Pursuing studies in Australia has been a dream for many students all around the world. But to fulfil their dream they need to have the required resources and documents, they need to cross fulfil many criteria, to get entry into Australia and to get into a prestigious college.

You have to do various research about this important decision which you are making. You need to also research about what are the steps to get an Australian student visa in 2021. Along with it if you already know the steps you also need to check on the new rules that may have been established due to some circumstances and also the criteria for a student visa in Australia.

Due to COVID-19, there have been some changes in the New rules for Australia Student Visa 2021. Do you know what are those? Read the article till the end to know all about it.

 Australia New Rules for a Student Visa in 2021

Due to COVID-19, which started in China in 2019 and spread all over the world, there have been many changes all around the world in all the sectors, industries, and operations. Similarly, COVID-19 has led to the shut down of many operations like travelling restrictions from one country to another. This pandemic brought havoc in the countries not only for the citizens but also for the foreigners who were living in the country.

Any student who was seen as a threat to the government was sent back to their country alone. But this was at the starting for the COVID-19 and now when COVID-19 is being tackled by the commencement of the COVID-19 vaccine, Australia is seeking back to bring back the students and attract new students with all the safety.

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New Rules for Australia Student Visa 2021

Here are the new rules for Australia student visa 2021 to remember if you are planning to pursue your studies from Australia.

1. COVID-19 Vaccination

For all the Australians and All the visa-holders, the Covid-19 Vaccination will be for all medicare. This also includes the student visa holders under subclass 500.

2. Welcoming Students

The Victorian Government has announced that they are closely working with the Federal Government and the various sectors to welcome international students to come to Victoria from the start of 2021. There is an 8 stage process that is followed for admission into an Australian University. Schools, parks, malls, and beaches along with offices are being open slowly in Australia as of 10th May.

 3. Online Studies

As everything has been conducted online since the lockdown happened in various countries,work from home and online studies have become the regular thing for all. In this scenario to attract candidates to pursue their studies from Australia, they are given permission for online studies so that they don’t miss out. Earlier the international student has to be present in the country for 16 months if they want to become eligible for PSW. But now the provision has been moulded seeing the situation. But to get PSW they had to meet other criteria asked.

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4. Visa Application Charges(VAC)

The Australian government has provided a VAC free visa. It is for those who already have a student visa but due to COVID-19 was not able to complete their study in time. A student who held a visa on or after 1 February 2020 and was not able to complete their course within the stipulated validity time of the visa because of COVId-19 will be eligible for this NIL VAC.

5. Post-study Work

The Australian Study Requirements (ASR) requires a student to study a CRICOS- registered course in order to be counted against Post-study work visa eligibility. As a result of at least two academic years (92 weeks) of study, foreign students must meet all the course requirements successful to be eligible for a visa.

6. Issuing Student Visa Regions

In all areas outside Australia, the government will resume issuing student visas. This ensures that students would already have permits as the border reopens and be able to make plans to fly.

7. Date Intake

During the Lockdown period, foreign students have to comply with travel and visa bands. Once travel restrictions are lifted, students may apply for a visa (As it was on May 10). There will be 3 intakes In Australia in the next 9 months. That is Feb 21, July 20, and Nov 20 (In selected universities and institutions). So if you need to plan to move to Australia for studies, complete all the processes soon so that the plan should not get delayed. And if you are still in the planning phase then you need to hurry up your decision-making process.

8. Financial Aids

In order to support Foreign Students, Australian institutions have developed separate emergency monetary funds and hardship allowances. They have dedicated over AUD 110 million to support the students dreaming to pursue their studies from Australia. To make their dream possible and to help them in every possible way. Australian Government is trying hard to look for any time of assistance from their side.

 9. Superannuation in Australia

Foreign Students who’ve been in Australia for over 12 months will have access to their superannuation in Australia as of April 22. About the Australian Government. Is concerned a variety of laws would improve flexibility in order to make it possible for foreign students to pursue their studies as of April 22.

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Australia Student Visa Process

If you have decided to pursue your studies in Australia, make sure that you start applying for the visa and make up your mind to give the IELTS examination. Before you are applying for the visa, you have to organize your health exams, you need to get help with your visa application and make sure you have a valid passport.

1.For an Australian Student visa, you can apply on IMMI account.

2.Create an account for yourself and remember the login credentials.

3.Pay visa application fees which can be paid by MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club, Paypal, BPAY.

4.After you have applied, You need to complete your biometric process, get your health examination and keep safe your referral letters.

5.Make sure that you abide by the laws of the country and provide all the information and documents required that are authentic.

What Documents are Required?

To complete the Student Visa application process you need to submit authentic documents. Documents that you need are-

  • Birth certificate or Passport.
  • Confirmation of Enrolment letter from the university.
  • Overseas Health Cover (OSHC) or any insurance.
  • Proof of financial Capacity:- minimum financial capacity yours should be $20,000 which excludes tuition cost, so make sure that you have enough financial resources.
  • GTE(Genuine Temporary Entrant) proof.
  • English Language Test score:- this is mandatory for all foreigners but those who have completed 5 years of study in the USA, UK, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, and the Republic of Ireland.

Make sure That you have all the documents ready with you to quickly finish the application process and submit it.

Australia Student Visa Processing Time

Australian student visa processing time differs according to the type of visa you are applying for. The only visa that is easy to apply for is a three- months tourist visa, it can be applied online. Talking about all other visas, whether it is for education, employment, business, or PR it takes several weeks to process the application.

Types and durations of the application process-

  • To attend school in Australia the visa application takes 6 to 11 weeks.
  • For a Non-Award educational sector, the visa application process takes 6 to 22 days.
  • For a postgraduate student’s 500 visas, the visa application process duration is 7 to 11 weeks.
  • For a vocational education and training sector(VET), the visa application process takes 9 to 12 weeks.
  • For the higher education sector, 75 % of the applications are completed in 29 days, whereas 90 % of the application is completed in 42 days.
  • For VET 25% of the applications are completed in 43 days and 90 % of applications are completed in 77 days.

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To fulfil the dream of pursuing your studies in Australia, you have to see the eligibility criteria, application process, and duration. It is suggested that once you have decided on the institute that you want to enrol yourself into, you have to apply in that institution, and then 6 months before your course starts you have to apply for an Australian Student visa. You also have to give an English test, IELTS and score equal to or above the minimum mark specified.

Hopefully, this article was helpful enough to get you informed about all the necessary details. You can share your feedback in the comment section below and can also put your queries and we will try our best to resolve those. All the best!


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