When it comes to cue card topics for IELTS exam speaking task 3, an important topic could be, ‘Talk about an interesting conversation’. This topic is technically related to speaking itself and can be well channelized to make it appealing to the examiner and gain the score you want.

The cue card or task card has the topic along with the instructions written on it. The candidate will get 1 minute to prepare himself about what to speak, and he/she can make notes for a referral. Then the speaking session starts face to face with the examiner and goes on for 1-2 minutes. The overall duration of the cue card task is 4-5 minutes.

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IELTS Exam Sample Cue Card Answer: Talk About an Interesting Conversation

An interesting conversation can be talked about in two ways, one which you were a part of or one which you heard between two or more people. The key to speaking on cue card topics is to relate them with previously prepared and read topics. For this topic, it could be an interesting conversation with an old person, a friend, or a family member.

The following points can be included while speaking about an interesting conversation:

  • Who was the person you had it with?
  • When and where did the conversation occur?
  • What was the conversation about?

The answer can be started with an introduction about your liking of social interactions and conversations, and which topics are the most interesting for you.

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Introduction – Talk About an Interesting Conversation

Well, I am a social person and I really love talking to people. I am especially fond of talking to older people just for the sheer amount of knowledge and experience they impart through conversations. I would take this opportunity to a similar conversation I had with an old man.

When and Where did the Conversation Occur?

Around 6 months ago, I was travelling to Chandigarh from Delhi in a bus. I had the window seat, and an old man boarded the bus, whose seat was right next to mine. The journey takes 5 hours and I thought that it might be a good opportunity to strike an interesting conversation. 30 minutes after the journey started, my eye fell upon an interesting book that he was reading and I asked him about it.

Who was the Person You had it With?

Upon further discussion and introduction to each other, he told me that he was living in Canada with his family, and had come to India for a solo vacation. He looked really fit and energetic even though he told me that his age was 78. He described that he was a retired professor from a Canadian University, and had landed in India just a day ago.

What was the Conversation About?

We talked about any interesting topics, especially about the cultural and traditional differences in India and Canada. The man told me that he lived in Delhi before moving to Canada almost 15 years ago. He shared a lot of his experiences in Canada and how much he had explored America. He was very charming by personality and the entire conversation with him was so pleasant that I just did not want it to end.

I told him that I was about to complete my graduation and move for a master’s course, on which he advised me to move to Canada which had a vast ocean of opportunities. I thanked him for all the information and we exchanged e-mails once we reached Chandigarh. We still communicate through e-mails with each other and I still cannot forget how enriching that day was for me.

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Follow-Up Questions for IELTS Exam from Cue Card Topics

In the third part of speaking for the IELTS exam, the examiner asks follow-up questions relating to cue card topics assigned in part 2. For this blog, we shall look at the sample questions which can be asked relating to an interesting conversation you had. The questions will not be as narrowed as the cue card topic. The will be more abstract and general. Some examples are as below:

What is the Importance of Body Language in a Conversation?

Body language is one of the most important forms of non-verbal communication and it portrays the feelings and intentions of a person. The posture, facial expressions, and hand gestures are all part of the body language while communicating. If something is unspoken, it can always be deciphered by the body language of a person.

Do you think are the Disadvantages of Face to Face Conversation?

One disadvantage of face to face conversation maybe lack of confidence in the person and his inability to express himself freely due to nervousness. Also, conflicts which happen face to face may get ugly. But on the whole face to face conversations are actually healthy, and they are a way of clear and transparent communication. It also facilitates visible facial expressions and hand gestures, which help in expressing views with more efficiency.

How are Conversations of Males and Females Different from Each Other?

Well, frankly I do not feel that there is much of a difference in the conversations of males and females in today’s world. Earlier, there were stereotypes attached to this that males talk about topics like business, news, sports, politics and females talk about cooking, family, children, clothing and fashion. However, this difference seems to have disappeared over time. Both males and females are performing in every field and are interested in all topics. So there does not seem to be any difference among conversational topics other than personal gender chats.


Conversations are a part of our daily lives and at one point or the other, a person definitely comes across an interesting one. The IELTS exam cue card topics may sometimes look imaginary, but most of the time it is better to link them up with a personal experience. It makes the IELTS exam cue card speech realistic and more defined. A well-recited speech, with proper adherence to vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation will ensure a desirable score in the IELTS exam for speaking. For more interesting cue card topics, click here.

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