You will be given exactly one minute in the IELTS Speaking test to prepare yourself to speak on a certain topic, which is known as the IELTS Candidate Task Card or  IELTS Cue card. The instructions for your discussion are contained on a card that the examiner gives you.

Until the examiner asks you to stop, your discourse should last about 2 minutes. In the end, the examiner will ask one or two questions. The issue of the cue card/candidate task card takes 3-4 minutes, including 1 minute of preparation time.

Cue Card Topics with Questions

#Explain a situation where you made a mistake.

#Explain about a large company you were/are interested in

#Describe an area you toured that is affected by pollution

#Describe a danger you have brought which had a favourable result

#Interpret a thrilling book you read

#Interpret a time when you got a favourable news

#Describe a satisfactory decision you made previously

#Describe a moment when you were deceived

#Describe a different holiday you had

#Interpret a moment when children made you laugh

#Describe a real skill you found

#Describe a moment when you deciphered a dilemma through internet

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Describe a Person Who Solved a Problem in Smart Way: IELTS Cue Card

Describe a person who solved a problem in a smart way.

You should say:

Who was the person?

When did you meet the person ?

Where did you meet the person?

And explain why you think he or she was smart.

Describe a Person Who Solved a Problem in Smart Way Sample Answer 1

As we are moving from an old era to a technological era, there are many different people who are solving problems in a smart way, rather than a hard way. I would like to share my experience when the internet was emerging and people were aware of it.

Who the Person Is?

I still remember I was studying MBA and my friend and I were trailing the library for some books. As it was the day of the exam, there were limited books in the library and everyone had their heads in books. So it was rather tough to get the books. My friend and I were away from the college for 3 days and the library looked unfamiliar, because it looked half deserted without books.

When and Where Did the Person Help You?

After hours of strolling through the library, we still didn’t find books that we wanted for the examination and these books were not there in the market either. The librarian approached us and told us that she would help.

She gave us a very smart idea. She had told us that we were welcome to the library anytime and any day so that we could study. She was a good friend of ours and her computer had access to the internet and library pdfs.

Why Do You Think He/She is Smart?

We were very thankful to the librarian, because of her we topped the examination. If she didn’t approach us and gave us the smart learning tip, we would have not passed the examination. There was one more advantage to it, we could type our questions online, instead of roaming around the teacher who was usually packed with loads of students.


I would say that the internet is a smart way to learn things and has changed our lives completely. It has opened new ways to interact, learn and explore things. As time goes on, there are new things emerging from smart people and I think creativity will never die.

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Describe a Person Who Solved a Problem in Smart Way Answer 2

People believe that some people are book clever, while others are street smart. But, on occasion, I believe that street smart people are more useful than others. After all, it was the street smart individual who came up with a brilliant solution to a problem for me, and this is his street in a problem.

Who the Person Is?

I was once travelling from India to Singapore. It had many beautiful places and it was one of my dream destinations. Once I came across a place that was full of street-side people and people living in unhealthy conditions. One of the people, named Oliver, approached me from a stall and asked me to come and eat at his stall.

Personally, I liked junk food, but I kindly declined him and turned around to exit and go back to the hotel as it was dinner time, then I found out that I was not carrying my purse and I had left it in the hotel.

When and Where Did the Person Help You?

I thought he sensed my fear and told me not to worry. I felt a little relieved at this and told him that. He had told me not to worry and told me that the smart way to reach the hotel is by walking and he would personally drop me there. I first hesitated and then nodded hesitantly.

Why Do You Think He/She is Smart?

When we started to walk, he made sure there was a very good distance between us, so that I didn’t feel awkward and we were walking really fast. I was in a dilemma because the route was unknown to me. We took a turn in a deserted street and there were a lot of dogs which made me stop. Though I was not telling him what the problem was, he understood it quickly.

He was way smarter than I thought. He was carrying a meatloaf and called the dogs. The dogs headed towards the direction and then we ran at the end of the street, just to witness the hotel, right in front. I thanked him and the next day, went there to spend time there and created a video which helped the people there.


In any case, the solution was excellent and exceedingly ingenious, especially given our thought process. He had really saved me that day because he was a great human and a smart person who was ready for anything.

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Describe a Person Who Solved a Problem in Smart Way Answer 3

When a problem arises, the phrase “think outside the box” comes to mind, and while not everyone succeeds in coming up with a solution, there is one individual on this earth who never ceases to amaze me with his ingenuity and ability to solve even the most difficult situations. Anu is the name of my younger sister.

