The IELTS speaking cue card is one of the sections in which most of the students struggle with.  This is the component that judges you on your pronunciation skills, how well you can express your opinions, and if you are able to organize your thoughts in a coherent manner.

Let’s look at sample questions like – describe an old friend you got in contact with or a friend who is very open to getting a clear picture. Read the sample answers below to get answers and boost your confidence for IELTS 2021-22.

Describe an Old Friend You Got in Contact with Again: Cue Card Answers

It should comprise

#Who is it?

#How do you know this person?

#What are your thoughts about this person?


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Answer 1 – Describe an Old Friend You Got in Contact with Again


In today’s fast-paced world, people often lose contact with friends, particularly school and college pals.  This is a scenario that I am also in.

Because I am busy with my job, and some of my friends are too busy with their work, life, and some move to another place or country, I lose many of my friends’ contacts.

Who Is It?

I’d like to discuss a Facebook buddy I made from high school. It is not fair to say so, but I give thanks to the corona pandemic on occasion because it has slowed down life and allowed individuals to spend more time with their families. Sakshi is her name. We studied together for ten years. Her father works in the textile industry.

Her family had to relocate to Delhi in order to expand their business, therefore she had to go as well.  She gave me a phone number on a slip, which I sadly misplaced. I was really missing her.

Thoughts about this Person

She was an outstanding student. She is not only bright academically, but she also excels in athletics. She excelled in arithmetic and occasionally tutored other pupils who were having difficulty with the subject. She prefers to live a basic life, which means she dislikes trendy clothing.

I was checking my Facebook account last month, and I typed her name into the search box; luckily, her account appeared in the results. I selected it and sent her a friend request. She accepted the next day and included her phone number in the message. We started calling each other after that.


I was overjoyed because I had been trying for years to establish touch with her. Now, whenever we talk on the phone, we reminisce about the good old days.

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Answer 2 – Describe an Old Friend You Got in Contact with Again


Friends are the most crucial aspect of our life, and we all spend the majority of our time with them on a daily basis. We can disclose a lot of things that we couldn’t even share with our relatives.

We make friends at all stages of our lives, whether we are in school, college, or the workplace; we are surrounded by friends all the time.

I’d like to talk about one of my classmates,Henry, whom I met on my way home from a birthday party.

We studied together for over seven years before deciding to pursue different areas, with him opting for engineering and me opting for commerce.

Who is He/ She?

He doesn’t appear to be particularly tall, nor is he particularly attractive or helpful. He was far more intelligent than the rest of my classmates and me.

He is not only the smartest person in his family, but his older and younger sisters are as well.

They are all intelligent by nature, and their teaching position added to their dedication to their studies.

How Did You Get in Touch?

As I indicated before, I saw him in front of his house as I was returning home from my nephew’s birthday celebration.

He told me that he moved a year ago since they bought a ground plus two-story building in Salisbury Park.

When he sees me, he shouts my name loudly.Anu! On the phone, he was conversing with someone.

Explain How You Felt?

When I realised who was standing in front of me, I was both startled and delighted because we had not seen each other in a long time, probably around 5 years.

We stood there for about two hours, talking about various prior events in our life that occurred in the previous five years, as well as other friends in common, such as who is doing what.

One of the most upsetting things he told me was regarding his mother’s death, who was a kind woman. Whenever I visited their house, aunty used to make us cookies and milkshakes, which were my favourites.

He told me that his family had been looking for a girl for him to marry, and that he had found her and is about to marry her.


Meeting with Henry is thrilling for me, especially after such a long period; it brings back memories of our student days, when we studied and played together. People have a very hard time forgetting those sweet childhood days because it was the time when we enjoyed ourselves without any tensions and worries. Having childhood friends for lifelong, is I think is only a dream for me and meeting Henry was a dream come true.

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Answer 3 – Describe an Old Friend You Got in Contact with Again


Your life changes at every step; when you change jobs, you leave your former coworkers and friends behind. We were so preoccupied with adjusting to our new job that we didn’t have time or pushed ourselves to look back. It is essential to have a good companion in one’s life. I’d like to discuss a friend with whom I recently reconnected after a long absence. In the academy, we were both in the same class.

How Did You Get in Touch?

