There are several different topics asked in the IELTS speaking. The candidates must prepare wisely and prudently for this exam. If you are preparing for it, start noticing your creativity and pen down the thoughts coming to your mind while thinking about something. It will help you in the interview section. You will have to answer the questions effectively within the time limit. The exam needs prior preparation to know what is to be done at the moment.

This article has a cue card topic; describe a very open person. Here are two unique ways to speak your heart out. Read the complete article to acknowledge the sequence and correct way to define your ideas.

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IELTS Preparation

Everyone will agree that the IELTS exam gives the maximum opportunity to the people who want to make their living in different countries. To make this happen, you have to work a little hard. The exam is conducted to test your skills in the English language.

Although English is taught in every school and college in India, there is always a need to be proficient in it because our mother tongue is Hindi. If you want to get efficient scores in this exam, you have to prepare a timetable and start your preparation now. There are over 5000 thousand people who appear for this exam. You have to make sure that you stand out from them and make your mark.

IELTS Speaking

IELTS speaking is an area of the IELTS exam where the aspirants need to show their skills and proficiency in their communication and vocal spirits. You have to be prepared beforehand with the enhancement of your vocabulary, grammar, and diction to impress the test takers. While interviewing, the examiners will ask you for certain experiences of your life and cue card topics which you will be required to answer adequately.

The candidates must prepare such articles to know the effective and unique ways to answer. This article has a topic; describe a person who you think is very open. Everyone will answer according to their thoughts. You must have the most real and spectacular method.

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Required Points to Speak While Answering the IELTS Cue Card Topic

Well, the most important thing to know is the correct procedure to answer the topic given by the examiner. You have to look convenient and confident while speaking. This would be done when you know what you want to say to cover everything that is in your mind. You should include the relevant phrases and quotations if required. This will improve your English speaking.

Do not take much time to think. You must be prepared for the topics so that you start speaking within one minute after the examiner asks the question. This will prove your proficiency and creativity. You should be aware of everything that will show the test takers that you have acquired good skills of communication.

Describe a Very Open Person: Check Out IELTS Cue Card with Answers Sample One

Questions to Include in Your Answer

Here are a few questions that you must include for the IELTS cue card topic; describe a very open person. This will include all the necessary aspects that you must speak about for this amazing topic.

#1. Who is this person?

#2. How do you know this person?

#3. Why do you think this person is very open?

#4. And explain how you feel about this person?

Introduction of the IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic: Who is this Person?

It was said by famous scientist Albert Einstein, “The mind that opens up to a new idea never returns to its original size.” This is true to an extent that an open mind is like a parachute, it does not work effectively till it’s open. A person must have an open mind to let the breeze of new thoughts and perceptions enter into it without hurdles.

This world is very unpredictable and pretentious. It is not necessary that if a person is showing that he/she is open-minded then probably that it is true. I am blessed enough to have a permanent person in life with open-mindedness.

How Do You Know This Person?

This person is my father. Fortunately, I have been born to this amazingly incredible person in this world. He is the most open-minded individual who is the driving force of my life, virtues, and thoughts. He has always taught me to have an open vision of life and its great opportunities. If you have great parents to give you the most worthy upbringings, you can rule this world.

I believe I am blessed in this one. My father has always looked up to the new challenges in life with a smile and positive hope. I have never seen him distressed by new things. He is the constant support of my mindfulness.

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Why Do You Think this Person is Very Open?

I have been brought up under my father’s upbringing. I find him open-minded because of many reasons but the biggest one is breathtaking. We are a family of three girls. My parents, and especially my father have never done any injustice to us for being girls. I have seen the parents tormenting their girl child because of the social norm.

I have never seen it in my home whether it is in studies, clothing, working, travelling, or anything else. He always says that we learn by our experiences. So, we must open our wings to fly high in the sky. My sisters and I have never realized that we are lesser than boys in any sense. My father has given us the responsibility to be independent and strong.

And Explain How You Feel About this Person?

I feel extremely proud and blessed to have been born to such an incredible father. He is adaptable to new causes and modernity but always teaches us to be rooted in our principles. This is the reason why my elder sister is an engineer and I want to be a journalist. Unlike the norms of the society that a girl needs to take care of the household chores, we are studying to the zenith of getting higher learning.

