If you want to settle down in New Zealand, take a look at the things that you should consider while applying for a Permanent Residence in New Zealand.

PR calculator is also known as EOI (Expression of Interest) calculator. It is a calculating system where you get to know the possibility of getting a PR. It is based on the following factors –

  • Age
  • Qualification
  • Skilled Employment
  • Relevant Work Experience
  • Partner

However, this calculation is only a guide and useful for self-assessment. Immigration New Zealand branch staff make the final assessment and give the final score. There are many online consultations that can help you attain a realistic score in exchange for a fee, or some might even do it for free.

How Much are the Passing Marks?

The minimum marks to qualify is 100; but, currently, only applicants who have scored above 160 are being considered. Therefore, the current passing marks to qualify for PR is 160.

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What are New Zealand PR Points?

New Zealand PR points are calculated based on the factors mentioned above. These factors are calculated to understand who is offering the best value to the country. We will now look at how many points each factor holds in detail.

  1. Age: Lower the age of an individual, the higher are the points credited.
  2. Qualification: The scores are given according to the level of education. Postgraduates comparatively get the highest points.

However, it is very important to assure that your qualification is equivalent to a recognized New Zealand qualification and that it stands up to the required standard.

A qualification is considered to be equivalent when:

  • It is present on the List of Qualifications Exempt from Assessment; or
  • It has been assessed by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA); or
  • It has been assessed by a New Zealand registration authority at the same level as a qualification on the List of Qualifications Exempt from Assessment as part of an application for New Zealand occupational registration; or
  • It is a Washington Accord or Sydney Accord accredited undergraduate degree.

Principle applicants, or the main applicant under the Skilled Migrant Category, must submit their qualifications and provide evidence that the qualifications satisfy the New Zealand Qualifications Framework’s standards.

  1. Skilled Employment: The scores are dependent on the duration of the employment completed by the applicant. It is possible to get bonus points if you have a minimum of one-year of work experience in New Zealand.

New Zealand PR Points Table


There are 10 bonus points for the people who have a close family already settled in New Zealand.


Age  Points
20-29 30
30-39 25
40-44 20
44-49 10
50-55 5


Qualification Level Level of Degrees Considered  Points
4-6 Trade qualification or Diploma 40
              7-8 Bachelor’s Degree 50
9-10 Master’s Degree or Doctorate 70

Note – Points for qualifications are not cumulative. You can claim points for one qualification only.  

Skilled Employment

Duration of Work Experience in Skilled Employment Points
2 years 10
4 years 15
6 years 20
8 years 25
10 years 30

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 New Zealand Immigration

New Zealand is open for you to work, study, and even live. The immigration process is simple. You can do a self-assessment by assessing all the required conditions that include calculating PR points and EOI submission.

It is recommended to get advice while following the process. You can consult with licensed migration advisers to make this process hassle-free in exchange for a fee.

New Zealand PR Visa

Any individual interested in getting a New Zealand Permanent Residence visa should make sure that they have fulfilled the minimum eligibility criteria. The list of requirements is given below. Minimum eligibility criteria are mandatory for every principal applicant.

  • The age of the applicant needs to be below 55 years.
  • Ensure good health and a character certificate.
  • Fluency and good command of the English language.
  • Must have a job offer letter from a company located in New Zealand.
  • Minimum work experience of three years.
  • Get a resident visa at least two years before applying for PR, and make sure you have lived under that visa for two years.
  • Applicable conditions of resident visa need to be fulfilled.

Fulfil Any One of the Conditions to Show your Commitment

Getting a PR in New Zealand offers you several benefits, and that’s why the country ensures that the people applying for PR are committed to their country. To show your commitment to the country, you need to fulfil any one of the conditions from the five conditions listed below. 

Spend Time in the Country

Make sure you have spent a minimum of 184 days in the country as a resident in each of the two years immediately before the date of application.

Gain New Zealand Tax Residence Status

You get qualified as a tax resident in New Zealand if you have been able to live as

a resident in the country for a minimum of 41 days in each of the two preceding

years to the date of application.

Or, you are a holder of tax residence status for at least two years before application.

Invest in the Country

In order to fulfil this condition, a minimum amount of NZ$1,00,000 is an acceptable investment for at least two years or more.

Acceptable investment is the one stated as acceptable under the investment visa policy of New Zealand. It includes –

  • The capability of a commercial return under normal situations.
  • It is not for the personal use of the applicant.
  • Invested in New Zealand in New Zealand currency.
  • Potential to contribute to New Zealand’s economy.

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Do Business in New Zealand

Either bring a business or start a business in New Zealand at least a year before you plan to apply. In case you bring a business, make sure that you at least own a 25% share in that particular business.

Starting or bringing a business is not enough; the business should be successful and should benefit the country in some or the other way.

Established Base in New Zealand

To prove your establishment in the country, you need to fulfil these conditions

  • Stay in New Zealand as a resident for a minimum of 41 days in the year preceding your date of application for permanent residence.
  • Other non-principal applicants included in your residence application should have lived in the country for a minimum of 184 days in the two years, before your date of application for permanent residence.

Unlike the minimum eligibility criteria, you only need to fulfil one of the above mentioned five conditions to show your commitment to New Zealand to get a permanent residence.

Additional Conditions

Mentioned below are the two additional conditions, either of which needs to be submitted to get a permanent residence.

  • Evidence of Home: An applicant needs to purchase a home 12 months before or after becoming a resident. He/she has to prove its ownership and live in it.
  • Evidence of Employment: He/she has worked full time in the country for nine months or more, two years before the date of application. He/she can prove it through payment slips, offer letter or contract.

There is a possibility to score bonus PR points when you have a job experience in New Zealand; and to get good job opportunities, you must have a brilliant IELTS score.


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