In IELTS, the last module which is the speaking section aspirants lacks confidence. One of the reasons is that many aspirants are terrified and nervous about the types of questions and what questions the examiner might ask them. This is why aspirants find it hard to talk to do so because they need to think about the answer for a while, and they don’t have time to consider it in the middle of the answer.

Also, a long pause and interruptions in your answer could result in a marked decrease. As a result, it’s preferable to think and interpret your answer beforehand in your brain so that you can finish it in under two minutes. You’ll need a lot of speaking and communication for this. We’ve included some sample IELTS cue card answers for you to practise with.

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Describe a Time When You Observed the Stars

You can rehearse it, and your examiner is likely to question one of those cue cards during your IELTS speaking exam. So, practise these cue card answers. We are not suggesting that you memorise your answers, but it will help you if you have already practised them before your real test. So, have a look at the answer below and get ready.

IELTS Exam Cue Card: IELTS Exam Preparation

You should say:

When did you observe the stars?

Where and with whom you went with?

What did you observe?

And explain how you felt when you saw the stars.

When Did You Observe the Stars?

I recall lying on the house’s patio on a summer night, gazing into the sky, admiring all the flashing stars. They all seemed to be trying to convey a tale. From where we were lying down, each star flashed its brilliance and vivid tint, which looked spectacular.

Nature has a lot of surprises and beautiful moments in store for us. We’ll never be able to view the sun with our eyes. The star’s brilliance and heat can be enough to scare us away from even looking at it. The wonders of nature are too many to be expressed in a few words. Man has barely scratched the surface of what nature has to offer.

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Where and Whom You Went With?

After dinner, I went for a walk with my father, and it was during this time that he explained why there are stars in the sky. He explained to me that these stars, like planet Earth, are essential to the universe.

Because they are too far away from us, they are too far away, they appear too small, and they glow because they have a lot of energy. He explained that I will study groups and constellations in my school books and that seeing these can greatly help me improve my creativity and imagination.

How You Felt When You Saw the Stars?

We don’t know what these ancient people felt about the stars; but, because they regarded the sun and moon as big gods or the home of the gods, stars were linked with fewer deities in their minds, which influenced men’s fate.

This idea gave rise to astrology, which holds that a person’s character and fate on Earth are determined by the ascending star at the time of his birth. I am thankful to my father to teach me about what stars mean and how beautiful they are.


Applicants are frequently apprehensive before the exam. Smiling when speaking may assist people in calming down and speaking appropriately and eloquently. Smiling would also add interest and warmth to the examiner’s conversation.

Without a doubt, the IELTS speaking section is one of the most straightforward aspects of this topic. To acquire a higher band, applicants only need to focus on a few important things. During speaking tests, it is vital to remember to prepare ahead of time and not to memorise responses.

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