The IELTS writing task is a bit challenging for the candidates because they get multiple topics and are asked to write an article or essay on that particular topic. The candidates must use good ideas, vocabulary, and grammar to score well in this section.

This section requires maximum IELTS exam preparation and lots of practice because the more you have practiced writing on different topics, the more perfect answers you will deliver in the exam. If you will move ahead with this article, you will get a sample answer from some scientists who think that there are intelligent life forms on other planets for your IELTS exam.

So, scroll down and get the answer on this topic to acknowledge the right ways to deliver answers in the paper.

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Some Scientists Think That There are Intelligent Life Forms on Other Planet Sample Answer

Some scientists argue that there’s life on alternative planets, and it’s smart to send messages to contact them whereas alternative scientists believe that these sorts of activities are a threat to human existence on earth. In my opinion, making an attempt to move with life forms on alternative planets could have negative impacts on human life, and it’s better to avoid it.

Some scientists believe that contacting life forms on alternative planets is useful. If people, in general, will contact them, their resources are used for the betterment of human life. As an example, the human population is increasing and natural resources are depleting. If we tend to get energy sources from them, it’ll be an excellent facilitator for the human population on earth.

If the interaction with the life on alternative celestial bodies features a positive impact on people in general, it’ll be smart however there’s no guarantee for this. This sort of positive relationship is simply an expectation. If further terrestrial beings are superior to us, they’re more likely to have a damaging impact on us.

Superior species continuously dominate inferior species similar to human beings dominating alternative sorts of life on earth. Several alternative living beings on earth are below the threat of extinction as people, in general, are superior to them. Similarly, further terrestrial beings could wipe out human beings from the world.

Moreover, nice scientists like Stephen Hawking have already given us a warning against interaction with life forms on alternative planets. Human beings will live merrily on this planet if they utilize natural resources sagely rather than exploit them. There’s no need to look for resources from alternative planets once there’s no guarantee that they will facilitate the human species.

In conclusion, in my opinion, relationships with life on alternative planets could have negative effects on life on earth. It’s better to use the resources on earth sagely and live here happily rather than making an attempt to colonize alternative planets.

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