The IELTS exam has various sections where the candidates need to showcase their talents in English. One of the most challenging sections is speaking IELTS. You need to answer the unexpected and unique questions asked by the examiners. You have to be creative and mindful enough to answer them adequately with a tinch of known phrases or quotations.

The aspirants must be skilful in the English speaking area like vocabulary, grammar, and diction. It will help you to impress the judges. This article has many models of the IELTS speaking part 3 topics 2021 with solved answers. You should read the complete article to be pro at speaking.

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IELTS Preparation 

The time of preparation is extremely high for all the candidates to make them top-notch in the English speaking, writing, reading, and listening areas so that they get perfect scores to get the country and university of their choice. This is the time when you reach out to different sources to get the maximum benefits to prepare at your best. You must go for reaching out to the articles or blogs that contain most information unwrapped and which are authentic. You should get in touch with the experts present on different online platforms to level up your performance. Preparation time is crucial to mould you towards success. So, make it worthy. 

IELTS Speaking Part 3

This is the scenario where you confront the renowned examiners and have to answer perfectly before them. This is the most nervous and challenging period for an IELTS aspirant. The questions are asked from different parts of the country and the normal life circles. You must have a great presence of mind and confidence to show your creative side of the brain. It lasts for 4-5 minutes. You are asked to answer a question with relevance to part 2 and in the depth of part 1. The topics change from year to year. The candidates must be aware of the topics that could be asked in this test so that they can perform excellently. 

IELTS Speaking Topics 

The topics and questions of the IELTS speaking test are given below. Read all of these to increase your performance in the exam. 

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#1. Art 

#. How do people in your country feel about art?

#. Do people in your country prefer music over art?

#. What are some traditional art forms in your country?

#. How has art changed in the past few decades in your country?

#. Let’s move on from art in your country to art education. Do you think children should study art in school?

#. How can children benefit from learning about art?

#. Do you think the government should provide support for art and cultural activities?

#2. Advertisements

#. What are popular types of advertising in today’s world?

#. What type of media advertising do you like most?

#. Do you think advertising influences what people buy?

#. What factors should be taken into account when making advertisements?

#. Is advertising really necessary in modern society?

#. Let’s move on from types of advertising to the impact of advertising on children. 

#. How does advertising influence children?

#. Is there any advertising that can be harmful to children?

#3. Books

#. Do people read more nowadays?

#. Do you read before going to bed?

#. In your opinion, how will e-books affect paper books?

#. What’s the difference between films and books?

#. Let’s move on to the topic of traditional literature in your country.  What is one example of traditional literature in your country?

#. Do you like reading the traditional literature of your country?

#4. Business

#. In your opinion, do business people have to work long hours?

#. How do business people relax?

#. Let’s move on to the topic of small businesses. How can a small business grow big?

#. In your opinion, what kind of small businesses will young people have in the future?

#. In your opinion, what skills are required to start a small business?

#. Finally, let’s talk about globalization.

#. What are the impacts of globalization on small and large businesses?

#5. Change

#. Do you think change is good?

#. What are some of the major changes that occur to people throughout their lives?

#. Is your country changing rapidly?

#. In what ways have changes in technology changed people’s lives?

#. Why do old people not accept change?

#6. City 

#. In your opinion, what makes a city a good one to live in?

#. What are the advantages of living in a city?

#. Let’s move on from the positive aspects of cities to the negative aspects of cities. In your opinion, what are the negative aspects of crowded cities?

#. How can governments improve living standards in crowded cities?

#. What about air quality? What can people do to improve the air quality in the city?

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#7. Company

#. What is the difference between big companies and small companies?

#. Are there any big companies in your country?

#. What are the good things about working for a big company?

#. Should big companies be punished more seriously than small companies?

#. Why do some people choose to work at an international company?

#.Let’s move on to the topic of companies’ services. How can a company maintain the quality of the service that it gives to the public?

#. Do you think it’s important for a company to provide after-sales service?

#8. Decision

#. Why do some people find it hard to make decisions?

#. How important is it to get advice from other people when making decisions?

#. Why is it sometimes difficult to accept advice?

#. What are some of the most important decisions young people have to make?

#  Do you agree that parents should make important decisions for their children?

#. Is it better to make a decision thinking about what you want or thinking about what other people want?

#9. Environment

#. What are some of the main environmental problems in your county?

#. Why should people be concerned about the environment?

#. How can people protect the environment?

#. Do you think money should be spent on protecting animals?

#. Do you think more should be done to protect natural scenic spots in your country?

#. Let’s move on to water pollution. Is water pollution a problem in your country?

#. What can individuals do to try and ensure water is kept clean?

#. Do you think problems with the cleanliness of water will improve in the future?

#10. Family

#. Is family important in your country?

#. Who should be responsible to care for the elderly? Should it be the family or the government?

#. How has the size of the average family changed in your country in the last few decades?

#. How do you think families will change in the future?

#  Let’s move on to the roles of different family members. Should husbands and wives have different roles within the family?

#. What role do grandparents play in the family in your country?

#11. Friends

#. What is the importance of friends?

#. Would you like to have a few very good friends or a lot of just friends?

#. If you had a problem, would you go to your friends or family? Why?

#. Do you think it is always better to talk to your friends about such a problem?

#. Is it important to have friends from other countries?

#12. Health 

#. How can people improve their health?

#. Do elderly people exercise much in your country?

#. Do you think all illnesses can be prevented?

#. Do you think that illnesses will be less common in the future?

#. Do you think healthcare should be free?

What makes someone a good doctor?

#13. Help 

#. Do you like helping others?

