If you are planning to fly away to another country for your education or for another purpose, then you are required to clear the IELTS examination. The IELTS examination is the English proficiency test which is conducted by the British Council and IDP around the world. The IELTS examination has four sections: Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. Total time is given to complete the IELTS examination. Every section is allotted different timings within which they have to complete. Hence, along with improving your English and structuring your answer you need to learn the smart technique to complete the sections within the time frame. It is important to time the paper with proper practice. You cannot afford to lose marks for the answers you knew. So it is better to practice and practice to complete the examination within the time frame.

Starting IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer 

I am a foodie person, and I am among those people who live for eating and sleeping. This is how I describe myself. I do not bring it but I like to explore options in food and the ones I like a lot I prefer eating them daily. Due to my eating habits, I have always been a healthy person, not a fatty one but yes a healthy one always. But what is interesting is that I love food undoubtedly, but I also get easily bored with the routine food I eat. That’s why I keep trying new food to eat and let my taste bud enjoy it.

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Main Body Answer Sample 1

There are many scenarios where I ate the food for the first time, but there is this one scene that I cannot forget. My friends and I went out just to hang out. When we were just roaming around we encountered this delicious cafe called “TheBig Chill”. We have never gone to this cafe before, but the decoration was alluring so we went inside. We looked at the menu and ordered a delicious-looking food called bruschetta. I have never heard of it before and it was expensive. So we ordered it and after some time what came in front of us was shocking. It was nothing much but just the pury of tomato and onion on a  slice of bread. We laughed and laughed, that day we discovered a new food bruschetta which we will never have again.

 IELTS Cue Card Conclusion Answer Sample 1

I will remember this day for my entire life. Trust me it was a waste of money, it wasn’t as tasty as it was priced but yes, I still like to explore things and learn from my mistakes of not ordering that thing again. It usually happens to me but I never stop exploring things, with the exploration I feel strengthened and it is my hobby that I will keep on pursuing.

Starting Sample Answer -2 for IELTS Speaking Exam

I have always been a healthy person and the mantra behind my health is being foody. I like to eat tasty food and new foods. There are many times when I choose a dish that looks tasty, smells tasty, but to my taste buds, it is just unbearable. In such cases, I finish the food sooner than the expected time. I can’t leave food on a plate to get wasted, even if I don’t like it I will still eat it and finish it. I don’t know the reason, but my mother always told me to finish my food since childhood, so in the habit of finishing it, I don’t leave the bad food as well.

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Main Body Sample Answer-2 

There was a situation when I tasted a new food that I became addicted to. I used to live in PG when I was pursuing graduation during that time, my roommate was tasting epigamia yogurt. I wasn’t aware of such a product earlier. But when she offered me the yogurt to taste. I was driven crazy by its taste. Then I ordered it in bulk and finished 2,3 small bottles in just one day. I got addicted to it. But after 2 weeks or so, I decreased the number to 1 in a day or so. But this is that one food that I can never forget in my life.

 Conclusion of Sample Answer 2

There are many other foods that I have tasted for the first time, but the epigamic yogurt is the one that I can never forget. I still order it and have it frequently but yes the frequency is very low than before.

Follow Up Questions for IELTS Cue Card Speaking Test

After you have completed your description, you will be asked a few questions by the examiner. The questions can be based on what you have said or they can be only based on the topic that is given to you. So refer to the following questions to practice and prepare the answers accordingly.

Q1 What kind of food is famous in your area?

Q2 What kinds of food you prefer eating?

Q3 Do you have any health issues because of your eating habits?

Q4 Are you into exercising to stay fit and healthy?

Q5 What kind of food your family likes to eat?


The speaking section is considered a hard one by many candidates. But if prepared and practiced properly it is the easiest section. There are few rules that you have to follow and your work is done. The IELTS speaking section is of 15 minutes, which consist of your introduction, description of the topic given, and the follow-up question for the topic given. In this above article, you will get the sample answer to describe an occasion when you ate a kind of food. With the answer given above, you will be able to structure your answer well and speak accordingly in front of the examiner.

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