What are IELTS cue card topics? Looking for some sample IELTS speaking cue card topics with answers? If yes, then read the blog till the end to get all your worries resolved.

These IELTS Speaking Part 3 model answers you will find below are not here to be copied, but to give you an idea of the kind of questions you might be asked about and how they could be answered. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dig in!

List of Common Cue Card Topics 2021

Below are the most popular topics listed that you should practice before showing up for this task. The cue card topics with answers based on these topics will be provided down below so you know what is expected from you.

  • Family
  • Work & Life- Balance
  • Internet
  • Films/Cinema
  • Media & News
  • Sports/Competition

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Model Answer 1 of Cue Card Topic with Answers

The first IELTS cue card topic is family, so let’s look at some questions and answers related to that.

Q1: Is the Family important in the Country You Live in?

Answer: Thank you for asking me this question. Yes, people in my country believe that family comes first, and they like to put their family ahead of all else. They’d do anything for the family, and I’m proud that family bonding is particularly great in my country.

Q2: How has the Size of the Family evolved in Your Country in the last Few Decades?

Answer: From my experience, I can tell that my grandfather had an extended family, and people used to live with close relatives at that time. As far as I know, their forefathers also used to reside in a common household, and the number of family members was often more than 20. However, the tradition of living in an extended family has shifted remarkably in cities where most families have become nuclear. The villages in my country still have large families living together but the number is decreasing day by day.

Q3: How do You think the Family is going to Change in the Future?

Answer: I predict more people will have a nuclear family and that the size of the family will be limited in the future. People don’t like having more than two children now and they know they’re going to consider having a one-child policy in the near future. The very tradition that a man is going to marry a woman and have his own children is being questioned by the idea of same-sex marriage, and hence this trend is likely continuing to grow in the future.

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Model Answer 2 of IELTS Cue Card Topic 2021

The IELTS cue card topic for this model answer is Work & Life-Balance. Read to find out the kind of questions you might be asked.

Q. 1. What kinds of Jobs are Young People not willing to do in Your Country?

Answer: Well in my country, we’ve almost always had a major problem with youth unemployment, so there aren’t too many jobs that they don’t want to do. However, as far as I’ve found out, jobs such as sales/ marketing,  customer service, hospitality jobs, which require longer working hours, are not perceived very positively by young adults in my region.

Q. 2. When choosing a Career, is Money really the most Important Thing?

Answer: No, I don’t really think that money is always the most important thing when selecting a work/ job, mostly because money doesn’t always buy happiness or job satisfaction, no matter how much of it we actually have. Besides, if I am being paid a decent amount but what I do as a “job” is not utilizing my skill, then the chances are that I won’t be able to perform to my full potential despite my best efforts. Money is an important thing for us to do a job, but I don’t think it’s the most important facet of a job.

Q. 5. What is the Effect on Society of People with a bad Work-Life Balance?

Answer: The impact on society where individuals have a poor work-life balance, is multidimensional. In a country where people either work too hard or sit idly for too long, there won’t be enough people to take responsibility to put the nation to its maximum potential. Working too hard would mean that without enough time to relax with family and friends, people in a community would suffer from mental depression, which in turn, would result in inefficiency and lower productivity at work. From the other perspective, if people in a community are take up their work lightly for too long, the whole of society will be adversely impacted by crimes and other anti-social actions.

Q. 6. Can You suggest any Useful Methods for Governments and Employers to ensure that People have a Healthy Work-Life Balance?

Answer: Governments and employers should do a variety of things to ensure a healthy work-life balance for workers. First, employers should provide flexible work schedules, if possible, so that workers can have more time to spend with their families and friends between office hours. Employers should also grant some extra leaves so that their employees can attend some fun and family activities. They can also make people aware by using various media channels to illustrate the advantages of a healthy work-life balance. Governments can also include an “annual award” choice for employers who work effectively to encourage a work-life balance

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Model Answers 3 of Cue Card Topic 2021

The last IELTS cue card topic is the Internet. Let’s find out how you can approach Internet-related questions.

Q. 1: Do you Think that all the Knowledge on the Internet is True?

Answer: I believe that without an authentic source and a reputable publisher, we should be sceptical of the information we see online. The Internet is an incredible source of information, but there are false news and misleading information all over. But I wouldn’t believe anything I see online only if they’re from a reliable source. For example, if I see a piece of information on a government website or mainstream online newspaper, I would believe that. However, any news found on a social networking website such as Facebook or on a suspicious website should always be checked.

Q. 2. How can People find Accurate Information on the Internet?

Answer: People need to rely on trustworthy websites with many years of credibility, well-known mainstream online publications, government websites and fact-finding outlets to obtain reliable data. Everything contained on social networking sites should always be checked before posting, as there are lot of spammers and fake news creators.

Q. 3. How has the Internet Changed our Way of Life?

Answer: Frankly speaking, the Internet has revolutionized the way we live. Many of us can’t imagine how people before the internet era seemed to do all their home or office jobs! The Internet helps us to work more professionally at home to work more productively at the workplace, and to interact with others from a distance from the world. With the Internet, we have great access to information, and they’re only a few mouse clicks away. We’re also doing online banking these days, and there’s no longer a need to drive long distances for ordinary tasks. Thus the present era is pretty incredible.

Q. 4. Do You think the Internet is Secure for Children to Use without Supervision?

Answer: I agree that children should not be able to use the Internet without any kind of parental supervision. The Internet is a great source of information and entertainment, but it often includes dangerous material that may psychologically harm children and predators frequently target children to harm them.


After looking at the IELTS speaking Cue Card topics with answers, if you’re still struggling do check this out. You will have a better understanding of how to reply to such questions. If you do very well on this part of the test and offer insightful, extended answers that clearly address the query, you can get the desired band level. There is no correct or wrong answer. These are just IELTS speaking model answers, but don’t go off the topic. Give your opinion without any fear as the examiner does not rank on the basis of whether or not they disagree with what you say.

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