I got a job as a travel executive in a hotel after finishing my tertiary studies, so I kept busy there. My phone was then taken, and I lost communication with all of my former friends. My life was going well, and I was enjoying the company of my coworkers. I travelled to Chandigarh with my family for a vacation last year and met her there.

Incidents Before Meeting

As a result, I bought a T-shirt from a consumer stop when shopping in one of the malls. After that, we headed out for a bite to eat.

We travelled to Sukhna Lake the next day, and I wore my newly purchased t-shirt. My kid spilled coffee on me while I was eating, and my t-shirt was ruined. I scolded her severely, and when I got back to the hotel, I laundered the t-shirt.

When it dried, I noticed that the colour had gone. So my husband and I went to the store to return it, but when we arrived, the unfriendly employees refused to accept it. I became enraged and began yelling at them.

How Was Your Reaction?

After that, they called their shop manager, and seeing her after such a long period was an eye-opening event.

She was a college classmate of mine, and now I’m eager to fight her. She drew nearer to me, hugging me hard and reprimanding me for breaking the touch. Then I told her everything that had transpired since I started my new work. She forgiven me after hearing me out, and we swapped phone numbers.


Now that we’ve reconnected, we both have busy lives with our families and jobs, so we don’t have much time to chat. However, we must communicate with each other once a month. And on that day, I received two gifts: one was a t-shirt that I received from a friend, and the other was a t-shirt that she gave me as compensation for returning one. I’m in a good mood now that I’ve gotten her back. I still thank God for sending her back to me again.

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Answer 4 – Describe an Old Friend You Got in Contact with Again

Who is that Friend?

I had a dear friend called Veronica Gandhi in the 7th class. We used to hang out every day. Sadly, after 7th class, I got shifted to another school without informing her and lost my contacts too!

How Did You Meet?

One day on my way to the market, I was buying some flowers and all of a sudden I  heard her voice and I looked back to see it was Veronika. I shouted at Veronika! She looked back at me and waved excitedly. It was after 7 years that we got to meet!

How Did You  Feel about It?

I was pleasantly surprised to meet her. It felt a little strange at first but later on, the shyness died away quickly. We indulged in gossiping and shopping and even bought gifts for each other to celebrate our friendship.


Lastly, we went for dinner in a cafe nearby and cracked jokes about the people in our lives and hoped that the day had not ended.  It was literally one of the best evenings of my life.

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IELTS Speaking Follow Up Questions: IELTS Preparation

These are some follow up questions for IELTS speaking part 3.

Do You Think Social Media has Impacted Friendships?

Yes, I think that social media has impacted friendships and has enabled them to maintain relationships better. Just one click and you will be able to see and talk to your friend. We can travel distances away but we can don’t lose touch. On the other hand, it has made us lose the real contact of having each other side by side. I think it has weakened the friendship bonds.

What is the Reason Behind Many People Losing Contact After Graduation?

After graduation, I think it is the phase where people are struggling for jobs and want to settle down. That’s why after graduation there are many people who lose contact with their friends because they get so busy settling down. They try to move out to new places for jobs and other work. After that, building new friends consumes energy and time and that’s why people lose contact with new people too.

Do People Living In Your Country Like to Make Friends?

Yes, I think Indians have this socialization thing in their culture and tradition. We love to move out of our houses and have conversations with other people. We make friends within our colony, among relatives, in our schools, colleges, universities and like to be in touch with their life long. We also make friends, wherever we go and I come back with a new contact every time I visit a place.

Does Old Generation People Like to Remember Their Friends more than New Generation People?

I think friends are important to new and old generation people. I think it does not matter if you are from the old or new generation, it depends on how you feel towards friendship and your friends. If I talk about my childhood friends, I miss them a lot and remember them. I think that childhood days are what people most miss and think about. The days which were free from worries and tensions.

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While you answer your IELTS cue card questions, keep a few things in mind. That is you need to speak in a logical order, try to use a variety of vocabulary words that are apt for the situations, do not take long pauses, and most importantly speak within a defined time. If you keep these things in mind, you will get a decent score on the band scale.

Hopefully, this article has given you an idea of how to speak for part two and part three of the IELTS speaking exam. Aspirants should have thorough preparation about how to speak and should be confident when they speak. There are many topics available on IELTS Ninja for your preparation. All the best!

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