This is said by experts and professionals that dreams don’t come true magically, rather you have to ensure to turn them with your hard work and vision. If you want to study in any particular university in your favourite country, you must work to grab it. This is done by the IELTS exam. You must make sure that you get good scores in this exam to pursue your dreams.

This article will prove best for you since it contains the topic to describe an interesting animal. If you are searching for the topic, describe your favourite animal, you will learn new ways to answer this question or discuss it with the examiners. Keep reading this article and acknowledge all the factors so that you don’t lack in the exam anyway. Let’s also have a look at the IELTS speaking course. Let’s join the best IELTS speaking online course to achieve our goals.

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IELTS Preparation

IELTS preparation is a time when an aspirant prepares for this exam. The preparation must be done in the areas of writing, speaking, listening, and reading. The candidates think that this exam is easy and they do not put their maximum effort into preparing for it. The best point for you to hold is time management and proper skill development. When you will have proficiency in the English language, you will crack the exam quite comfortably.

IELTS speaking is the portion where you are confronted by the examiner and answer the questions asked by them. For such topics, the examiner will give you one minute to think and make up your mind to answer adequately.

Required Points to Speak While Answering the IELTS Cue Card Topic

The IELTS speaking test requires your capabilities in the speaking genres. The candidates must know the correct way to answer the question with the indulgence of all the points. If you want to make a mark in the minds of the examiners, you must know the exact procedure to answer the given topic. The procedure will help you to give the perfect answer along with covering all the spheres positively. The written questions must be included in your answer.

#1. Explain what it looks like.

#2. When did you see it?

#3. Where do you see it?

#4. And explain why you found it interesting?

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Describe an Interesting Animal: Check Out IELTS Cue Card With Answers Part One

Introduction of the IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic

India is diverse in every sense. It has variable cultures, traditions, flora and fauna, and geographical habitats. Due to the availability of several animals, it is not new that some animals have different traits and living ways. All the animals have their unique identities and habits.

Animals are respected in our country and somehow connected to the supreme power. I will discuss the tiger. There are many important and interesting facts about tigers. They are largely found in the country with its capabilities to find their prey and protect their lives. It is considered the most mindful and speedy animal.

When Did You See it?

I saw it for the first time when I visited the Jim Corbett National Park situated in Uttrakhand. It is said that this National Park has 200 reserved tigers. I visited there with my family. We saw that this animal is huge with great enthusiasm and speed.

Tigers are called our national animals because of their various capacities and enigmatic approach. People are afraid of it because it is too harsh and deadly to look at. When he roars everyone hides somewhere. The roar of the tiger is the most powerful thing I have heard and seen. The tigers are considered as the giant and the ones with leadership in them.

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Where Do You See it?

There are many national parks in India with tigers but the highest number of tigers are found in the Jim Corbett National park. I saw many animals with different paces, qualities, and traits but tigers are the most influential.

The park was sound and simple due to the availability of tigers. When they roar, no one else does their activities. The unique leadership and powerful acts of them is the magnificent thing to watch.

My parents told me various factors about the tigers. They have amazing skills of knowing the disaster before its outbreak. They can run at the highest speed and their concentration is the most significant.

Explain Why You Found it Interesting?

I found it interesting since I heard of it many times in books. My thought of mine was why these creatures are called national animals more than any other animals. When I saw them, I realized the major qualities of. The tigers are important because they have the most amazing concentration, smell and presence of mind, speed, roar, and highly concentrated ears. This makes them above all other animals. The major qualities of being a strong animal are seen in tigers. I personally like them the most and finds it interesting to see how they catch their prey and do all their activities.

Describe an Interesting Animal: Check Out IELTS Cue Card With Answers Part Two

Introduction of the IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic

This is our rich heritage to have different animals in the country. India has a variety of animals across all the states. All the states and areas have different animals. This is tough to analyze and learn about animals. Many people do not find it interesting but few are keenly interested in understanding their activities.

