The speaking examination is one of the phases of the IELTS Exam. In this passage, the aspirants are given a cue card that comprises a theme about which they have to speak on the spot. You need to acquaint yourself strictly and with adequate planning to secure decent grades in the speaking category.

You will be provided with a sole cue card topic, and you will get approximately one minute to formulate your explanation. The examiner will notify you on how to continue ahead, and you will have to talk for two minutes before the interviewer asks you to halt. The interviewer will then question you on some follow up topics about the theme provided on the cue card.

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IELTS Speaking Questions to Answer for Cue Card Topic- Describe a Piece of Advice You Recently Received

#What was the situation?

#Who gave you the advice?

#Why do you think this person is very open?

#What the advice was and explain how useful you think the advice was?

IELTS Speaking Sample Answer- What was the Situation? 

One of the best portions of guidance I ever obtained was from my mother. This incident took place in the second year of my college. Just like other people of my age, I was also struck in the situation of comprehending what I would like to do with my life.

IELTS Speaking Sample Cue Card Answer – Who gave You the Advice? 

At that time, my mother assisted me extensively. Rather than pressurizing her conclusions or aspirations on me, she left the verdict to me. On top of that, one day, she made me sit down and described a story, which was motivated by her own life. My mother remembered the time when she was out of the academy and took a job in real estate.

IELTS Speaking Test Answer – Why do You Think that Somebody is Very Free?

Thereafter, she ended up doing that job for approximately seven years. During this period, she told me that most of the time, she was disappointed. Although she had a well-paying job, a handsome husband and a happy family, she didn’t feel that she was awarded well. He was making a decent percentage of money but she could not find satisfaction. So, she believed in leaving the job and performing something that fascinated her.

What the Guidance was and Explain How Beneficial You think the Information Was?

Jointly, we moved to another state and she started a small cafeteria with her friend. Here, though she had to strive a lot, she was celebrating every bit of it. She came home, at the horizon of every day, relieved and delighted.

This story taught me an extremely valuable lesson. I must not plunge into something that pays well. I should find something that makes my spirit happy. Everything else will obey.

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IELTS Speaking Sample Topics 

These are some of the speakings follow up questions that might be asked in the examination.

#Where do you go to get good advice?

#Whose advice do you follow more, your parents or your friend’s advice?

#Have your parents given you much advice?

#What kind of advice do parents give their children?

#What kind of advice do friends give each other?

#Do you think young people should follow their parent’s advice?

IELTS Speaking Topics with Answers 

Here are some of the speaking topics with answers –

#Describe a time when you travelled by public transportation

Answer Here

#Describe a tall building

Answer Here 

#Childhood memories cue card

Answer Here

#Describe a polite person

Answer Here

#Describe a water sport you want to try in the future

Answer Here

IELTS Preparation Tips

Here are some quick preparation tips for your quick preparation and revision.

#Be confident and don’t look tense.

#Don’t stutter.

#Read magazines, newspapers and journals to increase your knowledge and also your speaking and reading skills.

#Talk in English every day.

#Maintain a book where you write two new phrases and words every day and use them in your speech too.

#Try speaking instead of tying in your gadget.


For the speaking category in the IELTS assessment, it is really significant that you exercise the cue card topics. You should exercise the beginning topic explanation and follow up problems individually to get a hold of the procedures to be used. Keep your eyes here for further enlightening articles. Till then keep your IELTS preparation on for the speaking section and don’t hesitate to clear your doubts by asking in the comments section below.

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