You are given 1 minute by the interviewer to train yourself to talk about a particular subject for the IELTS Speaking portion of your IELTS test. This subject is going to be called a prompt. As a reference, the cue card topic, as well as guidance about the subject, are written. To help you plan and know what to expect, here are a few cue cards topics.

Below are two samples for “describe an interesting animal” topic.

Describe an Interesting Animal- Sample IELTS Questions

  • Explain what it looks like
  • When did you see it?
  • Where do you see it?
  • And explain why you found it interesting?

IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer One

Introduction – Explain What it Looks Like

A wide number of animal species are found in the world. Witnessing so many animals and learning about the fascinating details about them fascinates me. The animal I find to be very impressive was the Cheetah. It belongs to the cat club, but it is much easier to fly than the other members of the cat family. On top of that, they normally have a pale-yellow coat with black dots. Besides that, with black lines, they still have a conspicuous muzzle, making Cheetah appear very similar to Tiger.

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When and Where?

I’ve seen this mammal at a nearby zoo a few times. Just lately, I got a closer look at it in its natural environment as I went on a forest safari with my cousins. Our guide also had ample expertise and taught us a great deal about this carnivorous species. While they hunt their prey, an attribute that amazed me was that if a more aggressive species threatens them simply because they don’t want to fight, Cheetahs give up the prey. I saw it in my hometown in a national park. Being in the middle of a forest in an open jeep, surrounded by so many carnivorous creatures, was a thrilling experience. It is known as the fastest land mammal, and because of its long legs and elongated spine, it can also match the speed of a vehicle at times.

Interesting Facts

One of the truths is that before the prey is stalked, Cheetahs use extraordinarily brilliant eyesight to search the area. In general, they are found in packs, and they do not yell, unlike other members of the cat family. The unfortunate part, though, is that it is an endangered species due to the destruction of its natural habitat. There are only a few thousand Cheetahs left all over the world, and I think humans should defend themselves from the loss of this majestic breed.

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IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer Two


In my opinion, the Elephant is the most interesting animal on Earth because of its huge size. I saw some of the elephants taken to the public by their owners in my youth, and later I heard about this species from numerous TV shows and the Internet.

Where are They Found?

In several countries in Asia and Africa, elephants are found, including Thailand, some parts of Australia, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. They are native animals living in woods and parts of the hills. There are many fascinating details and some of them are very special about this species. First of all, this mammal is the largest living creature living on earth.A baby elephant is normally 3 feet tall and weighs about 200 pounds or more than 90 kilogrammes. They are larger in height. The tallest elephant on record was more than 13 feet and was considerably larger than any other land-living species at more than 10,000 kg.

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Interesting facts

Secondly, they are rather aboriginal creatures and there is evidence that in North America and Eurasia there were 6-7 elephant populations before the Ice Age. Elephants’ wrinkled skins help them control the temperature and humidity. It makes them hold 5-10 times more water than an animal that is smoothly skinned. This wrinkled skin also makes them cool off by losing more heat from their body temperature. The fact that the herd of elephants is normally led by a female elephant is another fascinating fact about the elephant. Interestingly, the elephant herd’s tie is so deep that when a person dies, they lament.

Key Tips for 1 Minute Preparation of IELTS Cue Card Topics

  • Think immediately about the issue you wish to talk about, which you can elaborate more at the time you speak.
  • Understand the subject pretty well. Students often misinterpret the subject of cue cards and, while they chat a lot, speak irrelevantly.
  • When you are speaking, keep all the written keywords in your head.
  • Note accurate facts as the keywords, becoming more precise according to the focus issue, such as what “party”, “last month” and “hotel” can be written for what, when and where questions.
  • At the time you write the keywords, the interviewer may be staring at your sheet. Do not feel anxious or mindful, just concentrate on the cue pad.
  • To waste time, do not write complete sentences. Instead, write short terms or expressions.
  • Make sure you keep dreaming about thoughts, and when writing keywords, do not go blank.

As it helps immensely in the IELTS exam, learn to increase your vocabulary and how to make mind maps for this practice. When you read, write, listen, and talk to others, increasing your vocabulary over a large spectrum of topics will help. You will now be better able to navigate the vocabulary and concepts that you need more effectively because on a test day you will do your very best. Some of us enjoy dealing through lists and making it easier to memorise them. If you think about how the subject area specifically impacts you, a clear mind map can be created. Describe an interesting animal dog, for your practice.

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