IELTS is an important exam if you have to study abroad and it assesses your proficiency in English so that you have no problem communicating when you settle there. Speaking and communication is a crucial part because that’s how humans communicate. Languages might be different but speaking is common and so while speaking in the IELTS one should not feel low or afraid, because it is not something that you need to be afraid of. It’s a common sight of nature and we should speak without any tension or pressure

There are many cue cards and one will find many answers to those online. This article talks about ‘describe a piece of local news that was interesting to you’ cue card sample. It will provide you with two sample answers so that you can get a clear idea of how to answer the cue card without any difficulty and you can also get a vast view.

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Describe a Piece of Local News that Was Interesting to You: Cue Card 

Describe a piece of local news that was interesting to you

You should say-

What was it about?

Where did you see/hear it?

Who was involved?

And explain why people were interested in it

Describe a Piece of Local News that Was Interesting to You IELTS Speaking Sample Answer One


One needs to watch, read or hear the news because news gets us everything and every information on this planet. I have a very deep interest and curiosity about the local news because they have a direct effect on our existence.

What was It About? and Where did You See/Hear It?

This is about a news article which was printed in the local newspaper last month and this news was about the construction of a garden for the town inhabitants. Well, there is no garden in our locality and there is this plot, where people dump garbage and there are only weeds there, so they used it for construction.

There are a lot of stray animals and they roam there all the time. This plot has always been like the weeds in between all the flowers in our locality. This place is ruined and the garbage which is dumped there only gives you diseases.

Who was Involved? and Explain Why You were Interested in It?

It was then that they had decided to do something and convert the plot into a public garden. This would make our environment clean and green and also living in a technological world and also full of pollution, this is a great thing that can be done. It would also help people to do exercises and be fit in a healthy environment which can make people healthy and live in a hygienic world. Old people will have the space to talk to friends, play games and sit together. There is also an area for the children where the area has slides, swings and other games for children because there were many children who played on roads which were very dangerous.

Now, the park is a much safer place and they can play in a green environment. These all aspects were covered in the news. This place can also provide pure oxygen in between the pollution place which has very fewer trees and would also ensure that community members would also see to it that it is well maintained and managed.


The news said that the construction would be starting this month and the local news was like a spring to me. We can also see many happy faces when you look around in our area. This news was like a budding flower and I was delighted to speak about it.

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Describe a Piece of Local News that Was Interesting to You IELTS Speaking Cue Card Sample Answer Two 


Thank you for the cue card topic. This is the news about an activity which has started in our area. The news was about malnutrition and some of the areas where the diseases are increasing because of malnutrition. The article attracted me and it made me read the whole of it. It also said that they would be opening an NGO for their shelter and nutrition.

What was It About? and Where Did You See/ Hear It?

The actor has started this NGO because of our low nutrition rates and high poverty rates. Many beggars, who lived on the streets, under the bridge and over benches. The NGO will provide them with 3 meals a day and also they will be involved in doing works like cleaning, sweeping, washing and cooking everyday. They will reside in the NGO though they should do all the works there. All the supplies will be provided to them and a team of members will maintain their living there.

Who was Involved? and Explain Why You were Interested in It?

There is also an area for the stray dogs, there will be all the stray dogs on the street. They have provided them shelter and food. They have also arranged a place for many animals to come and eat there or stay there. There are many trees around the NGO place and it is full of greenery, where it is very peaceful and calm to sit.

People have a place to sit there and also talk to them. Many of the residents often visit them and also help them with their chores. My school gang and I always have a visit to the NGO and we help with everything there. We all talk, play and have fun there. Now, some of the beggars even do jobs like driving, carrying goods, etc.


The first thing I liked about it is about the kind actor who has done such great work, and there are only a few of them who want to serve the world selflessly. I think all the people should do their part and should help the needy. The second thing I liked about it, is that they are not getting this without any struggle, they have to survive by serving them. I liked the idea of people working so that they can get what they want. I really liked the article and also the NGO.

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IELTS Preparation 

These are some vocabulary words that might be used in your speech and will help you boost your IELTS preparation.

fantastic amazing
absurd ambitious
organized deliberate
handsome impatient
practical adventurous
outstanding efficient
stringent doleful
monotonous brilliant
gorgeous annoyed
intelligent unbelievable

IELTS Speaking 

Here are some sample cue cards that might be helpful for your speaking and they will also contain the answers

#Tell Me about Your Hometown 

#Describe Your Favourite Movie

#Describe a Useful Website that You Visited and Used

#Talk About an Interesting Conversation

#Describe a Situation or a Time when You Helped Someone


These are some common idioms that are used in the speaking exam

#Fresh as a daisy

Someone who is vibrant and impressive, in a decent, elegant manner.

#Couch potato

Spending too much time sitting before a screen.

#Full of beans

A person who is vibrant, effective and active.

#A bad egg

Somebody who is uncertain.

#Down to earth

Somebody who is logical and practical.

#Ball in your court

It’s your judgment or duty to do something instantly.

#Get a second wind

Have a spurt of stamina after exhausting.

#Jump the gun

Begin too fast.

#Give it my best shot

Try your best and strive the hardest.

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Hopefully, this article has provided you with all the answers for your cue card topic. The article provides a simplified and detailed speech for your speaking section. Remember one thing that panic during the exam can only can a low band score because it can lead you to stutter and also you can halt in the middle because your mind will only be filled with tension. So, be happy and keep your mind positive. All the best for your exams.

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