The speaking test is one of the stages of the IELTS test where the candidate is given a cue card containing the topic and is expected to talk about it on the spot. This exercise needs rigorous training and proper planning to pass.

Many examples of expected cue cards have been released and used in earlier years as well. They could be descriptive questions that ask you to describe a person, event, object, etc. For example: Describe a family you like and are happy to know, describe an old friend, describe a tradition in your country, etc. Though the topic is easy it is difficult to seamlessly put together words to talk in a fashionable and intellectual manner without prior practice.

Sample Answer of Cue Card Question – Describe a Family which You Like and Are Happy to Know

Sample QuestionIntroduction:

I have a childhood friend called Disha who has always been a very withdrawn and quiet person. So I was absolutely taken aback when I found out that even her parents and brother were just like her. Just as cold and quiet as she was. Thus I always wondered how they got along. However after so long I have learned to understand and admire this small family.

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Who are They and Where do They Live?

Mr Rustogi is a businessman and Mrs Rustogi is a gynaecologist, thus, for the most part, they’re always out being busy with work. Atharv is Disha’s younger brother by a year and went to the same school as ours. This family of four lived in a duplex apartment in the same community as me.

Why do You like Them?

Disha never really did well in academics. However, all the other three members in her family were people with high IQ and good academic backgrounds. Even her brother used to always come first in class.

But Disha never faced any pressure or inferiority because of her low scores in her family. Instead, when her parents discovered that she really liked painting, they encouraged her to join art courses and then study Fine Arts in college too.

Wrap it Up

Now that I see my friend doing well and earning a name for herself in the painters’ circle, I really admire the people who supported her from behind. Her parents successfully tapped into their child’s potentials and helped her grow in life.

Her brother never bragged in front of her about his academics but always complimented her for having skills that he didn’t. I felt this is what a family should be, that understands each other and helps each other to grow and flourish.

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Sample Answer of Cue Card Question – Describe an Old Friend You Got in Contact with Again

Cue CardIntroduction

I met Suruchi, who I called Duchi in Class 9. We had all been freshly shuffled and all my friends had been put in different classes. Duchi sat diagonally behind me. She was short, a little plump, wore sports track pants most of the time, had boy-cut hair and chewed gum. In between class, she would wear a baseball cap only to be scolded by the teacher to take it off as soon as the next class started.

How did You become Friends?

Now there was no mighty or meaningful reason behind it at all. It was just that Duchi was especially bad at studies. After having to see my brother’s full marks papers all the time, Duchi was like a soul mate. Even if I scored even half a mark more than her, it was like a balm to my soul. So for the last four years of my schooling life, I was really thankful for her presence.

How did You Lose Touch?

Our friendship was especially without any pressures or expectations but it wasn’t exactly precious. We were too young to realize what was precious or what wasn’t so when she left for Germany after school for further studies, both of us didn’t really care or react. We didn’t promise to stay in touch or cry or feel any sadness. We just bid goodbye and moved on.

How did You Get in Touch Again?

However, recently just a month back was my 21st birthday. I was at home just enjoying a usual quiet day, only with a cake in the refrigerator. Suddenly I got a call from an unknown number. It was Duchi; I could tell the second she started speaking. She only said,” I’m downstairs, come down.”

How has the Friend Evolved as a Person?

The little overlord tomboy had become a lady. She had long hair and makeup. She wore a stylish female suit and heels. We sat down outside my house with the German beer she had specially bought from Germany and she complained for a full hour about how German food was so bland, about how she has to dress up every day and go to the office to take over her family business.

And as she spoke I only remembered one incident in the 2nd year of my college. I had gone to get some books from the library and I had come across a travelogue of Germany. That’s when I realised how much I had missed her.

Wrap It Up:

Time had passed and memories had faded. We were different people. We had grown up. At that time we were forced to braid our hair and to take off our baseball caps and now we’re forced to enter society and earn our living. But I realized that be it if our hands held soda cans or beer bottles, our friendship was still the same.

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Sample Answer of Cue Card Question – Describe a Person Who is Very Open

Sample AnswerIntroduction

We had a classmate in class 6 called Ahaana. A very weird little girl as she always read comics and talked really weirdly. It was her who introduced me to the world of Anime and Manga. Anime and manga are very famous now but it wasn’t then. Most of the girls in class were falling in love with the boys of One Direction but there she was in the corner talking about a cartoon character.

What Characteristics Made Her Very Open-Minded?

She said she was a fujoshi, a Japanese term for someone who loves imaging homosexual relations between two men. At that time she got ostracized and bullied for that because then being called a lesbian or gay was an insult.

Society is more accepting now after years of protest by the LGBTQ community. Though in retrospect, my conduct does make me apologetic and blush with shame now but we were 12-13-year-olds then, what did we know?

What impact did her unique character leave on you and others around you?

However, it was years later in our last year of high school. Our friend Sarah had come out to us as a lesbian. Though we were more accepting and mature now, we still couldn’t help but treat her a bit differently. No one wanted to go to the bathroom alone with her, we always tried to pull along another girl. No one wanted to eat from the same plate or drink from the same bottle.

Wrap It Up:

That’s when Ahaana helped her. Ahaana had many such friends who were struggling with sexuality whom she introduced Sarah to. She also talked to us and advised us what to do and what not to do, explained what would hurt Sarah and what would make her happy. I had honestly respected Ahaana then. That year we had all gone for the Pride Walk and had loved every part of it.

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Sample Cue Card Question- Describe a Tradition in Your Country

Cue Card QuestionIntroduction:

I don’t believe in worship. These pujas and rituals are always something that I could not put my belief in. So since young one of the most irritating things for me to do was follow my family to do temples to worship the god or offer prayers every day at home. However, one tradition that exists in our religion that I would never regret following was going to the holy pilgrimage of Chaar Dham or the four holy pilgrim sites.

What is it About?

The cities of Badrinath, Dwaraka, Puri and Rameshwaram together form the Chaar Dham. For Hindu believers, this pilgrimage is a must-do at least once in their lives. The four places are where Lord Vishnu once rested in different reincarnations of his lives. Huge temples were made to celebrate his life and were further treated as the four Hindu monastic institutions.

How is it Unique?

If not for its religious importance, these four centres of Hinduism are one big bowl of knowledge and intellect. It wasn’t the worship or puja that we did, nor did I feel any spiritual feeling in the trip but it was certain things that the monks told me that changed my perspective of religion and life. They talked philosophy and told me what true Hindutva is- a Way of Living. Chanting certain scriptures of the Vedas and explaining its meanings.

Wrap It Up:

Though I still don’t believe in worship or rituals; I still don’t call God to ask him to fulfil my wishes or blame him for my pain, but I believe in Hinduism for what it was as an early civilization. There was no God that I saw in the pilgrimage, but I believe I had a spiritual awakening because I came out of it as a different person than I once was.

So if you ask me, a trip to Char Dham is a must-have on your bucket list. If not for finding God but for seeing that invisible path in life that you haven’t been able to see yet. If this doesn’t tempt you either, just go for the scenery!


Incorporating personal anecdotes and quotes makes the content-rich and also helps to utilise your time better when there is a lack of content. It will make your personal opinion more evidence and give the backing to your stance that it requires to make it convincing enough. Use simple language and retain examiners attention and interest longer. Don’t only try to write down points but also practice speaking it out to familiarise yourself with the way of speaking ad wording sentences constantly.

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