When it comes to foreign education, Ireland is one of the best yet the leading destinations for international students abroad. It offers a variety of services to its students that make it count among the best places for continuing your studies abroad. It provides their students with a lot of scholarship opportunities that they can get help in their future.

There are several reasons for Ireland becoming one of the leading destinations. These are:

#Ireland is an English-speaking country with almost 98% of the population using the language for their daily use

#This country is hailed for its higher education system that consists of universities that are recognized internationally and offer their students a wide variety of courses.

So, let’s just find out more about how you can go and live in Ireland and get their PR card?

But before that do you know what a PR card is? Let me help you.

PR Card

Permanent Resident, also known as PR, has Permanent resident given by the government of Ireland. Permanent residents can be citizens of other countries as well.

A Permanent Resident card helps you to show your permanent resident status of that particular country and when we are talking about living in Ireland, it helps to show your PR status of that country. So, even if you travel outside the country, you are required to take your card with you to show it along with your passport when you’re coming back on a commercial vehicle, for example, an aeroplane, boat, train, or bus.

Now let’s get to know how you can get a PR card?

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How to Get PR in Ireland?

To get your PR card in Ireland, You should submit your application for the permanent residency card using the email at the Long Term Residency Division of the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service, i.e., INIS.

You will be required to submit your documents for submission. Then, looking at the documents, the immigration officers will decide whether they should meet residency requirements. If your documents are not meeting the requirements, you will be notified in a week or so to change your documents or to wait till the process gets completed.

Now, let’s move forward to check out the Ireland PR policy.

Ireland PR Process

There are various steps included in getting a PR card in Ireland. These steps would require an individual to first apply for their PR card through the mail. The second step would require them to manually visit the PR card office and submit all the required documents there.

But what do we have to do after that? Let me help you with this.

Once you have submitted all the required documents at the desired places, all you’re required to do is wait for processing.

Get into Detail

Once your Ireland permanent residency card application has been approved the desired office. You will receive a letter informing you that your PR card application has been approved and once it is done, all you’re required to do is submit a fee of Euro 500 within a period of 28 days. This fee amount can either be paid through bank draft or postal order to the Secretary-General of the Department of Justice and Equality.

Once you have paid this amount, the INIS department, i.e., the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service will send you a letter granting you a Long-term residency in Ireland on a stamp for a period of five years.

Now, let’s find out more about the PR and its different steps that we have to go through in order to get one.

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How Many Years to Get PR in Ireland?

An individual who has lived for a total of five years in this North Atlantic country, i.e., Ireland is eligible to get his/her PR card.

But if you haven’t lived in this country for a total of five years or so and kept roaming around the place or moving from one country to another during these five years, you will not be able to submit your application for the PR card. Thus, no PR card.

So, if you want to get the PR card in Ireland, you need to make sure that you have lived in this country for five years and then apply for the PR.

Is It Easy to Get PR in Ireland after Study?

As a student, if you have applied for a two-year master’s program and are studying in this North Atlantic country for two years, by just extending your work permit for one year you can be eligible to get a PR card.

All you’re required to do is extend your work permit by one year and then after completing this period of three years, you can easily apply for getting a PR card and thus, you will be considered a permanent resident of that country.

Now, let’s find out some of the benefits of getting a PR card.

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Benefits of PR in Ireland

Given below are some of the benefits of getting a PR in Ireland:

It’s Easy to Seize Powerful preferential Trade Conditions

The Permanent Resident Card allows an individual to set up an Irish business and then he/she would be able to enjoy more profitable trade across Europe and also, worldwide.

Your Children will Enjoy World-Leading Education Opportunities

An Irish Permanent Residency would help your children enjoy some of the amazing benefits this country has to offer. You can easily and effortlessly enroll your children in some of the leading schools and universities in Ireland with a tuition fee as little as possible.

A Secure and Peaceful Second Home 

The best part about getting a PR card is that now, you no longer have to live in Ireland to maintain your residency – but yes, you can, if you want to do so. The Irish Permanent Residency allows an individual to visit Ireland whenever they want and for how much time they want to stay here. So, once you get the PR card, you are free to leave the country and come back whenever you want.

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It’s super easy to apply for a Permanent Resident card in Ireland and now that you’re familiar with all the processes, tips, and tricks to do it; why don’t you just go and apply for one? So, what are you waiting for? Take out all your documents and apply for a PR card in Ireland.

Hopefully, you must have found this information useful and if you have any doubts regarding the same, feel free to use the comments section below and let us know all about your queries and problems.

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