It is correctly quoted that fantasy does not become truth through magic, it takes effort, eagerness, and devotion. If you are looking up to attaining milestones in your life or achieve reasonable records and bands in the IELTS assessment, you have to function in its way to get it.

There is no shortcut to achievement, you always have to take the extended and difficult path. Everyone is not precise in everything from the beginning. You earn abilities through persistence and having ambitions.

There are a lot of things to keep in mind while preparing for the IELTS examination. Students usually get confused about the pattern of tests and marking schemes which end up resulting in loss of marks. A pupil should comprehend the details of the test well before registering for any assessment.

Many small aspects can be utilised to score well enough for the exam. Like for the IELTS preparation, minor skills like communication, interaction abilities will benefit a student to smash the test easily and effortlessly.

IELTS Preparation

If you are preparing for the IELTS test, you must have been fearing for vocabulary and writing or reading aptitudes. Speaking quiz is a portion where you lack in the assessment because of limited attention and priority. You must work with dedication and hard work in this portion. Even if you are adequate at writing, it does not make you reasonable at speaking.

You must exercise the question papers and note down the efficient impressions you get about any topic. Proper practising and adequate guidance are all that is required to crack any of the examinations.

In the IELTS speaking quiz, you will be inquired about a mixture of cue cards topics. For this session, aspirants must educate appropriately and judiciously. Start identifying your aptitude and reporting the theories that come to mind while understanding something if you’re readying for it. It will boost you during the interview procedure. You must effectively respond to the questions within the duration provided.

In the following article, you shall learn about an interesting IELTS cue card topic, describe an adventurous thing you did when you were a child. When you understand the IELTS cue card topic well, it is very fascinating and joyful to join down the answers to the various questions asked in the quiz.

It is significant to comprehend the topic well before answering the issues. Below there is a reasonable guide for you to help you prepare well for the IELTS cue card. Various questions with model answers are provided for you to understand the structure of the IELTS speaking session well. So, do read the article till the end to get a clear impression of everything.

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IELTS Speaking

IELTS speaking is a region of the IELTS test where the candidates need to show their abilities and mastery in their transmission and oral illusions. You have to be prepared beforehand with the improvement of your language, vocabulary, and pronunciation to influence the quiz takers.

While surveying, the examiners will ask you for particular occasions of your life and cue card subjects which you will be expected to answer well. The nominees must educate such essays to know the beneficial and unusual paths to reply.

This article has an IELTS topic, describing an adventurous thing you did when you were a child. Everyone will answer according to their impressions. You must have the most substantial and dramatic technique.

Useful Points for IELTS Speaking

Well, the most significant aspect to know is the accurate method to answer the topic provided by the examiner. You have to look effective and sure while speaking. This would be accomplished when you understand what you want to say to wrap everything that is in your mind. You should involve the related terms and quotes if needed. This will surely enhance your English speaking skills.

Do not acquire much time to understand. You will be given a minute time to prepare yourself for the topic. Never panic, be confident and real in front of the test taker. You must be ready for the issues so that you start talking within one minute after the examiner asks the topic. This will demonstrate your mastery and aptitude. You should be familiar with everything that will show the quiz takers that you have obtained reasonable abilities of communication.

IELTS Speaking Test Cue Card Topic Questions and Sample Answers

The tip to achieving the ambition band in the attainment is to exercise every category with efficient schemes for it. Along with tough battles, the creative task is also needed as not much period is given to a nominee for completing the test.

To begin your rehearsal of the speaking category you can take many varieties of cue card topics and practice them well. This can benefit you greatly to answer adequately in the speaking session.

The IELTS speaking element comprises a lot of cue card topics. To elaborate on such topics as the one given above, a student must remember some facts in mind. Create the sub-questions of the topic, that is divide the answers into sub-topics and develop interesting explanations for each one of them. As for the above topic, we can subdivide the topic into the following issues:

# What did you do and how old were you then?

# Why did you do it?

# How do people react to it?

Below are a few sample answers to the above cue card topic that can help a student understand the concept and the pattern well to prepare adequately for the IELTS test. Read the answers carefully understanding the structure and phrases used in the solutions.

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Describe an Adventurous Thing You Did When You Were a Child IELTS Cue Card Topic Model Answer One

What Did You Do and How Old Were You Then?

Childhood is a period where everyone had fun, leisure and did some joyful stuff. Usually, old people like talking about their childhood, sharing several stories about the mischief they did. My childhood was fascinating, amusing and yet a memorable one. I’m brought up in a big joint family with a lot of cousins and siblings around. I still remember the mischievous things we did together annoying our parents.

