The course that is chosen by students affects the career trajectory that they choose to follow later on in life.

Choosing a stream is not as easy as it seems for a lot of factors need to be ticked off before one pursues a stream. Loving what you do is essential and if you choose the right course, you will automatically end up enjoying your work in future.

A degree that you have earned through hard work is an indication of your dedication towards a particular subject matter over the years. Employers value traits such as diligence, devotion and perseverance.We have compiled a list of the most sought after courses in 2022. Let’s take a look at them below.

PSYCHOLOGY : Psychology or the study of human mind and behavior has always been popular. It is intriguing to discover ways in which our brain perceives situations and develops the ability to deal with them.

It also opens up many career choices for students such as working at academic institutions, hospitals, clinics , individual practice and the like. Every sector is in strong need of candidates who have majored in Psychology as mental well being has gained supreme prominence over the years and this trend is likely to continue.

HEALTH SCIENCE: Any amount of research that goes into Health Science is less given the rate at which diseases are crippling people. The more people pursue this stream, the better the world will become in terms of dealing with diseased individuals. Healthcare facilities need to be robust so that people can feel more at ease when they’re going through tough times. This field was opted for by many aspirants in 2022 and the remuneration offered is also quite high.

SOCIAL SCIENCE:  Social Science too has emerged as a highly sought after course and was chosen by many students in 2022. Departments such as Anthropology, Economics, History, Political Science need a lot of research and analysis. People who have good reasoning skills and are good with research should consider taking up this subject. The jobs offered are also lucrative and full of learning.

BUSINESS STUDIES: People who major in Business Studies are always in demand. Their strong analytical and communication prowess are preferred traits in every industry. All major sectors look to maximize their profit margins and reduce their financial losses and a good business studies graduate or professional helps them achieve their financial targets.  Most graduates of business studies become entrepreneurs who do extremely well in life.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY : IT will always remain heavily in demand as the world has adopted digitization.  Facets such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Machine Learning, IoT and the like are the future and people who learn these technologies will never go out of work. All students who opt for Information Technology receive offers from the top brands to work for them.

These are the courses that have remained in high demand throughout 2022. The list keeps expanding every year and students must pick a course that they can do justice to.


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