IELTS is a popular English proficiency test taken by candidates who wish to move abroad for several reasons. It is accepted by more than 10,000 organizations globally. It comprises four sections: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

The IELTS speaking test is one of the stages of the IELTS test where the candidate is given a cue card containing the topic and is expected to talk about it on the spot. This exercise needs rigorous training and proper planning to pass.

Many examples of expected cue cards have been released and used in earlier years as well. They could be descriptive questions that ask you to describe a person, event, object, etc. Here are examples to solve this kind of question and score a desirable band score.

In this article, you will find sample answers on a topic, describe a family which you like and are happy to know cue cards. Though the topic is easy it is difficult to seamlessly put together words to talk in a fashionable and intellectual manner without prior practice.

IELTS Cue Cards

The cue card is the second part of the speaking section. Candidates are given a random topic and then they have 1 minute to think about it. Then they have to speak for around 2-3 minutes.

Afterwards, the interviewer will ask some follow-up questions. You can write your main topics on a paper you will be provided with.

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Types of IELTS Speaking Cue Cards Questions

# Describe any event of the past

Describe a Leisure Activity Near or on the Sea that You did in Past

# Describe a person you know

Describe a Polite Person

# Describe a habit of yours

Describe a Skill You Can Teach other People: IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic

# Describe a cultural event or festivals

Describe a Time When You were Surprised to Meet Your Friend: Cue Card Guide for IELTS Exam

# Describe a place

Describe a Tall Building in Your City You Like or Dislike

# Describe an object

Describe a Product or Application Which is Based on Artificial Intelligence

Sample Answer of Cue Card Question – Describe a Family which You Like and are Happy to Know


# Who are They?

# Where do they reside?

# Why do you like them?

# Conclusion

How to Form Answer?

#1. Start your topic with an introduction. The introduction should be short and precise and revolves around the core theme of the topic.

#2. They give enough detail on your subject. Here, introduce to the family you like and give a brief description of their locality.

#3. They give further information about the event. This includes the main topics directly.

#4. Conclude your answer by describing your feelings.

Describe a Family which You Like and are Happy to Know Sample Answer I


Family plays a vital role in everyone’s lives. They are the smallest unit of society. They are the only ones who will live beside us in ve past, present and future. They always support each other and help each other to grow together.

Today I would like to speak about my best friend’s family. Her family is one of the best people I have met in my life.

Who are They? Where do They Reside?

Today I would like to speak about the funny and loving family of my best friend Deepti. I enjoy visiting them on weekends with my family. This family has six family members, including parents and four children. Mr and Mrs Ahuja have four children, three sons and one daughter.

Mr Varun Ahuja is a bank manager and Mrs Smriti Ahuja is a baker. The eldest child is Rohan, followed by twins Aryan and Ayaan and my friend. The eldest child is studious and always scores well in his exams. Twins are totally mischievous boys but kind-hearted. My best friend Deepti is an extreme extrovert who loves to speak non-stop.

They live at a distance of five kilometres from my house in Prayagraj.

Why do I Like Them?

I like them because of various reasons. They not only cherish each other but also welcome others openly. Mr Ahuja is a simple and shy person. He loves to collect stones of different shapes and sizes. A whole cupboard is full of them. He displays them cheerfully to my father who displays equal enthusiasm as him.

Mrs Ahuja is a professional baker and teaches my mother new recipes every day. Whenever I visit them she provides all types of cakes, cupcakes, brownies, etc. I love to enjoy them while watching the stones collection.

They treat me like their own daughter. I love to visit them and enjoy cookies while watching interesting stones. The Twin brothers are quite mischievous and play pranks on everyone including me. The eldest brother helps to solve any query with our studies.


This family is the best example of an ideal family. They have mutual love and respect for each other. The parents love their children but also correct them many times. They all are busy with their work but always have spare time for each other.

Someone has rightly said that “a Family is like branches of a tree that grows in different directions but the root remains the same”.

Follow-up Questions from IELTS Cue Card Topic

#1. What role does a family play in our life?

Family plays an important role in a child’s life. Parents are their first teachers and influence them most. They instil moral values in their children and help them to become amazing people.

#2. Should Parents be easy on or strict?

An ideal parent is both flexible and strict. Flexible parents teach their children to become liberal and make their own decisions. While strict parents help their children to understand what they should do and what not.

#3. Explain the meaning of the following saying Family is like branches of a tree that grows in different directions but the root remains the same.

