Your English speaking skills are tested in the speaking section of the IELTS exam. Not only does it assess the way you articulate yourself, but also minor points are based on as you answer the subjective cue card topic questions. One subjective question that we would like to explain in this article is the definition of your favourite dress cue card. Find out how to respond, “Describe an Important Piece of News that You Received via Text Message” cue card themes.

IELTS Exam Cue Card Topics: Describe an Important Piece of News that You Received via Text Message

You should say these following points:

  • Who shared the message with you?
  • What’s the news about?
  • How was it written?
  • Explain why the news was important?

IELTS Exam Cue Card Topics Sample One: Describe an Important Piece of News that You Received via Text Message

Well, mobile phones have been our life in this new age. I assume that most of us now and then receive a plethora of advertising or spam texts, which is no doubt garbage, and we delete them. However, I have received various useful messages in my inbox or on my WhatsApp. Besides, one important piece of information that I have received recently was the cancellation of one of my flights. I had my ticket booked by a travel agent in my area, from Patiala to Delhi, a few months ago, to take my IELTS exam.

IELTS Exam Cue Card Topics- What’s the News About? How was it Written?

I recall distinctly that I had done all my arrangements beforehand and left for the airport. When I got there, out of the blue, I saw a message from Indigo Airlines on my cell that my flight had been cancelled due to some technical problems and bad weather. Just then, there was a similar message on my mobile from the travel company about the rescheduling of the aircraft. I almost went to bits, thinking about the repercussions of what would happen if I failed my exam because it was crucial to my future. I almost lost hope, but then I remembered myself, and I didn’t give up in that case.

IELTS Exam Cue Card Topics Question Part 2 – Explain Why the News was Important

Instantly, I rushed to the ticket counter and talked to the airline manager, explaining my condition. Luckily, her boss was listening to our chat and told me that they would schedule another flight as soon as possible. I stayed almost 4-5 hours in the waiting area, but then they organized another plane for travellers whose travel had been cancelled. Indeed, I was grateful that my day had been saved. I was also able to sit down for my test. I wouldn’t say that the text message was crucial; instead, it was surprising and alarming.

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IELTS Exam Cue Card Topics Sample Two: Describe an Important Piece of News that You Received via Text Message

Cell phones have become an integral part of our lives. While there are many applications that we use on our mobile, calling and texting are the key features that have been used. Today, I’m going to talk about a time when I got some positive news through a text message. It was a cousin, Preeti, who lives in Australia. She’s three years older than me, and we used to perform a lot in our youth, and I’ve always been searching for her.

IELTS Exam Cue Card Topics Question Part 1 – What’s the News About? How was it Written?

We didn’t have cell phones at the time. We used to keep in contact through letters and phone calls. Later we got mobile phones, and now we’re talking to each other, or video-calling each other.

I had a text message from Preeti on my phone. It was a simple, quick message informing me that she got her dream job in one of Sydney’s best hospitals. Yet I could almost feel her enthusiasm while reading it.

IELTS Exam Cue Card Topics Question Part 2 – Explain Why the News was Important

I was very glad to read the message as she’s been talking about it for the last seven weeks. I acknowledged all the extra effort she’d put in to finish her schooling in that field first, and then get the job effectively. I called her quickly and congratulated her. She didn’t want to wake me up, due to the extreme time difference, and she decided to give me a text message first. And she’s happy about her career, and she enjoys it every day. I’m sure she’s going to do well in her career and always wishing her the best.


Scoring in the IELTS speech segment is harder than you think. As even small details are being analysed while you are speaking. You will need to time yourself, as the speaking segment is just 15 minutes away. Realize that your answer to the cue card topic question is synchronised with what you’ve said as your answer.

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