The IELTS writing task appears challenging since everything is based on your level and way of thinking; your language, vocabulary and grammar are thoroughly examined, and precision is rated.

Many people believe this test is straightforward, but when it comes to writing, they reconsider because no one can write adequately according to this test’s degree. Continue reading for some responses to today’s writing prompt: Animals are threatened with extinction. Read the article below to know more about writing task preparation.

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Animals are in Danger of Extinction IELTS

The extinction of animals has become a major problem. I disagree with the statement that only those animals that are beneficial to humans should be conserved. All animals, I believe, have a direct or indirect impact on humanity. Measures to protect wildlife have been correctly stated as plans to safeguard man. They should converse for their good and people should know the importance of animals.

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IELTS Essay: Paragraph 1

Another factor that contributes to environmental change is pollution. Many bird species around the world, such as the bald eagle, pelicans, peregrine hawk, and roseate terns, have thin shells as a result of low-quality foods and other chlorinated hydrocarbon pesticides that find their way into the food chain.

Salamander species are vanishing in New England because acid rain has contaminated the ponds where they reproduce and the damp soil where they must reside.

Humans damage the natural habitats of animals and plants for land development and agriculture. Animal poaching and hunting for meat, fur, jewellery, and leather are also significant contributors to wildlife extinction. If no immediate action is made to rescue the fauna, it will not be long before they are added to the list of extinct species.

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IELTS Essay: Paragraph 2

And that’s not the end of it! The extinction of wild species will almost definitely be disastrous to humanity. As a result, it falls to us as human beings to conserve the species, our planet, and, most importantly, ourselves. Here are a few more reasons why wildlife is so vital for sustaining ecological equilibrium.

If the quantity of birds and insects carrying pollen reduces for any cause, crop growth might be severely hampered. You might be astonished to learn that bee pollination is responsible for 90% of global apple production.


The ecosystem is fully dependent on the interactions of many organisms, which are linked via food webs and food chains. Even the extinction of a single wild species can disrupt the entire food chain, resulting in severe consequences. Consider the basic example of a bee, which is necessary for the growth of particular crops due to its pollen transport functions. Due to a lack of pollination, the growth of food crops would suffer if bees were to go extinct.

To summarise, it is well justified to save all of the animal species on the verge of extinction. Humans have a direct or indirect relationship with all animals. As a result, we should not focus our efforts solely on the few species that have a noticeable impact on humans.


The most important aspect to comprehend and understand is the marking criteria because if you are completely familiar with this area and scoring, you will be able to react effectively. You will have completed 25% of your work if you understand the criteria on which you will be judged. All that is left for you to do now is focus on improving those areas.

As a result, to provide the best responses to the question paper, you need to pay close attention to the marking criteria. You can appropriately prepare for each part by using grading criteria.

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