I am not very courageous and interested to know very much about all the animals but there are few which attract me exponentially. One of these is elephants. Elephants and their structure is known by everyone but their interesting qualities are known by few. I will discuss them today.

When Did You See it?

Elephants are the second largest animals in the world. These are found in many countries. India has different elephants in different areas. The elephants are used as entertaining ones in fairs and public festive gatherings. The weight of this animal is approximately 2700 kg to 6000 kg. I saw it a few years ago. Though it is quite common in the country, it is not found everywhere. We can see them occasionally or in the National Parks.

The height of the elephants has been measured differently in different countries. The length of an Asian elephant is calculated between 5.5 to 6.5 meters and the height of the African bush elephant is approximately 3.2 meters.

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Where Do You See it?

I saw the elephant in the local zoo. The authorities have kept various types of elephants for the people to see and enjoy the elephants are quite simple and silent animals with their uniqueness. The behaviour of elephants could be seen perfectly in the zoo. They are seen eating or doing their activities. It is beautiful to watch them and acknowledge the factors about them. There were many animals in the zoo but I was attracted to the elephants.

The diet of an elephant is across 149 – 169 vegetations daily. They like fruits like bananas. It is amazing to see how an elephant takes care of its family.

Explain Why You Found it Interesting?

I found the elephants interesting due to many factors. They are strong and stiff to look at but when it comes to emotions, they are just like human beings. The elephants cry quite often. They take care of their family as human beings. The elephants are drawn towards human beings very easily. They are the most social and intellectual animals.

The most fascinating is that elephants reconcile with each other after a fight. The elegance of an elephant is with their royalty. They are considered the most royal animals. They cry when they lose their baby calves. It is disheartening to see. I love elephants due to their innocence and caring traits.

IELTS Speaking

The IELTS speaking test is the most important in the IELTS exam. All the candidates must prepare themselves thoroughly for this test. This test includes an interview with questions from personal to the social world. The examiner asks you the questions to see your creativity, presence of mind, speaking skills, and knowledge.

You must be confident and skilful to answer all of their questions positively and interactively. It will boost your bands in the examination. This test is also important because the major concern of everyone is to speak influentially when they are in an English-speaking country. This test will grow your intelligence in vocabulary and grammar.

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Strategies of the IELTS Exam

The major strategies to perform extraordinarily in this exam is time management and skill development. All the candidates must manage their time so that each section is covered nicely. If you lose in any of the spheres, your bands will degrade which will affect your selection in the best universities.

Speaking is necessary to sustain as well. When you will go to work or study in any country of your choice, you will have to communicate perfectly. So, you have to be good at speaking with creative words and catchy phrases. It will make your worth in the corporate world. Therefore, preparation is a must for this exam with dedication.

IELTS Cue Card

The IELTS cue card is an important area in the IELTS speaking test. The examiner asks the questions and you have to answer within the time limits along with great vocabulary. The questions from the cue card are simple but scores depend upon your creativity in answering. While preparing, you must pen down the things that you find amazing to include in your answers.

It will help you to increase your scores. Some phrases and quotations can also be used to impress the examiners. Therefore, you have to prepare for it with adequate time so that you excel in the exam.

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We hope that after reading this article, you must have developed the skills of answering the IELTS cue card. The IELTS exam gives you the opportunity of moving ahead in your life with new visions and dreams. If you still have any questions to ask or confusion in your mind, you must visit the IELTS Ninja website. The experts and professionals are there to guide you on all the portions of the IELTS exam. The best advice for you is to join the IELTS speaking course now to begin your preparation for the exam with the best IELTS speaking online course.

You will be confident from within to crack this exam. The candidates need to put their efforts wholeheartedly and other major aspects will be dealt with by the experts of the website. If you are craving hard to get good scores or bands in the exam, don’t waste your time and visit the website as soon as possible.

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