The speaking section of the IELTS preparation is always been a tough job for many aspirants because they ask the topic on the spot and many of them freeze because they have not been brought to on spot topics like these and that’s where many of the aspirants fail, though they have a very good vocabulary, they are not aware of this process and that’s why they stutter.

This article will provide an overview of the IELTS speaking examination and also will give you some preparation tips along with one sample cue card topic: describe a time when you helped your friend.

So, let’s waste no more time and begin the learning journey.

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Describe a Time When You Helped a Friend – IELTS Speaking Sample Cue Card Answer

You should say-

When was it?

How did you help him/her?

Why did you help him/her?

And how did you feel about it?

Who was the Person and When?

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak about this subject. I can recollect quite periodic occurrences when I strived to give a supporting hand to others. The specific incident that I would prefer to speak about was the moment when I assisted a poor household in our hometown during my academy years.

How did You Know the Person?

I can’t recollect the precise name of the individual but I recollect that he had a household of 5 members and he was a mechanic. He had very limited pedagogy and he primarily depended on the minor shop he had to mend electronic goods. After a devastating typhoon, his minor shop was destroyed and he had no different revenue origin or capacity to restore it. One day I remembered him attempting to comfort his little children who were stressing nutrition. This happened near our academy campus and I had stood there to greet a colleague. I was so touched by the lovely yet miserable faced children that I went forward and chatted to this individual. He deciphered what ensued and was speaking in a shivering voice. He also confided in me that he convinced her spouse that he would nourish the children and would get food to the house.

Why did You Help the Person?

I purchased some fruits and snacks and asked them to wait close to an extent. I watched the little children eat the food voraciously and they had huge smiles on their faces which made them contemptuous. I took off to my lesson and told the entire tale to my three near colleagues. Ultimately, we moved to our course educator and composed a request considering the hardship of the individual and his household. The educator authorized us to spend an hour putting up some cash for the hardship household from other lessons and we were so delighted to have the authorization.

We had been able to communicate the hardships of this individual and his household to the learners and educators and we put up a significant percentage of fortune which was beyond my ability. With this wealth, we purchased some food and clothing for this household and they were so thankful that the husband and spouse began sobbing and praying for us. We gave the man the remaining percentage and he was skilled to begin his job also.

How Did You Feel?

About my emotions, I was very pleased and blissful. This is the initial moment I realised how alluring and fulfilling it is to support an individual. I felt fortunate and the individual and his spouse honoured me as if I was their loved one. In fact, standing able to assist individuals in necessity is something we can hardly think of and phrases can’t certainly interpret it.

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Describe a Time When You Helped a Friend: Cue Card for IELTS Exam Preparation

You should say-

When it was?

How you helped him/her?

Why you helped him/her?

And how you felt about it?

Who was the Person and When?

Helping others is certainly a good and selfless habit. But occasionally, you will be cautious about giving help. In my being, I have supported numerous people and at the same moment, I was avenged for supporting them. In reality, nearly all the incidents occurred bitterly for me, and presently I will describe the latest incident that happened to me.

Living as a learner and part-time employee in Malaysia, it is tough for me. I have been striving with my challenges and hardships but attempt to help others in all feasible aspects. An institute colleague of mine, Jake, needed some financial help for me to put in the bank his education payments for the fresh semester. In fact, he has no job and studies on his own, rather he confides in his household. He belongs to a prosperous household from Kenya and it was for the initial duration that he strived monetary help from me.

How did You Know the Person?

But the circumstances were hard for me to deal with. In fact, Jake and I lived in the same division and lived in a similar dormitory. When he pleaded for help, I was mystified. I also had to put in my tuition payments. So, I had only a percentage of mine and was incapable of furnishing any help to him. Later, I had a suggestion why I should not supply my percentage with him. It will help to confront the dilemmas. So I distributed my tuition payments with him and furnished him half of the proportion. We had the probability to pay the fees in three instalments. Usually, I used to pay the entire amount at the opening of the semester but now I took the alternative to use the instalment capabilities. Therefore, I lent him my wealth to pay the initial instalment of the semester with me.

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Why did You Help the Person?

Jake successfully placed the initial instalment and then he moreover placed the due proportion when he obtained his crucial fund from his household. Both of us finished the semester successfully and currently, we are continuing for the next semester to begin. But it was difficult for me to modify the percentage in the departed instalments. Though my household is solvent adequate to suffer my academic payments, I do not take any aid from them for this goal. Relatively, I am striving to ratify myself with my own actions. Hence, I am striving to be autonomous from my learner life. However, I had wonderful achievement in that semester despite the difficulty of organizing the continuing tuition payment percentage and some different unpopular risks.

How did You Feel?

Finally, I felt sympathy for Jake as he did not pay me back the proportion I distributed with him. In reality, he betrayed me with the cash. He declined the problem and certainly restricted me not to offend him about the problem anymore. I do not understand why he executed so badly about the financial principle. If he did not need to pay me the cash, he could have said to me in person. But he did not do so and developed some events in the intersection with some of his colleagues. I deeply felt sad for assisting a lad like him. Later, I realized that he became a drug addict and wasted the cash on buying narcotics which he was presumed to refund to me. It was an undesirable occasion certainly.

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Hoping this article has provided you with all the answers that you are looking for. Remember that when you are asked to speak on the spot, don’t panic because if you do that you won’t be speaking. And during the time of IELTS speaking preparation, you have to focus on your speech and vocabulary, there should be no topic that you have not prepared.

Always remember one thing, the one who is interviewing you will not eat you up so you need to calm down and speak about the topic. Sure there will be topics given to you which you have not done but you need to be imaginative enough to come up with the perfect answer and this is all based on what and how much you do during your preparation.

If you have any doubts, suggestions, feedback, questions or about preparation please feel free to connect with us or drop them below in the comments section. All the best for your preparation and the exam.

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