We surveyed a few students and asked their opinion about the IELTS examination, how much they knew about this exam, how well they understood the different parts, and what the most difficult part they felt was in the entire exam.

And to our astonishment, most of the students had the same responses. All of them found cue card questions as the most challenging part of the IELTS examination and they wanted help with that part only.

Let’s move forward to learn more about answering the different questions.

Cue Card Questions and Sample Answers – Describe a Puzzle That You Have Played

Our today’s question is – “Describe a puzzle that you have played”

For this question, you can include a set of questions that you can use pointers to easily present the answer to this question:

#1. What puzzle is it or provide the name of the puzzle

#2. How did you come to know about this puzzle?

#3. How is this puzzle solved?

#4. Why do you like it so much?

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Describe a Puzzle That You have Played Cue Card – IELTS Cue Card Sample One

Games are an easy way to help individuals to successfully pass their time or to add a little fun to their lives, especially during this lockdown period when the pandemic has pathetically hit the world and it is impossible to move out of your house even for a few minutes.

And at this time we can play some marvellous indoor games that can help us make our times fun and our moods lighter.

Today, I’ll be sharing one such incident where I got a puzzle game and played it with my sister and parents and we had a wonderful time.

What Puzzle Is It?

It was back in 2019 when I went to the market near my house. It was the weekly market and I had gone out with my mother to buy some fruits and vegetables for our home.

We were roaming around and finding some quality fruits and that is when I saw this unusual puzzle. It was the “Search Game Puzzle.”

How Did You Come to Know about this Puzzle?

I got to know about this game from my cousin. She got this game from the supermarket near her house and found it to be an amazing one and that’s when she suggested I get the same.

I had a keen desire to buy this game as soon as possible but due to my busy schedule of almost 6- 7 hours of lectures each day, I wasn’t able to get the time to move out of my house to buy it for myself.

That was the day when our college breaks had begun and it was the first day. My mother encouraged me to move out of the house to roam around with her in the market. I agreed to this and that’s when my eyes found it and we’re stuck there.

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How is this Puzzle Solved?

This puzzle box has 50 puzzles in it and all of them go from a level of super easy to up to extremely hard ones. There are 5 easy puzzles and then the level increases and at the end, there are 30 extremely hard puzzles and they have more than 250 pieces to each one of them.

Solving them seems almost impossible but is not. And it is really fun solving all these puzzles. It seems so astounding to take out a little of your time to solve such puzzles.

To solve this puzzle, one has to collect all the pieces of the puzzle and place them accordingly. Put one piece at one place and find out the rest of them and place all of them in a manner that you’re finally able to solve. It is a wondrous activity to do once a week or almost daily because it is also a good exercise for your brain.

Why do You Like it so Much?

I like this puzzle because, back then, it helped me pass my time. Along with this, it helped me to move out of my books for a while and enjoy some time with my family and friends. I called people to my house and we had some fun nights at home where we spent our times playing this game.

Now, let’s move forward to learn some tips that we can follow for a good IELTS preparation.

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IELTS Preparation Tips 

#1. Practice tests are some of the great steps to find out and know your knowledge over a single topic. You could easily find out your weaknesses and your strengths and move forward to convert them into your strengths.

#2. The second step to the successful preparation of any exam, be it the IELTS or any other exam that you have enrolled yourself into is to clearly understand the concept of the exam.

#3. This is a well-known fact that time is money and you need to keep it clear in your mind while you’re preparing for your exam so that you can schedule your practice accordingly as well.

Cue Card Questions and Sample Answers – Describe a Puzzle that You have Played

For this question, you could include a few questions as a part of your answer:

#1. What is it like?

#2. How easy or difficult is it?

#3. How long does it take to solve this puzzle?

#4. How do you feel about it?

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Describe a Puzzle That You Have Played Cue Card – IELTS Cue Card Sample Two

There are so many indoor games that one can play in a day and during the pandemic, it becomes even more important to have at least three or four at your house to easily pass your time.

I have played a lot of games in my childhood. But today, I’ll be talking about one game that I played when the lockdown had merely started and it helped me to make the best out of our times.

What is it Like?

The name of this game is Solve the Solver. This game has a lot of different pieces which when assembled can create a beautiful picture that seems appealing to the eyes.

There are so many different puzzles in it and all these are interesting and fun to solve. It can be a really good method to have fun when you’re getting bored and there is no option for you to move out of your home.

It was given to me by one of my friends when he came to my housewarming party. I had never used it but when the lockdown began, I thought of playing it and had a lot of fun after that.

How Easy or Difficult is It?

This game can be easy or difficult based on how much attention you’re going to pay and with how much focus you’re going to play it. You can only solve it if you do it with a great concentration. The rules are quite simple – There can be two or maybe three players in this game and whosoever solves it early before the other two or three wins the game.

I used to play it with my sisters when the lockdown began and we spent the entire lockdown playing this game. It helped us to be positive when we were locked in our house completely and there was no option at all to move out of the house. And it felt really good to have something in our day which we looked forward to. Every day was a day for another puzzle and it made us quite happy.

The plus point of this game is that it can help you to increase your concentration and feel happy about things and feel productive at the same time.

How Long Does it Take to Solve this Puzzle?

The easy level of this game can be solved in 15 minutes but the advanced level requires an individual to take 30-45 minutes of their day to solve it. There is also an intermediate level which sometimes requires an individual a total of 20 minutes of their day. But there is another super-high level, solving which doesn’t seem easy at all. Me and my sisters took a total of an hour to solve that puzzle, only when all of us were doing it together.

We used to spend 1 hour daily playing this puzzle and there were so many puzzles that every day we had one puzzle to solve.

How Do You Feel About It?

Now that technology has advanced to a greater level, this game can even be played using your mobile phones. We can have the same game on our mobile phones too but the joy of solving games in front of you with your loved ones is just amazing.

I feel happy and excited about this game. It is such an interesting game that you can play it easily with people all around you. I like this game so much.

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