The IELTS speaking test is one of the stages of the English proficiency exam where the candidate is given a cue card topic and is expected to talk about it on the spot. To pass this part of the IELTS exam one needs rigorous training and proper planning as candidates have to think and structure their answers very fast.

Cue card topics of the IELTS exam are generally descriptive type questions that ask the candidate to describe an event, object, person, situation etc. One of the interesting things is to describe a time you saw children behave badly in public cue cards.

The topic may sound easy but the actual challenge is to talk about this cue card topic standing in front of the IELTS examiner seamlessly and intellectually and that too without any prior practice. However, hey, you got your back here. Keep reading the article till the end to find sample answers for this topic that will help you achieve your desired IELTS band score.

IELTS Speaking Cue Card Question – Describe a Time You Saw Children Behave Badly in Public

Topics to be included:

# Where did it happen?

# How did the children behave badly?

# What was the public reaction to it?

# Describe your feelings of that time.

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IELTS Speaking Exam Cue Card Sample Answer I


Children of 5-8 years are most active physically and mentally. They are intrigued by the world they are just conscious of. They want to explore everything as much as they can. They also learn various things at this age. Moreover, they are absorbed in their environment. They are highly influenced by their parents, friends, and teachers. But sometimes they learn many bad things unconsciously. Here is an example of one such incident I witnessed.

Where did It Happen?

I went to a supermarket to buy a pair of jeans for myself. I entered the mart and went straight to the women’s section. Each floor was divided into two sections. There was an attached kid toy section in the women’s section.

What were the Children Doing?

I was browsing through some jeans when I heard a sharp shrill voice. I turned back and saw two kids lying on the floor with tearful eyes. At first, I felt sympathetic to him and feared if they were injured.

It was no sooner than I realized they were throwing tantrums to compel their parents to buy their favourite toys. The younger one looked somewhat five and the elder one was around 7 years old.

What was the Public Reaction to It?

Soon many gathered around the section. Everyone looked puzzled at first and then distressed. However, the children were busy screaming and crying over their toys. The elder one was gripping his toy closely. Their parents were embarrassed by this and were constantly telling their children to stop such acts.

The mother even slapped the elder one and scared the other to stop their act. However, these stubborn kids were not ready to move even an inch. In addition, they even start screaming more loudly.

Even the staff has to come to pacify the environment. At last, the parents accepted their defeat and picked their kids and their toys to the counter section. As soon as the bill was cleared, they left the mart hurriedly.

Describe Your Feelings about this Incident

Everyone was shocked to see this incident. I could see the embarrassment and sadness in the eyes of their parents. I felt bad for them but this was also somewhat their fault. Nowadays parents pamper their children too much. They provide them with supplies, which makes them rude later. There is even a famous saying

“Spare the rod and spoil the child.”

IELTS Speaking Follow-up Questions

The interviewer is likely to ask some questions after you finish. Here are some example questions that they can ask.

What is the Reason for Children Behaving Like This?

Today’s Parents are very sensitive towards their children. They want to pour their love out on their child. In addition, they want to protect their child from any hardships. However, anything more than necessary becomes poison eventually. This is the case with the children. In addition, the children become too weak to face the reality of life.

They start getting used to the parents fulfilling all their demands and requirements. This gives rise to stubbornness in them and outbursts in such situations.

What Should the Parents Do?

I am not saying that parents should not love their children and not fulfil their wishes. However, recognize the thin line between enough to too much love. Too much can spoil children. They should be like a gardener, at times they should provide them with all important things and at times should trim them when they get out of control.

Explain the Saying

“Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child”

This proverb means that the children should be punished for their faults, otherwise, they will get spoiled. Here the rod is used metaphorically and means punishment.  This punishment can vary from one to one. But this helps children to realize their faults and not repeat them.

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Describe a Time You Saw Children Behave Badly in Public – IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer II


Children are like clay, its parents who mould them into a pot. But sometimes parents start loving their child too much which ultimately spoils them. It is the parent’s responsibility to stop their kid from doing any wrongdoings. Children have a young and budding brain that is influenced by their environment.

Hence, children should be kept in a positive environment in which they can grow. But sometimes a bad environment makes them do even worse things. Here is an example of one such incident I witnessed on 15-07-2021.

Where did it Happen?

