The speaking section is all about how you introduce yourself, describe the cue card topic given to you, and how you answer the follow-up questions in 15 minutes and that too in a way that gives a better picture of yourself to the examiner.

To achieve the desired score in the exam you have to buckle up your IELTS preparation. To prepare for the speaking section you need to start with the IELTS cue card topics. In this article, you will get the IELTS speaking topics with answers for the cue card topic – describe a useful website that you visited and used. So let’s waste no more time and get into it right now!

Describe a Useful Website that You Visited and Used – Sample IELTS Cue Card Topic

What the Website Was?

While the vast majority is spending most of their time on a handful of websites like Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, or just googling and landing on random site articles, most of us have or had a favourite website that we loved spending time on. It could be because the site is highly useful like Quora, Wikipedia, etc or just some entertaining website like social media sites.

About a decade ago when Google wasn’t dominating the search traffic like today, and having the internet at home was pretty useless until your friends told you about specific websites to download songs or do other interesting stuff, I still recall a website that I considered my favourite in my early days of getting familiar with the internet. It was and my favourite sub-domain was, where one could find endless software to download for free. It has been quite a long time that I haven’t even visited the site since Google and its services took over.

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How You Found this Website?

I would have been in 7th or 8th standard when I found this website and it remained one of the most visited sites by me for about 3 years. It was the time when the internet started taking a finite shape instead of being a chaotic world filled with viruses and pirated content. My classmate, who recently switched to CBSE from ICSE, was really fond of the internet and had a list of useful websites like and so on. It was he who told me to try the all-rounder website to fulfil all my software-related requirements and doubts.

What the Website Contains?

For several months I only surfed the subdomain that’s, completely unaware of the vast world of, it was the first time I or anyone in my family used the internet. I didn’t know about going to the home page of any website by tapping on the top left logo on most sites.

Then one day I clicked on the top left logo which took me to and the site theme also changed to green (not sure if it is still the case after almost a decade) and I found another ocean of opportunities to explore, the site had:

#1 A section to download software (my all-time favourite),

#2 An article section for information purpose,

#3 A tech news section for all updates (Microsoft dominated this section back then),

#4 A reviews section for software, mobile phones, T.V.s, etc.

Wrap Up Your IELTS Cue Card Topic Answer

I didn’t spend much time on other tabs apart from downloading software for Windows XP all day and testing as if I was the highest-ranked software tester there. Those were the days!

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IELTS Speaking Follow Up Questions from Cue Card Topic – Describe a Useful Website that You Visited and Used

Once you have finished your description, you will be asked a few follow-up questions by the examiner, follow-up questions are related to the topic given to you. You can refer to the follow-up questions and answers given below.

IELTS Speaking Follow-up Question One

Q-Are the effects of the increased usage of the internet positive or negative on children?

A- If the internet is used in an informative manner it can result in a good impact, with access to the internet, many kids are able to learn at their early age mostly from youtube. They are able to learn in an interesting way with the help of videos. But it can be disastrous for the kids’ mental development, if not used properly. They can get addicted to the internet and this might become trouble for parents as well

IELTS Speaking Cue Card Topic Follow-up Question Two

Q- Do you think the Internet has replaced traditional TV for entertainment?

A- Yes, the internet has replaced traditional TV entertainment which is full of ads. We have now shifted to conventional watching through youtube which has fewer ads and more entertainment than we need.

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Cue Card Topic Follow-up Question Three

Q- Is Internet education important?

A- Internet education is imperative for today’s generation as knowing the right use of it can save us from the hazardous effects of the internet. Many of us don’t know the drawbacks of the internet. We are only able to see the shine that the internet has but the black side is known to the people who have experienced it. Until and unless people have knowledge about it, abuse through the internet would be common.

Cue Card Topic IELTS Follow-up Question Four

Q- Is the online teaching method replacing traditional teaching methods?

A- Yes, due to the pandemic everything has gone online, even teaching which was done in the traditional way for so many years went online with the help of Zoom and google meet. Online teaching is the only way out nowadays to study and be in touch with studies. In the coming years online teaching methods would be more prevalent along with traditional ways of teaching.

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IELTS speaking cue card topics are very interesting to speak on. Many candidates find the speaking section comparatively easy because they get an interesting topic to speak about. They can speak on such topics for hours, but due to time constraints candidates have to describe the topic in just 4-5 minutes as there is time for introduction and follow-up questions as well. In these few minutes, you have to impress the examiner with your speaking skills which include a structured answer, good vocabulary, a wide range of grammatical structure, and fluency. To get all these things right you need to practice cue card topics. For any help, you are free to reach out to IELTS Ninja for the right mentorship and guidance. And for a free demo class with an expert mentor, click here.

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