My father is a person whom I can go to and share any difficulties in my life. He is so kind and supportive that he holds my hands but lets me fly myself to have a better and more realistic experience.

Describe a Very Open Person: Check Out IELTS Cue Card with Answers Sample Two

Introduction of the IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic: Who is this Person?

There are very few people in this world who are open-minded and happy about the new things in life. A famous writer said, “An open-minded person sees life without boundaries, whereas a close-minded person can only see what’s beyond their eyes.”

This is the reason why a person must be open-minded so that he/she can see life beyond a certain premise and do wonders. I am an extrovert and social person but very choosy in making close friends. One of my very close friends is an example of being open-minded. I will discuss him today.

How Do You Know This Person?

This person is my dearest friend. I met him at my graduation. He is a person with open thoughts and a broader outlook. He is so talented and yet grounded. When I met him, he was an introvert. I found his vision attractive and out of this world.

He thinks differently and manages to help everyone. He is always there even for unknown people. He is the most humble and polite person. My friend helps people emotionally, financially, and physically. He is never awkward to support anyone.

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Why Do You Think This Person is Very Open?

My friend is very open because of his respect towards girls, openness to new and random things, tech-savviness, and social attitude. He is so respectful towards every elder and girl that every boy must learn from his traits. He believes that everyone has their own lives and choices. Nobody should judge the way of living of others.

He speaks to everyone in the same manner and finds it tough or unworthy to sit with the third class employees or differentiate between rich or poor. Modern society is filled with pretentious people. This boy is different and more superior to the others.

Explain How You Feel About this Person?

I feel tremendous love and affinity towards him and think myself blissful to have found him. He is my closest friend and whenever I need to decide my life, I discuss it with him. I know that his advice will make me a better person and upgrade my life.

He is an aspirant of CA himself and an amazing writer and anchor. His vision and open-mindedness is the most beautiful thing about him. I believe everyone should be like him and respect every age, gender, and position of people.

IELTS Exam Strategies

#1. Enhancement of Grammar

The IELTS exam is all about English. You have to be excellent in grammar skills to get good scores in it. You must start practicing the grammar sentences and rules as soon as possible because there are a lot of grammar rules in English and it will take time to be proficient in it. The more skilful you are at grammar, the biggest impression you will make on the examiners. So, focus on increasing your knowledge of grammar and make it your daily use.

#2. Speaking Skills

The IELTS exam is conducted in four different sections which are writing, reading, listening, and speaking. You have to perform excellently in all the sectors. Speaking is very crucial for the IELTS speaking test. You can get proficiency in it by inculcating the habit of speaking in English regularly. It could be done to your friends, family or colleagues. It will give you experience in communicating with better words and sentences. You will become intelligent in speaking which will make you valuable in this modern world.

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#3. Upgrade Your Vocabulary

Vocabulary is another most significant thing for this exam. A good choice of words makes you magnificent in the circle of professionals. For this exam, you must start learning words from the dictionary and can search for better synonyms of the regular words. This will help you tremendously to get high scores and better sustenance in the English-speaking country.

#4. Practice the Question Papers

Practicing makes you perfect. The candidates of this exam must take out time to practice the question papers. It will give the most perfect idea of the questions asked in the exam and marking criteria along with the creative mind to answer effectively.

The question paper will make you prudent in analyzing yourself and will upgrade your performance for the final exam. Therefore, you should practice the papers by management of time.

#5. Goal Orientation

The most important thing to conquer anything in life including the exams is goal orientation. All the aspirants must be clear with their goals and keep themselves orientated throughout the preparation time and at the time of study or work. When you are goal-oriented, no obstacle can distract you from your desired goal, and you can find ways to combat the hard situations to reach your target.

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Therefore, the candidates must find ways to answer as effectively as they can. Benefit yourself from new and unique methods so that you will impress the examiners. It will also update your skills in speaking and thinking simultaneously. This is not compulsory for everyone to speak incredibly. Even the ones who write excellently can’t speak perfectly.

So, you must know your capabilities and prepare for the exam in the same way. If you want to ask anything, you must visit IELTS Ninja. You will get the best answer to all your questions and get the perfect scores required for your admission to a university.

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