The Writing section of the IELTS test contains an essay in its second part. The essay needs to be written within 30 minutes and it needs to be very engaging in terms of its content. 

An introduction is the most important part of anything that is written that helps capture the attention of the reader. It needs to be catchy and relevant to the questions that are asked.

Let us discuss four ways in which we can improve writing our introductions when it comes to essay writing.


An introduction must never exceed more than 60 words. In the first 60 words of the writing, the reader should understand the very crux of the overall essay. The purpose of writing an introduction is to familiarize the examiner with what you plan on doing and how you plan on approaching the topic that is given to you. Make sure that the purpose is clearly outlined in the introduction. 


Initially, you will be required to paraphrase the question that is asked. Instead of copying the question , use your own words to write it down. For eg, if the question asked is :  Air Pollution has emerged as a cause of concern in recent times. What are the steps that one can take to combat it?

Paraphrased sentence:  The quality of air that we’re surrounded by has degraded over the years. In this essay, we will delve deep into the possible solutions that can be adopted in order to deal with this problem.


Remember that you’re supposed to take a proper stand and write about the topic that’s allotted. Avoid presenting a broad view of the topic at hand and stick to the question that is asked.  Always re-read the question before beginning so that you know that you’re not digressing from the main topic.


You will be expected to write a formal essay that is purely academic in nature. The tone needs to be kept in mind while you’re attempting it. Avoid using fancy words to flaunt your vocabulary while composing the introductory paragraph. Keep the introduction concise and use simple language or else you may lose out on points here.

Introductions determine just how much attention you’ll be able to hold while the examiner is going through your work. It needs to be curated carefully so that your understanding of the topic can be gleaned. If you haven’t understood the topic , it will reflect in your introductions and so, it is equally essential that you understand the question that’s asked.

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