MBA in Australia for Indian students, is a great choice, as 12 Australian Business Schools are among the top 200 schools in the QS Global MBA Ranking. Australian programs are globally ranked and they are internationally accredited. It has a World-class curriculum, which is bolstered by the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF). Australia has a strong job market, which gives you a plethora of opportunities when you will be looking for a job, after the completion of your MBA. Thus you can expect Return on Investment sooner than any other country. So, an MBA in Australia for Indian students is a great choice to go for. If you want to move further with this decision, then here is a guide for how to apply for an MBA in Australia?

Which are the Best MBA Colleges in Australia?

To start with your planning, start with doing research on the best MBA Colleges in Australia, You need to choose the college according to your preference and your budget. The List of Best MBA college in Australia and Best MBA universities in Australia is given below:-

MGSM Macquarie Graduate School of Management

Melbourne Business School (MBS)

University of Sydney

University of South Australia (UniSA)

Bond University

Griffith University

RMIT University

The University of Adelaide

Deakin University

Curtin University

This is the list of just 10 Colleges in Australia, but there are many more options for you. You, can also target other colleges, which have fewer fees, and somewhat some opportunities.

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How much an MBA in Australia Cost?

Setting your budget according to the college you want to get in is a prerequisite, without the financial resource you won’t be able to get into the college you dream about. So, while researching about the best colleges, also check their fees. Fees structure for college is different which depends on the facilities they provide to a student. The table given below gives you the information about the college and their fees, which will help you in making decisions about the college much faster.

College Fees
MGSM Macquarie Graduate School of Management 80,000 AUD
Melbourne Business School (MBS) 89,500 AUD
University of Sydney 76,500 AUD
University of South Australia(UniSA) 63,600 AUD
Bond University 57,959 AUD
Griffith University 57,600 AUD
RMIT University 56,160 AUD
The University of Adelaide 62,250 AUD
Deakin University $35,400
Curtin University $54,400

When you are choosing the College, your budget should be one of the criteria for you to choose it. If you don’t have the budget, and you choose a college exceeding your budget, then you might face problems and your dream may get shattered. MBA fees in Australia, have increased by 7.82 % in the year 2020 when we compare it to 2019. The Average cost of an MBA was calculated to be $58,000.

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How to Apply for an MBA in Australia?

To apply for MBA colleges and universities in Australia, you should understand their application process and know what their requirements are. Different colleges may have different selection criteria and different requirements. You will need to fulfil the requirements and the eligibility criteria to get admission into your desired college. Eligibility criteria that you have to fulfil are:-

  1. Bachelors:- Candidate wanted to pursue Masters from Australia should have a bachelors degree from a recognized college or university
  2. IELTS:- the mode of communication in Australia is English, hence IELTS, is used to evaluate the English proficiency of the person. They need to get an IELTS band above the minimum score required.
  3. GMAT:- for MBA the exam that is accepted worldwide is GMAT.
  4. Work experience:- Many colleges require a minimum experience of 2 years, but some colleges may require work experience of 3-4 years.


Australia has a rich culture, hence it becomes the perfect destination for pursuing an MBA for an Indian Student. Australia has a higher employment rate and the job market is active and strong. It also has universities that are among the 200 colleges in the world.  You can also expect the ROI, sooner in this country due to the positive factors it has.

The average tuition fee is calculated to be $58,000. So when you are planning to move to Australia make sure that you have a sufficient budget, to live there and to pay the education fees. IF the expense is too much you can also seek a scholarship, which the country offers.

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