The IELTS exam is the pathway to the destination of the candidates who want to pursue their dreams by taking admission to the prominent colleges and universities in the world. The English-speaking countries accept the scores of this exam to give entrance to the students.

The examination has been taking place on paper since the beginning. Due to the present scenario, the exam is now available on the computer for the students who want to give it online.

If you are looking for the descriptions, protocols, and other important facts about the computer-delivered paper or if you need to know the answer of what is the computer-delivered IELTS? Here is the answer with many more explicit explanations.

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What is the Computer Delivered IELTS Test?

The computer-delivered IELTS is referred to as a test that could be delivered through a digital format which is a computer. When you take the computer-delivered IELTS examination, you give the reading, writing, listening, and speaking sections on a computer.

This is very significant and comfortable to the students as they get a peaceful environment during the examination. Many experts believe that this is a more user-friendly and easy way to give the exam. Although, there is no difference in the pattern and format of the test. The candidates must know its advantages and procedures to follow to get good scores.

It has been almost 30 years since the IELTS exam was conducted on a paper-based system. People give this exam to pursue their dreams to study, work, or immigrate to a well-known country.

Due to the problems, the students’ choice was heard and the computer-delivered IELTS was introduced. The test format remains the same in the examination. You have more technological advantages.

The paper became available on the computer with multiple sessions a day and faster results. There is no need to go to an unknown centre and write the paper. You can take the benefits of the new system managed for you.


It is said as the gateway to the student’s aspirations of higher study and work. Many candidates try their hard work and luck in the exam every year. The ones who succeed are the ones who have worked for it. You must not take it lightly and should focus on the parts that you need to work on. A person cannot be perfect in all spheres.

You have to make yourself almost perfect by practising and self-assessments. The English language is not only a compulsion but a need to live in an English-speaking nation. You must perform your best in the exam to achieve your goals. The exam is now taken in two ways: Written Paper and Computer Delivered IELTS.

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Computer Delivered IELTS Centres

Several centres have been made in different countries for the availability of computer-based tests. We have given a few of the most popular places. Check them out.

#1. New South Wales

#. IDP IELTS Kensington #NEW#

#. Western Sydney Centre – Parramatta #NEW#

#. Language Centre at the University of Newcastle #NEW#

#. University of New South Wales

#. Macquarie University

#. University of Technology Sydney

#. IDP IELTS Sydney

#2. Queensland

#. IDP IELTS Cairns #NEW#

#. CQUniversity English Language Centre – North Rockhampton

#. ICTE-UQ – The University of Queensland – St Lucia

#. IDP IELTS Brisbane

#. TAFE Queensland, Gold Coast

#3. South Australia

#. IDP IELTS Adelaide

#4. Victoria

#. RMIT English Worldwide #NEW#

#. Australian Institute of Language

#. IDP Melbourne

#5. Western Australia

#. University of Western Australia – Perth

#. IDP IELTS Perth

What is the Computer Delivered IELTS India?

Computer-based tests offer you flexibility and convenience. You get the results faster, and various test locations are present across India. The IELTS written paper is in use for a longer time. India has started the computer test for more ease to the students.

You can book your seat in the below written computer paper centres. You must choose the place according to your comfort and reach. You can book the centre online. You will be given all the equipment in the test centre which is required for your examination.

Indian IELTS centres are written below.

#. Ahmedabad

#. Amritsar

#. Bangalore

#. Bhatinda

#. Chandigarh

#. Chennai

#. Gurgaon

#. Hyderabad

#. Jaipur

#. Jalandhar

#. Kochi

#. Ludhiana

#. Mumbai

#. New Delhi

#. Noida

#. Pune

#. Surat

#. Thane

#.  Vadodara

#. Vijayawada

Computer Delivered Test Format

The format of the test is the same as the paper test. This extraordinary examination is conducted in two sections: IELTS general test and IELTS academic test. If you want to migrate, you must know that the general portion is the only non-academic test taken for immigration.

The process is different but the format is the same. All the listening, speaking, reading, and writing tests are identical to the paper test. The question types, content, timings, and marking scheme do not differ.

The listening test timings differ a little bit because of the process. The examiners do not need to pass the answers to the sheets on a computer. The timing is between 30-34 minutes for the listening section.

Speaking Computer Delivered Test

Here is exclusive and profitable news for the IELTS preparation. The speaking test of the examination is the same as the one conducted earlier. You will have to face a human examiner in a real and peaceful room.

The experts believe that the correct way of taking the speaking section and properly assessing the skills of the students is through a face-to-face conversation. Don’t take stress to give the exam in a noisy room where your voice is not heard. You can give your test in a quiet environment with concentration.

Therefore, a lifelike aura is created for the exam so that the examiners listen to you perfectly before giving their decisions.

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Advantages of Computer Delivered IELTS Paper

Check the benefits of the IELTS speaking section on a computer. If you are wondering that if everything’s the same in the computer-based test then what are its benefits? Well, everything is explained here.

#1. You get a private speaking room for the test which is away from noise and distraction.

#2. Repeating and rephrasing a question has become easy.

#3. The candidate’s pace and level of English are matched.

#4. The accent is heard.

#5. There is no “time out” in the test.

Which is Easy? IELTS Paper Test or Computer Test

The candidates might be hearing from various sources that there is a difference between both the forms of the test or perhaps, one is easier than the other. Do not believe in such facts without precisely knowing about them. This is a myth that one is easier than the other.

The pattern is the same in both tests. When all the parts are the same including the time allotted, types of questions, and marking, the difficulty level is also the same. So, no difference can be counted between the two except one.

You can find a difference in your confidence. If you are a tech-savvy person, you will be more confident and happy to be sitting before a computer screen rather than facing the question paper or the examiners.

