The speaking test is one of the stages of the IELTS Exam. In this section, the candidates are provided with a cue card which contains a topic about which they have to talk about on the spot. You need to train rigorously and with proper planning to secure good marks on the speaking section.

You will be given a single cue card topic, and you will get about one minute to prepare your answer. The examiner will instruct you on how to proceed forward, and you will have to speak for two minutes before the interviewer asks you to stop. The interviewer will then ask some follow up questions about the topic given on the cue card.

One question which is often asked in the IELTS exam is to describe a time when you travelled by public transportation. Let’s see how you will proceed.

IELTS Cue Card Topic – Describe a Time When You Travelled by Public Transportation

The prompts for this topic are:

  • When you travelled?
  • Where you travelled?
  • What was the purpose of your travel?
  • How did you feel about it?

IELTS Cue Card Topic Describe a Time when You Travelled by Public Transportation Model Answer 1

Introduction of IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic

I generally travel by my vehicle since it saves personal time. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that I need to go far away places with my family, I lean toward public transportation since driving for a really long time makes me tired and don’t allow me to enjoy with my family.

When and Where did you Travel?

That being the reason, last month, I travelled by train to visit the fashion capital of India, Mumbai. Along these lines, going via train rather than my vehicle seemed like the most ideal alternative for me. A month ago, we as whole relatives got some leisure time. At the point when we were intending to visit someplace, my father recommended Mumbai. He said that one of his childhood friends had moved there and he never found the opportunity to meet him again.

What was the Purpose of your travel?

Thus, to fulfil our father’s wish, we all decided to visit Mumbai. Apart from this, it is also renowned for its tourist attraction. We reached the station half an hour before departure time. Tickets were already books through the railway’s official website. Going via train has its own insight. We siblings had a minor clash since we as a whole needed to sit on the seat by the window. Eventually, we sat turn by turn.

How did You Feel about It?

It was a really enjoyable journey. Luckily, the train was on time. Even though it was a long journey, seeing the happiness on the face of my father and his friend when they met after a long time, removed our tiredness. We were also happy about that. In addition to this, we went to see some well-known places such as Gateway of India, Marine Drives, and Elephanta caves.


We spent 7 days in Mumbai. Some of the tourist attraction we visited were breathtaking. We all enjoyed our stay and collected some souvenirs for our friends.

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IELTS Cue Card Topic Describe a Time when You Travelled by Public Transportation Model Answer 2

Introduction of IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic

Going on trips to a wide range of spots is a part of our everyday life, regardless of whether we travel in our private vehicles or utilize some sort of public transportation. Obviously, taking everything into account, I am more agreeable to go on my outings on my motorbike when I am covering short distances.

When and Where did you Travel?

However, when I travel long distances, I normally utilize public transportation, and today I might want to discuss one such long-distance trips which I took a few months ago. I decided to visit my aunt who lives in a town, which is not that far away from us. It takes 5-6 hours to reach her, and I had to use different public transports to reach her. I took the bus from the bus stand in my town till my aunt’s town, and the journey lasted for around 4 hours. It took me two hours to find a taxi from the bus stand and reach my aunt’s house, who lives in the remote part of the town.

What was the Purpose of Your Travel?

There was nothing special about my travel, I was just visiting my Aunt after my term had completed. I took public transportation because my parents and siblings needed the car for some housework.

How did You Feel about It?

The trip was a long and pleasant one. One thing that annoyed me was the need to change transportation and carrying multiple bags. I enjoyed the scenery of the countryside and met new people and visited new places as well.


We spent 4 days at aunts and took the same routes back. After reaching home I advised my parents to visit my aunt via public transport.

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