Suppose you are given the topic Describe Your First Day At School by the examiner for 1 minute.  You must brace yourself to speak about the relevant topic for the IELTS. The speech part of your IELTS test is protected by subjects like these. This topic would be called a prompt. The cue card subject, as well as for instructions about the topic, is written as a guideline. Among the cue card subjects, the topics are varying. In this blog, Describe your very first day at school IELTS is the topic covered.

To score well in IELTS, you need to go through 4 parts: writing, listening, talking, and reading.

A typical mistake is to assume that you have to discuss just what is written on the card. Don’t you! I can tell you that you don’t have to cover anything on the card after talking to multiple IELTS examiners and students who earned very high marks in their speech exams. There is also nothing listed by the band descriptors regarding addressing all the suggested parts of task 2.

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IELTS Speaking Sample Cue Card Topic – Describe Your First Day at School

The speech test is the second part of the IELTS assessments that will test you for your ability in language fluency and speech. Through a professionally qualified specialist in speech and linguistics, it is done face-to-face by video call appointments to score you. You are given a cue card with a subject or a topic you’re going to chat about on the spot.

You’re going to talk about those things,

  • Where has it been?
  • What has occurred?
  • Explain on the day how you felt?

Note: For one to two minutes, you will have to speak about the subject. Ensure that you speak for a whole of two minutes and not waste time pausing and hesitating.

Model Answers and Follow-up Questions with the IELTS Cue Card Topic – Describe Your First Day at School

Sample Cue Card Topic Introduction for IELTS Speaking Exam

Well, the mind of a person holds several good and bad memories he/she experiences from another time. It depends on a person who wants or doesn’t want to share memories with others. I’ll write to my old school today. I’ve been to three schools in my life. When I was three years old, I lived in Pune.

Sample IELTS Exam Speaking Answer – Lead to Details

I went to military school there, but my family and I returned to my hometown after a year.  I got accepted to a separate school in my hometown. I studied there from kindergarten to eight and then moved to its second branch, which was a kilometre away. I missed the branch terribly but the new school was much bigger and had more students that were my age. I absolutely loved this.

Where has it Been?

I don’t have a clear memory of my elementary school, so I’d like to talk about my high school. GTB Khalsa Senior Secondary School, Malout, is my school name. It is affiliated with the School Education Board of Punjab.

The building was Eco-friendly and green. It only had three stories, and on the first floor was my classroom. It had a double-walled thermal insulation building, high-efficiency air conditioning systems, the use of solar energy, and the recycling and disposal of waste water. This was astounding to witness as a child as I had never seen anything like it before. There was another new thing that I got to see, Smartboards had been allowed in all the classrooms around the campus. They encourage the students to learn.

There were all sorts of laboratories fitted with new technologies, such as computers, chemistry, astronomy, biology, and home science labs. The best thing about the building was that it was completely fitted with a fire extinguishing instruments on each of its floors.

IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic Conclusion

On the first day, I was really anxious because I knew a lot about the laws of the school and its strictness. My classmates, except for one of them, were new. We joined the class half an hour before that period, and when we began talking to other students, we felt relaxed.

In the morning, I saw a half of my campus. So, during lunch break, I wanted to see the entire campus. I wandered around the school after lunch and saw all the rooms and laboratories. It was true that the rules of the school were very strict, but they were very nice to the students. There, I studied from ninth to twelfth.

IELTS Exam Cue Card Sample Answer 2 – Describe Your First Day At School

In my career, I’ve been to two schools.

My elementary education was separate from my secondary education.

As I was too young then, I have vague remembrances of my elementary school.

I want to write about my high school here, where I studied from 6th to 12th grade.

The name of my school was SD Style Junior Secondary.

I vividly recall that on the first day, I was really anxious. This education place was a lot larger than my grade school. I was terrified of getting lost in that spot. Also, I was a little bit nervous.

Add Detail to Your Cue Card Topic Answer

I just marched with the other students inside and headed where they were supposed to go. For them, I was a new face, so a lot of them were looking at me. I asked one student where the 6th class was housed. She was also coincidentally in the 6th class.

She took me to class with her. That was the launch of my new relationship.

Her name was Minnie and we were best friends before today. She made me feel really at ease. Both my nervousness dissolved. Before the lunch break, we attended classes, and during the recess, she showed me the entire campus.

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Lead to Body and Conclusion

Explain on the day how you felt?

I was impressed by the school’s facilities. For astronomy, chemistry, and computer science, there were different laboratories. A massive library was there, too. There, too, were badminton and volleyball courts. The most interesting one was the canteen. All of the teachers were really good as well.

I studied at that school for seven years. Those were my life’s most unforgettable years.

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Prepare for IELTS Speaking Exam Follow Up Questions

Here are several examples of follow-up questions that can be posed by the interviewer relevant to the cue card “describe your first day at school” during the speech in part 3.

Question 1

  1. If you think students should make their parents drive them to school or go by themselves?

Kids do not go to school by themselves in primary schools. Either the parents should drop them, or a van or bus should be arranged. Children can go on their own in high school and secondary school.

Question 2

  1. Will kids rely on or be independent of their parents?

Until they are learning, children should depend on their parents. They should begin earning and becoming autonomous once they finish their studies.

Question 3

  1. How do kids become more autonomous?

If parents let them make minor choices of their own while they are very young, children will become more independent.

If parents accept some independence for kids, then pretty quickly, kids will become autonomous. Education and employment also depend on it. If kids start earning, they will very quickly become stable.

Question 4

  1. If parents intervene so much with the lives of children, what is the effect?

If parents interfere too much with the lives of children, they either become rebellious or retreat into a shell and become introverts. They are snubbed by their personality, and they can not develop to their full potential.

IELTS Speaking Preparation

Similar cue card topics that you may prepare for:

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Talk about a person who taught you something


Scoring in the speaking segment in the IELTS test is harder than you think. And as you speak, even small details are being evaluated. And we sometimes fail to focus on those minor details as a result of scoring poorly in the talking segment. In the IELTS exam to learn more about cue cards, check out IELTS ninja.

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