Outcomes/ Results in Computer Delivered Test

A fair and unbiased exam is conducted in the computer exam. Faster delivery of the results is noticed in it. When you take a computer-delivered paper, your test result will be available in 2-5 days.

The speaking and writing tests are given focus to check its components so that the marking is done at the highest level of accuracy and fairness by the examiners. No candidate can say that a computer-based test has given him/her a lesser chance to score. You get the result quite sooner after the exam.

Test Availability in Computer Test

There is more test availability in the computer-delivered IELTS. It is now testing up to 7 days a week, and up to 3 times a day: morning, afternoon, and evening. It offered you more flexibility and comfort with test dates and times.

You need not wait for the paper test by searching for its dates. The level and process have become significantly easy for the candidates. They need not get anxious because of time. The preparation needs to be done according to the dates and format. Therefore, don’t lose your grip on the questions and be prepared.

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Environment of the IELTS Exam

The favourable environment is the biggest advantage of the computer-driven test. The students get the privilege of the privatized environment during the exam.

The concentration depends on the neighbouring aura. The students feel more connected and serious to the exam when they get the exam environment.

The test locations are made custom-built for the students. You get noise-cancelling and premium quality headphones for the IELTS listening test. The assistance is given by the staff of the centre. You can give the exam at your pace with comfort and peace. No hindrance will distract you from answer writing.

Highlighted Features of the Computer Delivered Test

The features of the IELTS computer-delivered test favour the candidate’s comfort and ease. The methods of the test are easy to execute while sitting in the examination.

You can easily browse the questions on the computer along with copy-pasting the content from your notes. Moreover, the benefits can be traced in the listening test. You have to listen to the recording during the test and be required to answer it after that. You can prepare notes on the computer while listening and answer appropriately.

Furthermore, time is saved largely on the digital gadget. The aspirants can type faster than writing. In the writing section, word count can be noted immediately. The features of the computer exam are magnificent.

What is the Difference Between the Computer Delivered IELTS Test and IELTS Paper Test?

The difference is not much. The major thing is that your test day experience will differ in both tests. The content, question format, pattern, time allotted, marking is the same for both areas.

The benefit of the computer-based test is that you will get the opportunity to make notes in the IELTS listening test for your comfort. You will type the answers in the IELTS reading and writing test rather than writing which can help you to give the answers within time due to the speed.

The similarity is that the IELTS speaking test is given face-to-face with the confrontation of the examiners.

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Results in Computer Delivered Test

The candidates can view their results on the computer quite sooner than that of the IELTS paper test. The results are available on the computer in 3-5 days. You don’t need to wait long for the results.

This is an exponential benefit to the candidates as they can start preparing for the future after getting the result. It is said that every second counts. Everyone wants to achieve their dreams at a higher pace.

The aspirants can start with something else if their result is not in their favour, and start the relevant preparations if they get selected. If you give your IELTS on paper, you have to wait for at least 13- 15 days after the exam for the results.

Is it Mandatory to Own a Computer for Computer-Based Test?

If you have heard of any statement like this, it is a myth. There is no need to own a laptop or computer for the IELTS test.

The centres are provided to the candidates for their convenience. You can choose a centre closest to your residence, and be available for the test.

The equipment like computers, headphones, and other technological things will be provided to you by the central authorities.

You need to visit the centre and begin by answering the questions. Do not believe in false recommendations and statements. You must clear all your doubts before the examination to give the exam peacefully and calmly.

Significance of Computer Delivered Test

There are several reasons to choose a computer-delivered test. A few of them are written below.

#1. You can get the result of the exam in 3-5 days. There is no time to waste waiting for the result.

#2. More opportunities for test dates are present. You can give tests 7 days a week and 3 times a day.

#3. You can keep a track of your word count by installing an automatic word counter.

#4. Browsing through the questions is easy.

#5. You can copy-paste the content for saving time.

#6. Highlights are convenient in the text.

#7. Test centres are nearer and comfortable.

#8. Practice tests and tutorials are easily available.

Check Out the Format of the Test

The good news for the candidates is here! If you were stressed about the format of the computer-based test, here is some important news for you. The format of the exam remains the same for the computer-delivered exam. You only have to switch on to the computer for the exam.

The pattern of the questions, scoring systems, difficulty levels, and format is not modified in the computer system. You must know the right format to answer the questions perfectly. The preparation needs to be done according to the format. It brings more chances of success.

You have to give the IELTS reading, writing, speaking, and listening test in the same way as the general paper test. The time duration is kept the same for all the portions.

IELTS Computer Test Familiarization

The candidates applying for IELTS must get familiarized with the format and prerequisites of the computer exam to get a better technical opportunity during the scenario.

Many videos and blogs are available online to give you the correct information about the format, marking criteria and result tracking ways. The more familiar you will get with the procedures, the more convincingly and conveniently you can give the test.

With the familiarisation videos and articles, the candidates will learn and know how to attempt the different sections of the test. It would help you to look for the instructions, browse among questions, and review your answers. You can submit your answers as well as change the screen settings. Many advantages will be provided to you.

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Therefore, we hope that you have received the information for your examination. You must be aware of each factor related to the paper. If you fail in knowing the information, it would lead to difficulties and trauma in the end.

Every candidate wants to succeed in the exam on the first attempt. Know the format and protocols of the examination before sitting in it.

The computer-based exam is easy and simple. People find it convenient because the results come out sooner than the paper test along with the technological advantages. If you want more information, comment below and get the solution.

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If you want to crack the exam in one attempt, there is an extreme need of getting in touch with the experts to guide you appropriately on every step taken. All the challenges of the examination will become meagre. You should reach out to experienced people, and prepare by reading the articles on the site.

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