IELTS Speaking can be taken before or after the IELTS test. There are four standards for evaluating IELTS Speaking responses. The IELTS speaking score is calculated by analysing lexical elements, coherence, grammatical precision, and range. Because of the pandemic, applicants must wear masks when taking the IELTS speech exam. The easiest way to respond fluently when wearing masks is to relax and speak plainly without fumbling.

Here in this article, we will discuss a cue card topic “Describe a goal you want to achieve in the future”. Keep on reading to find the sample answers to this IELTS Exam topic.

IELTS Speaking Cue Card Topic Questions & Answers

You must say:

# What is the goal?

# What would you do to achieve it?

# When will you achieve?

# Explain why you want to achieve it?

IELTS Exam Sample 1: Describe a Goal You Want to Achieve in the Future

I’ve never been a particularly ambitious guy, but I’ve always wanted to open a small cafe one day. I adore healthy food and never pass up a chance to try something different every now and then. In reality, my food obsession has made me into an excellent cook because I enjoy experimenting with recipes and adding my own personal touch.

Everyone who has eaten my food has always complimented and praised me. As a result, it was only normal for me to fantasise about turning my interest into a career. Since deciding to open my cafe, I have worked hard to further educate myself in various types of cooking and to improve my cooking skills. I even travelled to Lucknow to hear about Mughlai cuisine, which is one of my all-time favourites.

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Break the Paragraph: IELTS Speaking

I’ve also considered a good spot that is conveniently situated and has plenty of parking. Nevertheless, there is already a lot of preparation to be done, such as coming up with a catchy logo, finalising the furniture, and listing the menu. Because this is my big dream, I want to be certain that it goes as expected. This also necessitates a significant amount of money, for which my family has agreed to contribute a portion and the remainder will be financed by a bank loan. I’m leaving no stone unturned to ensure that my cafe opens soon and makes an impact, for which I’d like to generate some buzz in the city by recruiting some marketing people before its official launch.

Break the Paragraph: IELTS Speaking

My goal would be to have convenience and flavour at reasonable prices, which would undoubtedly result in repeat customers. I recognise that this is a lofty goal that would necessitate much effort, but I am committed to see my wish come true one day, for which I am willing to strive tirelessly day and night.

IELTS Exam Sample 2: Describe a Goal You Want to Achieve in the Future

Goal-setting is important in life. Goals provide meaning to one’s life. We don’t have much to aspire for if we don’t have a target. I set short-term goals for myself, such as passing tests, and worked hard to meet those goals. My greatest long-term dream, though, is to have a stable life for my family.

Break the Paragraph: IELTS Speaking

I’ve seen my family deal with finances (money) at times, and I want them to have a comfortable life. I just finished my senior secondary or graduation locally, and I plan to further my studies abroad. So I realise I have a long way to go before I can reach my target. First, I’ll finish my higher education in Canada, and then eventually find a decent job and start making a good living. My relations in Canada live a very opulent lifestyle, as I have seen.

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Break the Paragraph: IELTS Speaking

My parents now appeal to me to provide them with such a life. They have set aside funds to take me to Canada. I’m aware that I’ll have to work every weekend to offset my overhead costs. I don’t want to place any more strain on my parents. I’m hoping to reach my target one day. I would like to be a contributing member of society as well. I agree that if God has blessed us with more than anyone, we owe it to the needy to share everything with them. If I can do all of that, I would be very pleased.

IELTS Exam Sample 3: Describe a Goal You Want to Achieve in the Future

Well, my primary aim is to immigrate to Canada. I know there’s a lot of people who want to come to Canada. Really, I want to relocate to Canada because of the country’s economy, free schooling and health-care system, and, of course, the natural beauty.

Break the Paragraph: IELTS Speaking

There are many criteria and pathways to citizenship in Canada. The best visa programme for me is Federal Express Entry, for which I require a decent IELTS ranking. That is why I am present today. Other tasks I must complete include paper selection and submitting my Visa application to the immigration department.

I think I am very near; once I receive my required IELTS ranking, I will be able to apply my visa application. Based on the movement, I believe I might relocate there within the next year based on current processing times. As a result, the numbers crossed.

Break the Paragraph: IELTS Speaking

All in, as I previously said, I want to relocate due to economic prosperity and the educational system. Aside from that, my life partner’s ambition is to stay in Canada and enjoy the atmosphere, and I would love to help her realise her dream.


In the cue card section of IELTS speaking, you must have a clear mind so that you can brainstorm many answer possibilities in the given amount of time. Here in this article, we have tried to show you how different answers can be thought of the same cue card topic. Learn the proper format, how to answer the cue card topics and score your desired band.

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