your performance from time to time. They should be able to prepare a timetable based upon which you study from Monday to Friday.

Online Training

Online training: This is also an important aspect that you can choose in a coaching centre. Make sure that you have E-Learning facilities at the exam centre joined by you. This way, you can learn from anywhere you want.

With online training imparted to you, you can study freely. You don’t have any time-bound restrictions as to attend any fixed hours of class. So, you can easily come back from the office and then study. You should also look at the past accolades of the training institute. This is important because that’s how you get an idea about the success rate. There must be at least thousands of students who have been able to get successful in the exam with such an institute.

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Importance of IELTS

The exam is accepted in a lot of countries i.e. 105. For example, universities in Australia, Canada, the USA, and the UK accept this exam as the entrance for gaining admission. The admission of a student can be rejected if his score is less than the target by 0.5 points.

Hence any student who is aspiring to gain admission to a foreign university must check out the exam requirements for his intended course. Only when he can get the correct score for the exam, can he plan on getting admission. The reason why universities look for outstanding scores as 6.5 in all the bands is that they don’t want the student to leave the course or fail in any one of the exams due to language problems.

Immigration to Australia

Anyone who wants to immigrate to Australia as per the new points requirement of 65 points without either a relative living there has to get 7 in all the bands of the exam. This is certainly a very tough requirement.

For immigration also, countries look at a candidate’s exam score so that they can find jobs. He can live there easily and is not dependent on the social security systems after his arrival. Therefore, the foreign countries looking for exam scores don’t want immigrants to become a burden for them.


When you have completed all of your research and have thoroughly prepared for the IELTS exam. The next piece of information you should be aware of is how to calculate your score. You will gain a better understanding of the criteria used to evaluate you.

This will allow you to concentrate on key areas during the IELTS exam. This article will show you how to calculate your general training reading band score and give you tips on how to prepare for the IELTS reading section.

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