To get admission in any of the institutions abroad and to get an entry in any country other than your home country, you have to provide proof of your English proficiency. The IELTS examination evaluates your speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills in the form of different sections, each section has dedicated time according to which candidate needs to complete them.

To complete the sections in the given time, candidates need to learn smart techniques to speed up their work and to enhance their accuracy of answers. Talking specifically about the Writing Section it has 2 Tasks. In a task one candidate needs to describe the visual representation like graphs, tables. In task 2 candidates are given a topic and they have to write their opinion about the topics.

In this article, you will get knowledge about important general words for IELTS writing task 2 and its synonyms. When you know the common synonyms for IELTS Writing task 2, you will never run out of words to write an essay of 250 words. If you wish to get settled in abroad, check out the information related to IELTS preparation online India and join the best online coaching for IELTS.

 Why is it important to know Synonyms for IELTS Writing Task 2?

For the IELTS writing section having an enriching vocabulary is a must to score high on writing sections. You have to keep a balance of using high vocabulary words as well as familiar words. Using too many words that are of high vocabulary may not impress the checker.

Hence candidates need to keep the vocabulary medium where they are using novel words but keeping the number of such words less. Instead of using the same word again and again. When you know the synonyms of the common words you will be able to use those words at different times. Hence, learning synonyms of the common word is really helpful for candidates preparing for the IELTS examination. In the further section, you will learn the synonym of the common words that you can use while writing task 2.

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Synonyms for IELTS Writing Task 2

In the table below you will find the common words used in daily life. These common words and their synonyms will make your task easier in the writing section. With this enriched vocabulary, you can save your time as you don’t need to think of the vocabulary for more than a minute or 2,  if you know the right words to be used then you won’t take much time in completing it. With a rich words array, you can impress the evaluator and make them believe that you are proficient in English. IELTS writing task 2 synonyms for adjectives are given below, take a look:

1. Common words and their Synonym from A to E

Common words Synonyms
Accomplish Fulfill, achieve, perform, attain, execute
Accurate Correct, Error-free, veracious, meticulous, specific
Active Energetic, agile, nimble, vigorous
Adamant – Firm, rigid, stubborn, obdurate, unshakeable, steadfast
Amazing Extraordinary, fabulous, incredible, astonishing, fantastic
Answer Respond, reaction, reply, solution
Awful Dreadful, Terrible, Abdominal
Balance Parity, fairness, impartiality
Beautiful Stunning, Exquisite, Dazzling, Ravishing Gorgeous
Begin Commence,Initiate, Inaugurate
Big Gigantic, Huge, Mammoth, mature, grown, enormous
Calm Peace, Tranquil, Serene, pacific
Chubby – plump, pudgy Round, Ample, chunky, fat
Clarify Elucidate, explain, illuminate, clear up
Cool Icy, Frosty, high-toned, fashionable
Cut Slit, injure, divide, slash, chop
Dangerous Wild, Hazardous, high-Risk, Precarious, unsafe
Definite Positive, firm, manifest, settled
Delicate Elegant, graceful, silky, soft
Difference Contrast, Variation, Divergence, Gap, Distinction
Easy Peaceful, Trouble-free, naive, calm
Encourage Cheer, Uplift, Inspire, Motivate, Hearten
End Curtains, Edge, Terminate, Conclude, Ruin
Enjoy Like, Love, Adore, Relish, Fancy

2.Common words and their Synonym from F to M

Common Words Synonyms
Famous Eminent, renowned, notable, famed, Well-known
Fast Rapid, Quick, Lively, Nimble, Brisk
Funny Hilarious, Laughable, Amusing, Jolly,  Humorous, Droll,
Gaudy Loud, Violent, Showy, Flashy, lurid
Get Grab, Acquire, Secure, Gather, Buy Obtain,
Genuine Original, Actual, True, Bona Fide, rightful
Good Superb, Genuine, Top-notch, Gracious, Superb, Sterling, wonderful
Happy Joyful, Pleased, Ecstatic, Delighted, Jubilant, Elated  Jaunty
Hate Loathe, Despise, Abhor, Dislike, Abominate
Have Utilize, possess, keep, retain, maintain, hold
High Giant, Big, Tall, Lofty, Sky-high
Help Assist, Encourage, Aid, Relieve, Support,
Idea Notion, concept, Thought, Design, Objective
Important Valuable, Vital, indispensable, Valuable, famous, notable, imperative, Key, Major, vital, supreme
Intriguing Interest, Engross, Charm, fascinating, lure, captivate
Join Connect, reach, unite, affix, add, fasten, stick, fuse
Little Short, mini, infant, baby, short
Look Glance, Glimpse, Gaze, Stare, Peek, Leer
Love Warmth, Care, Goodwill, Like, Fancy, Admire, Adore
Magnify Augment, Increase, Enhance, amplify, boost,
Mean Denote, Spell- out, Signify, Symbolize
Move Go, pass, carry, shift, stir

3. Common words and their Synonym from N to W

Common Words Synonyms
Neat Tidy, orderly, well-kept, smart, trim
Observe Note, remark, detect, spot, notice, watch, see, view
Old Aged, Mature, Stale, ancient, Veteran
Place Home, House, Apartment, Flat, Abode
Same Carbon-copy, identical, twin, alike, paired
Serious Grave, sober, major, urgent, critical
Special Unique, memorable, unusual, noteworthy
Show Indicate, Reveal, Demonstrate, Display, Exhibit
Tender Warm, feeling, mild, gentle, adoring, soft
Thrive Prosperous, flourish, bloom, advance
Use Wield, work, operate, maneuver
Urgent Crucial, Critical, Intense, Great
Vague Unclear, Hazy, Cloudy, unsure, uncertain
Victory Win, Success, triumph, conquer, supremacy
Worn Shabby, well- worn, faded, ratty, rent
Wrong Unsuitable, Inaccurate, Incorrect, Mistaken,  Improper, Erroneous,

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Knowing about synonyms of the common used in daily life is not only beneficial for the writing section in the IELTS, but you can also use these words during daily conversation and routine writing. Practicing any speaking and writing sections with keeping these synonyms in mind can fetch you good marks. You will see that enriching your vocabulary will help you score good marks in the Listening section as well.

If there is any novel word or any of the words used in the Listening selection you will be able to easily make out the meaning of the sentence. Hence the synonym used in this article will give you many benefits for IELTS examination and day to day conversation. Let’s visit the IELTS Ninja website to gather all the benefits required for the exam. It is the most helpful IELTS preparation online India. You should join the best online coaching for IELTS to prepare better and perform excellently!

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