Ireland is one of the destinations that is preferred by most of the graduation and master’s students, it is also one of the preferred destinations for the job professionals looking for upskilling and reskilling themselves and then getting a good job opportunity. Universities of this island in the North Atlantic are considered to be among the top 3% of universities worldwide. Students completing their masters from this island in the North Atlantic attract many top employers of the world.

If you have completed your education in Ireland and you want to stay in this island in the North Atlantic then you will require a PR(Permanent Residency) to get the permission. A person holding a PR enjoys certain advantages in the country. But to get a PR you need to have all the required information like how to get PR in Ireland? What is the Ireland PR process? What is Ireland’s PR policy?

How to get PR in Ireland?

To get the PR in Ireland you need to see the eligibility criteria and whether you fulfill the requirement. If you fulfill the requirement you can go ahead with the process, but if you don’t then you have to work on the eligibility criteria.  Have a look at the eligibility criteria:-

a. A person who has lived legally for at least five years on this island in the North Atlantic. A period where you did not live on this island in the North Atlantic in those fives years is not counted

b.  A person who lived on this island in the North Atlantic with work authorization like employment permit or stamp 1 or stamp 4.

c. If a person is employed at the time of applying and will be employed afterwards

d. If a person has no criminal record and is considered a good character.

e. If you are applying for Permanent residency as being a spouse, your partner or family should have the PR

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Who is not eligible for PR in Ireland?

Along with looking for the eligibility criteria you also have to check the conditions where a person is not eligible for the PR. with such a piece of information you are able to save your efforts:-

1 If a person living on this island in the North Atlantic as an Intra-company transferee

2 If a person received permission to stay under the Working Holiday Visa scheme

3 If a person living on this island in the North Atlantic with a student visa

4 If a person holds a Green Card employment permit

5 If a person is an employee at a foreign embassy in this island in the North Atlantic

6 If a person lives on this island in the North Atlantic under Business Permission.

7 If a person has a Refugee Status

8 If a person has received permission to stay under Humanitarian grounds in this island in the North Atlantic

9 If a person received permission from IBC and IBC-05 to stay in this island in the North Atlantic.

How to apply for Ireland PR from India?

To apply for the Ireland PR from India you have to go through a process. You have to follow the process and wait for its processing time. To apply for the PR in Ireland you first have to apply via mail. You have to submit your PR application via mail at the Long Term Residency Division of the INIS(Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service). Make sure that you have all the required documents to submit the application form.

After checking your documents you will be notified whether you meet the requirement for the PR or not. If you meet the requirement the process is taken further and if not then it ends here. This notification takes a time of one week. Documentation is an important stage as it will determine your process being taken further. So make sure that you have all the required documents:-

 Documents Required

Keep all the documents handy which are listed below:-

  • Keep a copy of your work permit with you
  • You should have a copy of the Irish Residence Permit (IRP) or GNIB Card
  • You should have a copy of your passport  pages that has all endorsements and personal information
  • If you have got a new passport then make sure that you have a copy of this passport.

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What is Processing Time?

If you have cleared the documentation stage then your application will be moved forward. After your application is approved, the person gets the notification from INIS. the individual gets a letter of approval, where the amount to be paid is mentioned that is 500 Euro. which is to be paid within 28 days. There is a payment option of bank draft and postal order to the Secretary-general of the Department of Justice and Equality.

Once the fees are paid, INIS will again send you a letter where you will be granted the Long term Residency in Ireland for 4 to 5 years. You will also be required to visit the Irish Garda National Immigration Bureau, where you will be issued the immigration stamp 4. INIS will also be sending GNIB letters that inform the individual of the decision and what type of stamp is being issued.

How many Years to get PR in Ireland?

A most common question asked by many individuals is “is it easy to get PR in Ireland after the study?” In reference to this, you should check the eligibility criteria again. As mentioned in the eligibility section a person who has lived on this island in the North Atlantic for 5 years can apply for the PR in Ireland. But within those 5 years, if the person has not lived on this island in the North Atlantic, that period is not counted.

Only the period when you lived in Ireland is considered for the PR process. So if you want to get the PR to make sure that you live in Ireland for 5 years and then apply for the PR. Hence, it is not a cakewalk to get the PR in Ireland, you have to fulfill all the requirements and need to check on your funding as well.

Benefits of PR in Ireland

Getting PR fetches you more advantage than just living in the country on a visa. There are many benefits for an individual who is looking forward to getting PR in Ireland. The benefits are as follows:-

1 Individuals become eligible for setting up an Irish Business and can enjoy more profitable trade across Europe and all around the world.

2 Irish PR opens up the opportunity for your children to study in the leading schools and universities in Ireland, where tuition fees are potentially waived

3 PR gives you a sense of security, individual can live in peace after obtaining a PR

4 Ireland is considered a very attractive business destination with a 12.5 % corporate tax rate. With the Ireland PR, you get to pay very little tax.

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Living in a country other than your own country can become a little difficult. But once you blend yourself in a country like Ireland you will eagerly apply for a PR. Ireland is a country with great opportunities for a person. But to get the PR a person has to have the knowledge of its process, its time, requirement, eligibility. All the imperative information required is given in this article that will help you understand the basic process and requires that a person needs to fulfill to get the PR of Ireland. Make sure that you have the required documents and you follow the procedure.

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