The performance in the entire 8 tasks in the listening portion of the PTE academic is used to calculate the PTE Listening Score. The Listening exam is component 3 of the PTE Academic complete test.

The PTE Listening module takes 45 to 57 minutes to complete. In each job, you will listen to a brief audio that will be related to academic disciplines such as humanities, biological sciences, and social sciences.

It is critical to understand the exam format, time allocated for each test, and scoring structure while preparing for the test. Do you know how to calculate the listening score in PTE? In this article, we will help you to learn how the PTE listening score calculator works.

 PTE Listening Score Calculation

The aspiring candidates should know “how is the PTE score calculated??”

The performance in all eight activities determines the PTE Listening Score. The PTE listening section scores are based on two distinct types of PTE scoring systems: System of partial credit and correct or incorrect scoring. So, how PTE listening score is calculated? Here’s a breakdown of the PTE hearing score distribution per PTE listening question type (PTE marks calculator):

Item Number of Items Provided Prompt length Score system Skills assessed
Summarize Spoken text 2 to 3 60 to 90 seconds Partial Credit Listening and writing
Multiple choice, choose multiple answers 2 to 3 40 to 90 seconds For each correct answer, some credit is given, and for each wrong option, a point is deducted. Listening
Fill in the blanks 2 to 3 30 to 60 seconds Partial Credit for each Correct Word Spelled Listening and writing
Highlight correct summary 2 to 3 30 to 90 seconds Correct or Incorrect Listening and writing
Multiple-choice, choose a single answer 2 to 3 30 to 60 seconds Correct or Incorrect Listening
Select missing word 2 to 3 30 to 60 seconds Correct or Incorrect Listening
Highlight incorrect words 2 to 3 20 to 70 seconds For each accurate word, partial credit will be given, and points will be deducted if you choose the incorrect option. Listening
Write from dictation 3 to 4 3 to 5 seconds For each correctly spelled word, you will receive partial credit. Listening and writing

H3 PTE Listening Score Guide

There is no one-size-fits-all method or magic spell for getting a 79+ on the PTE Exam, but there are lots of creative and successful approaches.

You may come across a variety of resources, publications, and even coaches who guarantee a PTE Academic Test band 8 comparable result. But, for the time being, let’s set aside everything else, even the extensive suggestions and materials available on our website, and concentrate just on the dream score objective.

# Get your basics right

# Make the most of your talents and shortcomings by focusing on them.

# Choosing the right materials for the job

# Practice time management

# Rigorous practice

# Regular mock tests

There are about eight different sorts of listening questions on the PTE, but you don’t have to focus on each one. It is critical to understand that you should concentrate just on high-scoring questions.

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PTE Total Score

PTE Academic assigns you a score on the Global Scale of English that ranges from 10 to 90, allowing you to precisely assess your English abilities.

PTE Listening Question Types

#1. Summarize Spoken Text

#2. Highlight Incorrect Words

#3. Fill in the Blanks

#4. Write from Dictation

Take a look at the score and question kinds to see why you should concentrate just on these 4 for 65 points on the PTE.

Question Type Listening Module
Summarize Spoken Text 10
Highlight Incorrect Words 8
Fill in the Blanks 22
Retell Lecture 6
Write from Dictation 20
Total Marks 44

You should now be able to see why you should concentrate solely on these question types in this portion. You may quickly enhance your PTE scores by using these different questions in the section.

How to Improve PTE Listening Score?

# By shutting out all distractions, you may practise intently.

# Focus on filling in the gaps and using dictation modules to write.

# Don’t spend too much time on the four comprehension tasks because they don’t carry a lot of weight.

# Concentrate more on highlighting erroneous words with precision.

# Pay attention to your writing abilities as well.

# Speaking, fluency and pronunciation may all have a big influence on how well you listen.

# For more assistance, look at practice papers.

This is all about calculating your score, certain problems involve more than one skill, therefore you’ll need to practise a lot to get a strong score. Because the total PTE score is derived by averaging all of the skills, it is critical to achieving good scores in all categories. They can achieve a good score in these parts with proper practice.

PTE Listening Tips

Summarize Spoken Text

The first sort of question you’ll have to answer is Summarize Spoken Text, which will put your listening and writing abilities to the test.

A tape of 60-90 seconds will be played for you to listen to in order to finish the job. As you listen, attempt to jot down essential ideas on the Erasable Noteboard Booklet to help you grasp the context. You’ll have 10 minutes after the recording to compose a summary of what you heard.

You must submit a minimum of 50 words and a maximum of 70 words to respond to this question type. You can get a maximum of two points for content, two points for form, two points for grammar, two points for vocabulary, and two points for spelling.

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Multiple-choice Multiple Answer

The second style of question, Multiple-Choice, Multiple-Answer, will put your listening abilities to the test. To begin, you will be provided with facts that will assist you in answering the question. This will only take you 7 seconds to read. After that, a recording lasting between 40 and 90 seconds will be played.

Choose all of the responses that you believe are right. For each accurate answer, you will earn 1 point, but for each erroneous option, you will lose -1 point. You cannot get a score of 0 or less.

Fill in The Blanks

Listening and writing abilities will be evaluated in the third question type, Fill in the Blanks. You will have 7 seconds to read some material before hearing the tape, similar to the last challenge. A 30- to 60-second recording will be played. Type each word into the blank areas as you hear it to ensure you don’t miss any.

Do not leave any blank areas; you will be able to evaluate them afterwards. Each accurate word that is spelt correctly earns you one point.

Highlight Correct Summary

Highlight Correct Summary, the fourth question type, will assess your listening and reading abilities. Before the recording begins, you will have 10 seconds to read through the options. A 30- to 90-second clip will be presented.

Only one accurate response is needed to finish the challenge. If you’re undecided, go with the option that you believe is accurate because you can’t lose points on this question. Either correct or wrong will be assigned to your answer.

Multiple-choice Single Answer

Listening skills will be tested with the fifth type of question, Multiple-Choice, Single Answer. You will be given information to read for background, and then you will be required to listen to a tape that is between 30 and 60 seconds long to complete this job. Choose the best choice for you. Your answer to this sort of question will be graded as accurate or wrong.

Select Missing Word

Select Missing Word, the sixth question type, will put your listening abilities to the test.

To accomplish the challenge, you must listen to a tape that lasts between 20 and 70 seconds and anticipate the last word or words of the text. On this type of question, you will be graded as correct or wrong.

Highlight Incorrect Words

Your listening and reading abilities will be tested in the seventh question type, Highlight Incorrect Words. You will be presented information and given 10 seconds to read it before a recording begins in this question type.

A 15 to 50-second audio will be played, and you must choose the words that are wrong and do not match the clip. Each right word is worth 1 point, while each wrong word is worth -1 point. You cannot get a score of 0 or less.

Write from Dictation

Write from Dictation, the 8th question type, assesses listening and writing abilities. Before the recording begins, you will have 7 seconds to follow the instructions. The tape lasts around 3 to 5 seconds, so listen to it and write the words in the response box.

For each right word you write, you will earn one point. To earn 1 point, write the words in the correct sequence and spell them correctly. Incorrect wording does not result in a loss of points.

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PTE Academic Part 3 will take 45 to 57 minutes to complete and will test your language abilities. This part is intended to assess your listening, reading, and writing skills. Because the PTE Academic is an integrated skills exam, it has numerous question types which each test up to two skills.

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