This metaphor means that family is closely related to each other. They are interdependent. The parents are the root of a family and provide other members with all important nutrition. The stronger the root is, the stronger the branches will be.

In simple words, it implies that each member plays an important role in a family and they work together for everyone’s betterment.

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Describe a Family which You Like and are Happy to Know Sample Answer II


Family is an important part of everyone’s life. We cannot even imagine a life without family. As they are the only ones who will celebrate our happiness and grief in sorrow. Moreover, they teach us some of the most important lessons of our life. Today I will speak about my Aunt’s family. I often visit them on my vacations and love spending my time there.

Who are They?

I would like to speak about my aunt’s family. She is the younger sister of my mother. They used to live in the capital city of India, Delhi. My uncle and aunt are both engineers. They have two children Shreyansh and Shreya. Shreyansh is fifteen years old and Shreyali is ten years old.

Where do They Reside?

My uncle and aunt live in the heart of India, Delhi. They live on the ninth floor of a huge apartment. This is a 3 Bhk room with a big hall, kitchen and attached bathroom. It even has a balcony to enjoy the view.

The society is peaceful and has many trees. The apartment has attached parks, shops and a community hall.

Why do I Like Them?

I like this family for various reasons. My Aunt cooks delicious food for me, especially Dosa. My uncle is a motivational as well as a funny man. He loves to crack jokes in serious moments. My cousins are loving and playful. It is a funny and warm-hearted family.

Moreover, what I like most about them is that my uncle and aunt are perfect examples of ideal parents. They both are engineers but encourage their children to pursue their interests and career. They take the elder son to a Cricket coaching centre and also have enrolled their daughter in a dance class.

They never put pressure on their children to excel better in studies only. They teach them to give importance to their interests. They firmly believe that every child has their own unique qualities which everyone should embrace.


I love this nuclear family as well as their thoughts. Today when every parent wants their children to fulfil their dreams, this family is teaching them to bloom fully. They inspire their children to choose a career of their choice and stay happy.

Follow-up Questions from IELTS Speaking Cue Card Topic

#1. “Parents fulfil their dreams with their children” Explain

Some parents look upon their children as their extensions. They try to fulfil their unfulfilled dream with their children. This has a negative effect on a child as they are forced to do something that they don’t even want to do. This causes depression among them.

#2. What is the effect of peer pressure on children?

Peer pressure can be understood as the expectations of the family, parents, teachers on a child to do something. A child can experience different peer pressure in their life. It has positive as well as negative influences on a child.

Positive effects-

# Increase self-esteem

# Encourage to achieve something

# Learn new things such as hobbies or interests.

# Behave correctly.

Negative effects-

# Puts unnecessary pressure on the child

# Distract them from their interest

# Cause depression among them

#3. How can parents help their children choose a career?

Parents have a huge impact on their child’s development. They play a critical role in helping to choose their career. A parent can help his child in various ways:

# Encourage children to find their own interest and passion

# Understand that children have different personalities and choices than them. Respect their uniqueness and help them to pursue a career of their own choice.

# Introduce children to various activities, like arts, sports, crafts, etc.

# Remain patient and encourage them always.

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Do it Yourself: How to Solve This IELTS Cue Card Topic?

# Describe a relatives family you like.

# Or a friend’s family.

# Even your own family.

Assessment Criteria of Cue Card

Examiner evaluates a candidate based on:

# Fluency and Coherence

# Resource

# Choice of words

# Pronunciation

# Grammar

Preparation Tips to Score a Good Band Scale

# Understand the topic nicely and construct basic keywords to be used.

# Draw inspiration from real life to make it more interesting.

# Write down the basic keywords or the topics to be covered in the paper.

# Before you start speaking about the main topic I’ll introduce the same.

#Be confident as being nervous can make you stutter while speaking.

# Practice different topics to get a clear idea and expand your knowledge.

# Learn new words to improve your vocabulary.

# Practice speaking English conversation

Different Topics to Practice

# Describe a person who taught you an unforgettable lesson of your life

# Describe a person you admire the most

# Describe a favourite place of yours

# Describe a family event where you enjoyed very much

# Describe a picnic with your cousins


Incorporating personal anecdotes and quotes makes the content-rich and also helps to utilize your time better when there is a lack of content. It will make your personal opinion more evidence and give the backing to your stance that it requires to make it convincing enough. Use simple language and retain the examiner’s passion and interest longer. Don’t only try to write down points but also practice speaking it out to familiarise yourself with the way of speaking and writing sentences constantly.

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