The IELTS CBT is the same as the paper-based test, except it is administered on a computer. This format allows you to select from a larger number of exam dates and times – for both Academic and General Training.

The test sessions are available 7 days a week, up to 3 times each day. Furthermore, you will receive your scores within 3-5 days. Is IELTS CBT difficult? Read on to learn more about it.


When you choose computer-delivered IELTS, you will use a desktop computer to complete the Listening, Reading, and Writing sections. The IELTS Speaking examination is still conducted face-to-face in a silent room with an examiner.

A face-to-face Speaking exam, in our opinion, is the most effective means of evaluating your speaking abilities and results in a more genuine performance.

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Is IELTS CBT Difficult?

No, the difficulty is the same for both types of IELTS exams. Both have the same format, type of questions, time given to each exam part, and material.

What are the Benefits of IELTS CBT?

Fast Results

For some, the CBT IELTS test offers a substantial advantage over the paper-based test in terms of results availability. The paper-based IELTS test now takes roughly 13 days to receive results. The findings of a computer-based exam are usually available in 5-7 days. This is a fundamental distinction that may be crucial for some IELTS test takers.

More Test Dates

With computer-delivered examinations, there’s a significant likelihood that more test dates may be added, especially in the future year and beyond, depending on your test centre. Some people may find this advantageous because they will have additional exam dates to select from.

Also, clarify the available alternatives for taking the exam, and also exam dates and schedules, with your regional IELTS test centre, as they may vary according to your region.

Bye to Sore Hands

One complaint we frequently hear from IELTS test takers is that they are concerned about their handwriting and if the examiner will be able to read it. This is no longer an issue with the new CBT test!

Furthermore, students taking the IELTS test will not have to worry about their hands being uncomfortable or cramped as a result of writing a lot in a short amount of time for the reading, writing, and listening tests.


It’s crucial to remember that you have the option of taking a computer-based or paper-based test. Some people may be concerned about their typing skills or the dangers of staring at a computer screen for an extended period of time. Some people may be apprehensive of technology or have little familiarity with it. If that’s the case, you can still take a paper-based test.

CDT Guided Program

IELTS Ninja’s CDT program may help you ace the CDT IELTS with a high band score. You will receive 10 full-length IELTS tests and 40 individual IELTS tests, providing you with unrivalled preparation for the Computer-Delivered IELTS.

You’ll get a quick review and band for listening and reading, as well as detailed reports. For Writing and Speaking, you will receive a personalized face-to-face test and a band score. They give a personal expert mentor 10 hours of live video sessions.


Keep in mind that, while the mode of delivery differs (computer vs. paper-based), the IELTS exam is similar in many aspects, including the degree of difficulty, scoring, substance, time, and question structure, and also the security around the exam and on exam day. Irrespective of the exam you take or where you undertake it, these things stay the same.

These are interesting times for IDP IELTS and for examinees, with improvements to the administration of the IELTS exam.

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