Non Resident as the name suggests is a person who is not a permanent citizen of the U.S soil, is not a holder of the green card and not liable to pay taxes as a U.S citizen. But, they must pay taxes on any income generated on U.S soil. I hope it is clear now, what is a non-resident? If not, keep reading.

On deeper delve, any taxpayer who does not qualify for a green card has been in the U.S for less than 31 days in the past calendar year or less than 183 days in the last 3 years files tax returns as a non-resident.

Being a non-resident, if you want to gain a permanent residency in major English speaking countries like the USA and Canada then IELTS is an exam which you might have to pass through.

Even if your native language is English and if you anyhow feel confident in this exam, you must have strategies prepared for better and higher bands. We at IELTS Ninja can help you with not only the preparation part but also with

Eligibility for Becoming a Permanent Resident in the US

There can be many clauses and sub-clauses which define how someone can become a permanent resident of the US (in short hold a Green Card).

Criteria 1

If someone is engaged or married to a U.S citizen then he or she can opt for a Green Card once their marriage has been consummated.

Criteria 2

If someone is an immediate or preference relative of a U.S citizen, then they can file an application for a green card if the relative promises them financial support.

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Criteria 3

If someone has the right educational background and qualifications to be the best fit for a job which no other U.S citizen is qualified or willing to take up and if the employer vouches to sponsor their stay then the person can be granted a U.S green card.

Criteria 4

If someone has a high net worth and is willing to pay a minimum sum of $1.8 million for the welfare and development of the country, then that person is entitled to an investment-based green card.

Role of IELTS for Immigration

Some agencies use IELTS (The International English Language Testing System) as a vital portion of their application to file for citizenship or permanent residence in countries where English is the primary mode of communication. The score is deemed acceptable by all immigration authorities.

IELTS for Canada

A Canadian visa or for gaining Canadian immigration rights, a non-resident Canada person must be able to show their grasp of English language. IELTS Ninja can provide you with vast options for Canada Immigration via the IELTS score and also with document verifications and other formalities. Click here to know more.

For an educational offer, we can offer you another program too. Here is a way to help you with all the tough jobs of not only clearing the exam but also help in SOPs and the Essay.

IELTS Cutoff Score for Canada

The cut-off score of Canada is another factor you should really know about.

For Canadian immigration taking the IELTS, General Training option is mandatory and an average CLB level 4 to 5 is acceptable to clear the exam which translates to a 6.0 band per section and a 6.0 in total.

IELTS for the US

IELTS is required for work, education or non-residential status in the USA. For these things, a person must be able to show his or her IELTS score.

IELTS Cutoff for the US

Most universities and processes require an average 5.5 score in all bands and a total 6.0 score. Better Ivy league schools require a greater IELTS score for someone to get admission. Non-resident US people need IELTS too but to a lower extent since the permanent residence rules are governed by staging and tax policies.

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Other Countries

Other countries like New Zealand, Australia etc have IELTS policies in place too for non-residents and immigrants. The IELTS for nonresidents provides a complete guide on how to use IELTS for your own advantage in other countries.


Now that all the information is laid clear in front of you, hopefully, every little hesitance is now over. What being a non-residence is and how to become a permanent resident?  It is easy once you read the information clearly.

Lastly, IELTS plays a very crucial role in assisting individuals to get permanent residence in a country where English is the primary mode of communication so waste no more time and join IELTS Ninja today.

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