To score well in any examination, one has to work hard and practice even harder because practice makes one perfect. But the question is how to start practising? For a person who is just starting his/ her preparation, it becomes very hard to find the right sources for study material for the IELTS exam.

Even if someone gets access to good sources, finding proper IELTS speaking questions part 1 is very hard. Aspirants might find many sources offering these questions but finding trustworthy sources are as difficult as finding a pin in a jungle.

Here is this article, aspirants are offered with previous year IELTS speaking part 1 questions and answers so that they can refer and practice on their own. Let’s check out the IELTS speaking questions part 1.

Speaking Part 1 Question

A student who gave his exam in February reported the IELTS speaking part 1 questions as asked to him by the examiner. You can first read these questions and practice on your own. Then, you can compare your answers with the sample answers below to know what it is needed to say in order to score at least Band 7 in IELTS speaking.

IELTS Test Question with Model Answer

Question- What is your name?

Answer- My name is Rohit Verma.

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions and Answers

Are you studying or working?

IELTS Exam Answer

I am currently studying in the final year of my graduate studies. It’s a 3 years degree programme in Bachelor of Arts and I am completing it in the prestigious Delhi University.

Questions for IELTS Speaking Practice

Which is your favourite subject?

Sample Answer for IELTS Speaking Practice

I like economics the most though all the subjects are quite interesting. It is because economics is the subject which deals with studying about GDP, consumerism, finance, wealth, banking etc.

It is about the study of how people, in their real life, utilize resources. Since it is more practical and applicable in my life, I find this subject as the most fascinating one.

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Question from IELTS Speaking Topics Part 1

Why do you like this subject?

English Speaking Sample Answer

As said earlier, I find this subject very much close to my real life. All the principles and concepts that are taught in this subject are useful to deal with real-life financial problems as well. This is the reason I think learning this subject would be really helpful for me.

Speaking Part 1 Questions

Why did you choose to study in your chosen discipline?

Answer for Speaking Part 1 Questions

I chose to study Bachelor of Arts since I am quite concerned about learning arts subjects such as history, geography, economics etc. which, if I learn, would help me to clear the civil services exam which is my future career goal. Other than this, I think it is quite easy for me to learn subjective courses which I like to study in my free time also.

When I study these subjects, I don’t feel my studies are a burden. Rather, I enjoy learning more and more about these subjects.

How to Choose the Right Source for IELTS Preparation

Now that you have got previous year questions from IELTS speaking part 1 topic- college, let’s have a look at how you can decide upon a good institution or source for taking your IELTS preparation to the next high. Following are some of the features you should focus on when selecting the class for the IELTS exam.

Personal Mentor

No matter how many close friends you have got who have previously cleared through the fours sections of the IELTS exam, nobody can guide you as an expert mentor can. The guidance will be more efficient if you can find an institution that offers personal mentorship programs.


Always try to go for classes which offer flexibility so that you don’t miss any of the classes. Imagine you have an IELTS speaking practice test fixed at 5 pm in the evening but you fail to reach the institute on time due to heavy rainfall, so ultimately you end up missing the session.

By choosing the right institution, you can easily ignore these things and ensure that you get 100 per cent of the offered course.

Mock Test Series

As already mentioned before, practice is the only thing that can help you improve with each passing day so never compromise on it. Always go for classes that offer you ample of comprehensive mock test series.


Hopefully, all these IELTS speaking part 1 questions and answers will help you achieve your desired band score in the English speaking test. If you have any thought regarding this article, feel free to share it in the comment box below.

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