If you want to get double opportunities and benefits for studying abroad, here is a door to open. You can give the IELTS exam on the computer to your nearest test centre. Success comes from practice. This is the reason that this article has computer-delivered IELTS practice test information for you.

You must know the pattern, marking, format, level of questions, and preparation level before giving the exam. This is possible by practice test papers. Sink deep into this article to acknowledge all the important facts and information. If you want to study or work abroad, here is an exemplary blog to let you gain all the knowledge.

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IELTS Preparation through Practice Tests

The best preparation for IELTS is through the practice tests. The sample gives you the visibility of the number of questions along with their level of difficulty.

It is for self-assessment and knowing about all the facts of the exam. Time management is very essential for this exam as you have to answer the questions in each section within the given period. While solving the practice test questions, a sudden realization of time is faced by you.

Therefore, you must reach out to the mock tests and practice tests papers to get maximum understanding about the exam. It will bring success to you.

Computer Delivered IELTS

The computer-delivered IELTS is a phenomenon of allowing all the candidates to give the test on a computer. You don’t need to own a laptop or computer for the test. The test centres provide the candidates with the technical equipment required for the test.

The computer-delivered test is easier for you if you are a tech-savvy person. All the sections of the examination are conducted on the computer with comfort. You can book the test centre that is nearer to your residence. The pattern of the exam is the same as the paper-based test. You must prepare for the exam with the same effort.

IELTS Academic and General Test

The IELTS exam is conducted in two sections: IELTS Academic and General. Except for the speaking test, all the others have their own identities in the academic and general portions. The reading section in the general test is conducted for 60 minutes with 3 sub-sections, and in academics, 60 minutes is given to you with different types of questions.

The IELTS writing test for general is for 60 minutes where you have to write a 150-word letter and a short essay of 260 words and to become academic, you are asked to describe a table, chart, or diagram in 150 words along with a short essay of 250 words. The listening section is also different in both portions. You are given 30 minutes to answer 10 questions each in 4 sections.

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Computer Delivered IELTS Practice Test

You will get benefits from the sample test questions to know what option to choose and enables you to prepare nicely for the exam. These practice test materials will give you an idea of what to expect in the IELTS listening, reading, and writing sections.

You can practice for all the sections of the test unitedly or individually. The practice tests are available on online platforms. The experienced candidates prefer practice tests to be emphasized by the candidates who are going to appear in the IELTS test in the future.

Time is the same for all the sections of the examination. You must practice beforehand to create magic in the test.

IELTS Listening Paper

Do you wonder why the timings are different in the computer-based listening test than a paper-based test? This is because you don’t need to transfer the answers on the sheet in the computer-delivered test as you do in the paper test.

One step that is skipped is the computer format. You are given 30-35 minutes for the entire test. You need to practice properly to complete the test within time.

You are provided with some extra time to read the questions before the start of each section of the listening test. You have some time to review your answers after each sections’ completion. You can check your answers at the end of the test. This time is 2 minutes. You should practice before answering the questions correctly without any hustle.

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IELTS Reading and Writing Test

The scoring, pattern, format, and timing are the same for the reading and writing test in the exam. However, it differs in the general and academic portions. You get an edge in the computer-delivered test in both of these tests over the paper-based test.

This is because you can highlight your answers to make them attractive and more relatable. You can make digital notes and copy them to your answers while giving the exam.

Moreover, you can see the exact word count as it is significant to match in the writing test. So, you need to practice it before to avoid trauma and hustle at the end. You will achieve your goals by practicing as much as you can.

IELTS Speaking Section

In this section, you have to face the examiners as usual. It is better to examine you in a face-to-face conversation. The experts say that your confidence level, speaking fluency, pauses, and other speaking fundamentals are measured adequately. You must not take long pauses in between your answers. It degrades your performance in the exam.

Prepare well before confronting the test-takers. The topics given decides your score in the exam. You must be knowledgeable to discuss the given points and topics. Practice tests enable you to know your strengths and weaknesses along with preparing you spectacularly for giving the best answers.

Is the Computer-Based Test Easier than a Paper-Based Test?

If you have this question in your mind, here is the answer for you. The computer-based test and paper-based test are the same. You don’t need to put extra effort into any of these. You must know the basics of a computer to type the answers frequently and at a high pace.

You will be confident if you are technology-friendly. The listening test is a bit different because you are not given the time for transferring the answers on the sheet as you do in the paper-based test. Therefore, don’t get stressed by the myths and rumours, you only need to focus on the preparation level to get success.

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A computer-based exam is similar to a paper-based exam with few exceptions. We hope that you have reached the potential knowledge through this article.

We have tried to put maximum information about the IELTS computer-delivered test. The format is the same but the confidence can differ. If you are a tech-savvy person, you will find it more comfortable to type than write along with more technological benefits. You must be aware of the pattern of the exam to score higher.

You can comment below for more queries. The professionals will guide you with perfection in all the areas. Comfort and passion are the keys. If you feel comfortable preparing something, you will achieve it. So choose a good and comfortable platform for preparation.

IELTS Ninja: The Best Platform for the IELTS Preparation

If you want to crack the exam in just one attempt, you need to choose the best platform for guidance, mentorship, and preparation. The IELTS Ninja website is there to equip you with knowledge and learnings about the strategies of the exam and ways to prepare.

You can get blogs on the website for your reference during exam preparation. The articles are posted on the updated topics of the test, facts, and details about different universities, exam dates, courses offered by different universities along with their score requirements, and much more! It will prove to be an ultimate delight for you to envision the success that you will get in the future.

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