The exam is seized if you have agreed to research, job, or migrate abroad, to some other nation. Every year a standard of 3 billion examinations are carried widespread with further than 10,000 institutions around the planet that promote this certificate.

It can now moreover be assumed as a computer as well as on a document. Test takers have the option of performing it on the sheet as well as online. This article talks about everything about the writing task topics which are an essential part and it will give you a wide range of sample scope and options for the same.

IELTS Letter Writing Topics

Sample 1

A companion you created while you were exploring abroad has composed to ask you for assistance in finding a business in your province. You have learned about a job in a regional corporation that might be satisfactory for him/her.

Compose a letter to this companion.

In your letter:

#Notify your companion about the job and what type of job it entails

#Explain why you believe the job would be acceptable for him/her

#Clarify how to pertain for the duty

Write at the most 150 words.

Sample 2

You stint for a multinational corporation and would like to devour six months specializing in its head office in another province.

Compose a letter to your administrator.

In your letter:

#Clarify why you need to operate in the company’s head office for six months.

#Announce how your task could be performed while you are absent.

#Inquire for his/her assistance in organizing it.

Sample 3

You previously went to a performance and speculated one of the musicians was incredibly nice. You wish to tell how you think.

Compose a letter to the musician. In your letter:

#Explain how you believe about his/her feat

#Give elements of your music-related pastimes

#Clarify how you would like him/her to assist you with your music-related trainings

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Formal Letter Writing Topics 


You previously did a quick cuisine program. The cuisine university has inquired about your acknowledgement of this program.

Compose a letter to the program manager at the cuisine university. In your message,

#Interpret what you enjoyed about the program.

#Tell how greatly cooking you’ve performed since the procedure.

#Suggest another cuisine program you’d like the university to propose.

Compose at least 150 words.


You have noticed publicity in a European journal for somebody to reside with a household for five months and look after their six-year-old kid.

Compose a letter to the parents. In your letter,

#Describe why you would prefer the job

#Give elements of why you would be an adequate individual to operate

#Explain how you would consume your independent time while you are in Europe


You have merely skimmed an article in a global voyage journal that comprised some knowledge about your community that is inaccurate.

Compose a letter to the columnist of the journal. In your letter:

# Rectify the news in the story

#Elucidate why it is significant for the journal to give precise knowledge

#Indicate what the journal should do nearly this circumstance

General IELTS 

The objective of this category is to assist you with writing task 1 of the IELTS general test. In task 1, aspirants are expected to acknowledge a given dilemma with a letter proposing knowledge or understanding of a circumstance. It is indicated that about 20 minutes is devoured on task 1, which instructs aspirants to write portable 150 terms. Being sure of on the task implied, aspirants are examined on their proficiency to

# Engage in subjective similarity

# Elicit and furnish public detailed knowledge

# Express necessities, expect, tastes and resentments

# Express impressions (opinions, objections etc.)

The general training test is acceptable for those applying to examine below degree level. This encompasses an English-speaking academy or institute. It can furthermore be taken for work understanding or another occupation discipline.

IELTS general training is also compulsory for migration to Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand. The examination underlines ordinary English terminology skills that you will need in civil and workplace backgrounds.

IELTS Preparation

Here are some quick tips

# Understand the examination layout

# Know how the examination is commemorated

# Surround yourself with the language

# Make an agenda of strategy

# Join a practice lesson

# Practice with category problems

# Perfect your abilities

# Check your improvement

# Account for the questioning


IELTS is evaluated on an order of 0-9 You will obtain a total for reading, speaking, listening and writing. These reports are then averaged and this will give you your all-around score. Totals are constantly rallied to the closest match tally.

Band Score 9 Expert
Band Score 8 Very Good
Band Score 7 Good
Band Score 6 Competent
Band Score 5 Modest
Band Score 4 Limited
Band Score 3 Extremely Limited
Band Score 2 Intermittent
Band Score 1 Non-user
Band Score 0 Did not attempt

Reading Scores 

The reading examination has 40 topics and your record is furthermore established on how different of these you receive correct, still, the totals are distinct for academic and general training

Academic Score 

Number of correct answers out of 40 Score
40 9
38-37 8.5
36-35 8
34-33 7.5
32-30 7
29-27 6.5
26-23 6
22-19 5.5
18-15 5

General Score

Number of correct answers out of 40 Score
40 9
39 8.5
38-37 8
36 7.5
35-34 7
33-32 6.5
31-30 6
29-27 5.5
26-23 5

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Writing Scores 

Composition is assessed using four standards. The examiner will give you a total of 0-9 for each of the standards and then provide you with a regular all-around total. For instance, if you got 6, 9,8,8 your all-around score would be 7.85 and this would be rounded up to 8.

The four criteria are:

# Task Achievement

# Coherence and Cohesion

# Lexical Resource

# Grammatical Spectrum and Exactness

Listening Scores 

The listening test constantly has 40 questions and your total is based on how different of these 40 questions you get exact. This is similar for both general and academic training.

Number of correct answers out of 40 Score
39-40 9
36-38 8.5
35-36 8
32-34 7.5
30-31 7
26-29 6.5
23-25 6
18-22 5.5
16-17 5

Speaking Scores 

Speaking also has four standards that you will be adhered to. They are

# Fluency

# Articulation

# Lexical Resource

# Grammatical Spectrum and Exactness

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Quick Tips 

If you’re not ready, the test can be a little hard. Also, to achieve well, you must commence your planning well in time. It’s a three-hour exam that assesses all four terminology skills-listening, reading, writing, and speaking. You can also do your IELTS practice at home if you’re concentrated and devoted

So here are a few practice tips to help you accomplish well in your IELTS exam

# Please assure that you carry accurate ID proofs. Carry the similar individuality card that was used at the time of the examination

# Double-check the locale, time and date of the test. Keep sufficient journey time to stop going departed.

# Watches are not authorized in the exam hall, there’ll be a side clock in the exam hall to associate.

# Be cautious when the administrator provides directions, ask again if you have any problems.

# Start to try all the problems because there is no unfavourable labelling.

# Don’t try to deceive or duplicate the work of some other pupil.

# Drop your belongings outside of the inspection area, as advised by the administrator.

# Don’t take the question paper or the announcement paperback with you.

IELTS Online  

Some online material that might help in the preparation and why they are the best

# You can practise these quizzes according to your time permeability

# After finalizing the quiz you receive the outcome and accordingly you can evaluate your total and formulate further maintaining the outcome of the quiz in mind

# This is the major justification why several aspirants go for a practice test, they are free of expenditure and you don’t require to expend a sole penny on them, proper to this explanation prospects can take them additional than once without hesitating

# Mock quizzes which are available can be carried an abundance of periods, and this is what is expected by the competitors is to exercise extra and more.

# Aspirants have several citation alternatives accessible to them and if they have changed all the quizzes from one quotation they can change to the different and method as vastly as they can.

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Exercise comes to be a very important characteristic of any exam, whether the test is on academy level or college level, training is desired to accomplish the desired score. To exercise what an individual can do is to endeavour as many quizzes as reasonable. Before endeavouring the ultimate exam, remember an impression about the configuration and do’s and don’ts of the accountable type test or mock test was developed. They were reimbursed mock tests faster but directly you also have the alternative of a free mock test that you can bring any time whenever you wish. I hope this article helped and wish you all the best. Any doubts, comments, suggestions, we are here just one ping in the comment section.

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