#. Do you think people are less willing to help others these days compared to the past?

#. Do people today trust others as much as they used to in the past?

#. How do people in your community help each other?

#. Let’s move on to the topic of educating children to help people. In your view, should children be taught to help others?

#. In your opinion, how can we encourage children to help others?

#. What about students? How can students, such as high-school students, help each other?

#14. History

#. Do you think history is important?

#. Do you like to learn about history?

#. What do you think we can learn by studying history?

#. Let’s move on to different ways of learning about history. In your opinion, how can people learn about history?

#. Do you think people can learn history from films or TV programs?

#. Do you think the internet is a good place to learn about history?

#. What is the effect of technology on how people learn about history?

#15. Money 

#. Is money important to you?

#. What is the relationship between money and power?

#. Let’s move on to teaching children about money. How do you think parents can teach the value of money to their children?

#. Do you think it is important to teach children money skills?

#. Should we let children buy whatever they want with money they’ve saved?

#16. Parenting 

#. For parents, what is important when bringing up their children?

#. Do you think mothers and fathers have different roles to play in bringing up a child?

#. Let’s move on to the education of children. #. Do you think hitting children is sometimes necessary for discipline?

#. Do you think sweets are a good thing to reward children with?

#. Do you think parents spend too much on buying toys for their children?

There are many more topics and questions for the IELTS speaking test. The candidates must be aware of all the topics and should pen down the ideas before the IELTS exam so that they can get good scores in the examination. 

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IELTS Speaking Part 3 Questions and Answers

#1. A House or Apartment You Would Like to Live In IELTS Speaking

For the IELTS topics, you must be creative and precise with your answer and should include a few questions to answer during speaking. For this topic, you should say the given questions. 

#. Where it is/ where it would be?

#. What you would (like to) do there?

#. Who you would (like to) live therewith?

#. And explain why you would like to live in this place?

#1. A House or Apartment You Would Like to Live In IELTS Speaking Answer 

I would like to live in an apartment where I can find peace and nature. I love being in the lapse of nature. I would like to reside there with my family so that we live peacefully and happily. I can go around and feel the air or the charm of nature. I would love to be in a natural environment because I am connected to it and feel the positive vibes to see the birds chirping and animals carrying out their regularities. 

#2. An Interesting Animal You Have Seen: IELTS Speaking

You must include the following points to answer this topic. 

#. What animal was it?

#. When and Where did you see it?

#. And explain how you feel about this animal?

#2. An Interesting Animal You Have Seen: IELTS Speaking Answer

The most interesting animal I have seen is the elephant. I saw this completely insane and emotional animal in a national park located near my house. I visited there with my friends and I connected to this amazing animal. Elephants are attractive because of their charm and human-like aura. They take care of their family and cry very often about losing their children and finding a casualty. I feel extremely delighted and touched to see this wonderful creature of God. I would like to see them again in the future and explore more of their activities. 

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#3. A Crowded Place You Went To: 

IELTS Speaking

Following questions must be included in your answers. 

#. When did you go there?

#. Where is the place (or, was)?

#. Who did you go there with?

#. And explain how you felt about the place?

#3. A Crowded Place You Went To: IELTS Speaking Answer

The crowded place I went to was the Kumbh Mela. I went there with my family the previous year. It is organized in Uttarakhand, Dev Bhoomi. The place is spiritual and positive itself and this fair creates more anonymity and wonders for the people who visit there. I felt great and privileged to be there. Many saints have been worshipping God for many years and their level of devotion is worth watching. I was astonished to see the crowd in the area. Some uncountable people were for their reasons. This place is worth visiting and exploring. 

#4. A Family Member You Spend Time with IELTS Speaking

Look here to know what you should include in this answer. 

#. Who is the person? 

#. What do you usually do together?

#. What kind of person is he/ she?

#. Explain why you spend more time with him/her?

#4. A Family Member You Spend Time with IELTS Speaking Answer

I am a family-loving person. I love sitting and enjoying time with my family. I spend more time with my mother. We talk about future endeavours and she tells me about her life experiences and steps taken. I love the conversation because I get to know amazing things to do in life and can share everything with her without a second thought. She is a supportive and cheerful person. She is shy and extroverted but confident in her standards and the steps taken.

She tells me to be focused and hardworking in life. I love spending time with her because I have come to know about her life facts and situations that she has tackled with unbeatable self-confidence and mindfulness. She believes in being a lady of beauty and chaos intertwined. 

#5. A Trip by Public Transport: IELTS Speaking

The following points must be included in your answer. 

#. When did it happen?

#. What means of transport did you take?

#. What did you do during the trip?

#. And explain how you felt about the trip?

#5. A Trip by Public Transport: IELTS Speaking Answer

I am a travel-loving person. I went on a trip by public transport quite recently. I went to my Grandparents’ house which is situated in a state called Bihar. I went there with my parents via train. It is a long route from my home. This is why we took the train to visit there. I enjoyed it a lot during the journey. I like to explore people and see their ways of carrying out different functions.

On the train, I saw many people connected to different religions and cultures. The trip was amazing and overwhelming for me because I made few friends on the train. We played together and the journey was memorable. 

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Hopefully, this article has helped you in grooving your skills in the speaking areas. This is important for you to get good scores in the IELTS examination. If you have any queries or if you want guidance over anything related to the IELTS exam, you should visit the IELTS Ninja website or can comment below. You will get the precise answer to your questions along with the advantages and disadvantages of carrying out a particular thing. You can come in direct contact with the professionals who will teach you the ways to represent yourself and what must be done to boost the scores in this exam.

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