One of the most spotlight incidents from my childhood was when my cousins and I went to a village nearby our farmhouse. I was 8 years old at that time, it was our summer vacation when our whole family went to the farmhouse to enjoy the holidays.

One day when we were feeling bored, we thought of going for a walk. Stepping through the jungle far away, we found a small village where few labourers were working together and making cement bricks.

It was looking so interesting and exciting to see them forming numerous bricks and making a wall out of it. We went and talked to them, they seemed so friendly and generous that they allowed us to make small bricks without showing any insolence.

Why Did You Do It?

It was a hot sunny day and we got no sort of entertainment other than walking around in the jungle. We didn’t plan to go somewhere and just walked through the way leading from our farmhouse backyard. It was a good moment with all the cousins stepping together chattering and having joy. Instead of the hot sun, we had a great time and enjoyment that day.

Although the village we went, was too distant from our farmhouse, we didn’t feel tired. Rather we rejoiced walking in the warm weather. Later we realised that we had never walked that much before.

How People Reacted To it?

We were all small and children at that time. Since we were a big group together we didn’t have any fear of walking in the jungle. We didn’t inform our parents that we are going to a village far away from the farmland or else they would have never let us go alone.

Everything was unplanned and accidental. We just walked and ended up landing in a village. When we came back to the farmhouse and told the fun time we had with the brick makers in the village, our parents were quite angry at us.

They said that it’s good we had joy making the bricks but going so far without any adult was a little unsafe. Later we did realise that we should have gone with somebody grown-up, we are just kids and walking in the village alone is quite dangerous.

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Describe an Adventurous Thing You Did When You Were a Child IELTS Cue Card Topic Model Answer Two

What Did You Do and How Old Were You Then?

I had an incredible and mysterious childhood. I spent most of my childhood days in my hometown which was a gorgeous place and had lots of events. I can recall many such incidents from my childhood, and among those, I would like to talk about the most daring and challenging one I did when I was about 9-10 years old.

One fine day when I was playing on my terrace, I saw a cat on the neighbour’s balcony, whose hand was stuck in the door and was quite injured. The cat was trying to escape from the balcony but was not able to move due to her injured hand. She was constantly shouting for help with her soft voice. No one was there to help her escape from the door. The uncle who lived there was quite strict and aggressive.

Last time when my friends were playing in front of his house he madly shouted at us. From that incident, I never went in front of him due to fear. But that day I wanted to help the poor cat. I decided to go to his house.

When I went there, his door was open and no one was there in the house. Despite knocking several times, there was no response. Later I slowly stepped into the house and directly went to his room’s balcony. With lots of fear and worry, I quickly helped the cat escape from the trouble by removing her stuck hand from the door. She seemed so happy and ran over to the roof of the window. I felt so glad after helping the needy cat.

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Why Did You Do It?

The cat was in great trouble and there was no one around to help her. Usually, I don’t find any people in the neighbour’s house other than the uncle. I knew no one would help the poor cat. I had no option other than to go to the neighbour’s house and relieve her. I have loved animals since childhood.

Whenever I see a cat or a puppy I directly get it into the house which is the reason I get so much scolding from my parents. I currently have two birds in my house. I like taking care of them every day. Animals are very innocent and lovely creatures to spend time with. They adore playing games and walking around with people.

How People Reacted To it?

There was no one in the neighbour’s house when I stepped in except the watchman down. He was a friendly man and did let me go inside and helped the poor cat. Surprisingly, no one saw entering the uncle’s house. The watchman appreciated me for doing such kind work for the needy cat. I also told my grandmother about the daring work I took up to help the cat escape from the trouble.

She also appreciated me and said that I did great work but I should not enter someone’s house without informing them. I later realised that I did the wrong thing but I didn’t have an option at that time. I promised my grandmother that I won’t do it next time.

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Hoping that the above article was beneficial for you to understand and describe an adventurous thing you did when you were a child cue card topic of the IELTS speaking test. The IELTS cue card session is very interesting and engaging if you have good communication skills. Before appearing for the IELTS speaking exam, one must practice various cue card topics and develop questions from them.

If you are struggling with your IELTS preparation and are not able to find a proper guide for the test. Then you are at the exact website, IELTS Ninja. It delivers you with the best adequate training to crack the IELTS examination easily and effortlessly.

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