Who the Person Is?

Even though we’re sisters and have a strong relationship, my mother has always told us that we’re as different as two individuals can be. I’m a rather energetic person who tends to make snap decisions, whereas my sister is quite calm and normally solves problems in a level-headed manner, which is why she’s been a sort of saviour to me on several occasions.

Why Do You Think He/She is Smart?

There was a period in my life when I took the JEE mains entrance exam that I regard to be a watershed moment. And, like my mother, I have hypotension, or low blood pressure, which can lead to dizziness when I’m hungry or fatigued. In some situations, all I need is the sugar from a couple of candy bars to get back on my feet, but I’m a bit of a scatterbrain, so I generally forget to bring any.


On that day, as the examination date approached, I was so frightened that I couldn’t think straight and my hands began to shake. Suddenly, I discovered some tiny chocolate bars and toffees in my pocket, and they saved my life!

Finally, it was discovered that my sister had remembered to place some in my pocket for me in order to avoid this problem. She was extremely attentive and astute to undertake such a thing!

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IELTS Speaking: Part Three Follow-Up Questions

Given below are some speaking questions for round three that are likely to be asked, so look at the answers and the questions below to get to know how to answer the questions.

Question 1

What is the difference between a parent’s and a teacher’s role in a child’s education?

Well, I believe that parents are more accountable for instilling values and ethics in their children, whereas school teachers are tasked with providing children with academic skills. You could also argue that parents educate their children more through example, in terms of how they do things and react to situations, whereas instructors teach children how to do things based on a curriculum created by educational professionals, which is not as personal.

Question 2

In your perspective, what is the best way to educate children?

Real skills, which will be useful in their future lives, must be taught to children. They must study what society will require in the future. Most children appear to learn more quickly by doing things rather than listening to teachers speak about a subject. I believe that if children can participate in a variety of activities that help them develop the abilities they require, they will learn successfully.

Question 3

Is the government, in your opinion, sufficiently supportive of education?

They are always able to supply more. It’s not so much the quantity of support they provide as it is the quality of support they provide. It must be current and focused on the most important aspects of schooling. It must be well-planned and provide the best resources and facilities feasible for children to grow and develop academic and life skills.

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Question 4

What suggestions would you make to instructors to help them improve their classrooms?

I remember when I was in school, some of the subjects appeared uninteresting to us. I believe that teachers should consider how they connect the subject matter to the actual world or the students’ personal experiences with the real world.

I understand that schools are now using more technology than previously, which is a positive thing. Students, in general, need to perceive that something is relevant, or at the very least fascinating, thus if teachers can make it clear why learning something is vital, students may be more engaged.

Question 5

How can we assist youngsters in realising their potential?

The first step is to recognise your strengths. In many circumstances, this is not an easy task. Then it’s a matter of ensuring that youngsters get the support and tools they need to fully explore and develop their talents. Schools must be able to provide equipment, resources, or facilities to children that they may not have at home or that their parents cannot supply.

Some More Questions

#Do you believe that a child’s wisdom is influenced by their parents?

#Do you believe today’s children have a good habit? Why?

#Why are youngsters more intelligent than before? Is it better to believe in nature or nurture? Why?

#What kinds of abilities are beneficial to children? Why?

#Do you believe parents should take their children to a more prestigious school? Why?

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IELTS Speaking Preparation

You must go through an interview in the IELTS Speaking Module, so you can practise English speaking with the other candidates there beforehand.

#Even though it’s difficult, try to remain calm and take a few deep breaths before entering the examination room.

#When you welcome the examiner with a broad smile, the environment will be relaxed and you will be able to retain your composure.

#If you are unsure about a question, feel free to ask the examiner to repeat it.

#Remember that questions are asked at random, so don’t freak out; instead, go with the flow and speak clearly about the issue.

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These were some of the IELTS speaking cue cards topics and some sample answers that are expected in 2021 and 2022. Be aware that your examiner may ask these questions in a different manner, so be cautious. We cannot guarantee that it will be included in your IELTS, but it is likely to be part of the speaking module. If it isn’t, don’t worry; after practising it, you will feel more confident about your IELTS speaking.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you have gotten an idea of how to answer the questions.

Still in confusion? No problem! Jump into IELTS Ninja where you will find excellent courses for particular sections, informative video classes, updated study materials, doubt-solving live classes and much more information from articles.

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