As usual, I went out for a walk with my cute little dog Chubs. I decided to walk to the nearest park so that Chubs can enjoy playing while I could feel the breeze on my face and relax.

What were the Children Doing?

The weather was too fine and everything seemed so peaceful. But soon the peaceful environment was destroyed by someone’s sobbing. I thought maybe a kid was hurt while playing. I followed the voice until I reached another entrance to the park. They were three children’s around 8 years old standing close together and laughing.

I thought I was mistaken but then I heard a cry. I approached them to find a small child who seemed to be around 5-6 years kneeling in the garden and begging for forgiveness. I soon realized that they were bullying that kid. The small child was looking weak and the others were snatching his toy car.

What was the Reaction of the Public?

When that kid saw me he started crying even louder attracting more crowd around. The bigger children saw this and were ready to escape. However, one man stops by blocking them.

I recognized that these kids were from my neighbourhood. I immediately called their parents and also inquired about the number of the other kid. Soon parents were there. And the crowd started narrating the whole incident.

The parents of the big children were denying the whole incident. They were claiming this to be kids play and asking everyone to not interfere. They said that children should share their toys and put the whole blame on the poor child. The victim’s parents were furious and so was the crowd. When the father of the child warned to call the police, they started apologizing for the act.

Describe Your Feelings about this Incident?

This whole incident left me in the exhaust. I was shocked not only by the behaviour of the children but also by the parents. Instead of accepting their child’s fault, they were denying the whole incident.

I tried to calm the small child and felt sorry for him. Bullying does not only give you physical injuries but also mental. The latter one is harder to heal than the former.

Follow-up IELTS Speaking Cue Card Questions

Share Your Thoughts on ‘Bullying’

Bullying is a violent way to show power or to tease someone. This is a result of social or physical differences. This can take place when someone appears that seems different from others. Bullying can destroy the victim’s self-esteem forever. They can become stressed, depressed and at worst hurt themselves to stop the suffering.

What Gives Rise to this Behaviour in Children?

For this behaviour, there were many people responsible, for instance, parents, society, etc. Bullies are often seeking attention or boosting their self-esteem through bullying. Moreover, they see themselves as superior to the victim that gives them the right to bully him.

What is the Solution to Bullying?

Parents should listen to their children well. They should notice any kind of difference in their behaviour. If a child is sad or bringing new things home that you didn’t buy you should be alert.

They should teach their children about social disparity and embracing the uniqueness of others. They should also empower their children and help them to face the world head-on.

Describe a Time You Saw Children Behave Badly in Public – IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer III

#1. Introduction

Children mindset explanation.

#2. Where did it happen?

Describe the place where the whole incident happened.

#3. What were the children doing?

Describe what wrong the children were doing. For example, bullying an animal.

#4. How did the public react?

Then, describe how the public reacted to the situation. Also, give brief information about the outcome.

#5. Describe your feelings about it.

Now describe your opinion and thoughts on the situation.

Try it Yourself

# A situation where some children are fighting in a park.

# A situation where children are throwing dirtying the public place.

# Misbehaving with their parents.

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Tips to Ace Your Cue Card Test

# The one minute you get before you start speaking is most important. Understand the cue card’s topic and then write out important keywords to include in your speech.

# Practice speaking English as much as you can. You can take help from your parents, friends, or even a mirror. Try to pick a random topic, think about it and speak on it for at least 4-5 minutes non stop.

# Record what you say and understand what went wrong and where you paused.

# Stay confident during the whole interview. This will help you to avoid stuttering or pausing.

# Before you start, take a deep breath and then start your speech.

Other Topics to Practice

# Describe a memorable family vacation and give a reason why it was so memorable.

# Describe a sporting event where players showed exceptional sportsmanship.

# Describe an event where you overcame the biggest fear of your life.

# Describe how to solve a problem you encounter.


To score well in your IELTS and get the desired band scale you need to be consistent with your preparation. Many students find speaking English harder than writing or reading it. Therefore practice speaking English as much as you can. Moreover to ace your cue card session practice many questions.

Need more help? Visit IELTS Ninja and explore the world made of IELTS candidates like you. Here you will find preparation materials, courses, one-on-one interaction, advice from experts, and many more.

At last, stay confident and believe in yourself and then rock your exam. All the best!

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