Have you ever experienced a delay during your visa processing? Or heard about someone whose visa has been delayed considerably? Such delays usually occur when the immigration and visa authorities need further screening before issuing a visa.  It could take between 2 weeks and 6 months to fix this issue and get it sorted.

 Let us discuss the reasons behind a delay in visa processing below.

 Non-Payment Of Fees

One frequent cause for this is that the fee chart lists dozens of costs that are associated with multiple types of applications. Missing a fee in your final tally can lead to accidental payment of the wrong amount, thereby stalling your application.

Paying fees at some bank is no longer an option for people who require to remit visa fees, which means that people who utilized payment receipt form IMM 5401 may have had their payments rejected. Many fees are now payable through online means or through credit cards. Be sure to check the payment methods that are acceptable for each separate fee.

Improper Paperwork

Paperwork and the related documentation for your visa application should have all the relevant information that the case officer needs in order to assess the eligibility of your case. When the application received contains flaws or omissions, the officer will request that these mistakes are resolved prior to the process continues.

Issues such as missing signatures, or domains that haven’t been filled out, are guaranteed to delay the process. If you happen to submit copies of paperwork and documentation that are blurry or illegible, you may be demanded to resubmit them. The same goes for photos as well.

The worst case scenario for paperwork that is not proper revolves around the possibility that the immigration officer believes you’re trying to manipulate the method or falsify information. This leads to unnecessary delays. 



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