What is PTE? The Pearson Test of English is a test for people who do not have a background in English language and want to study abroad. This is a computer-based test and assesses the reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills of a candidate. This test is accepted worldwide by esteemed institutes and organizations.

The PTE test is further of two types; PTE academic test and PTE general test.

Let’s find out the difference between IELTS and PTE.

What is the Difference between the PTE Academic and PTE General Test?

Students who are willing to study or migrate to countries with English as a native language(USA, Canada, UK, Australia) should opt for the PTE academic test. This test examines the English proficiency of the test takers.

On the other hand, applicants who want to test their English language competency can opt for the PTE General test. It can help them understand their weak points, keep track of their progress, and enhance their skill set. This test is favourable for employment, travel, and even education.

The Difference of Pattern Between PTE Academic and PTE General Test

PTE Academic Exam– It is an unbiased computer-based assessment. No human is involved in the checking of the exam. It is divided into four sections: writing, reading, listening and speaking.

PTE General Test- It is an amalgamation of six levels-A1,1,2,3,4 and 5. Each test consists of two levels; a written and spoken test. Candidates can select any level according to their level of expertise in the English language.


What is the difference between the PTE and IELTS exam? Most of the candidates have this question lingering on their minds. The primary pointer that distinguishes both the exams is that IELTS is a paper-based evaluation, while PTE is a computer-based exam. PTE has 20 different, brief tasks, whereas IELTS has long ones.

PTE vs IELTS, Which is Easier?

Now, let us dive into the most common doubt of test-takers. In PTE vs IELTS comparison, which is easier? It might disappoint you, but both of these tests have the same difficulty level. Both of these tests require rigorous hard work.

If your preparation is not up to the mark, then taking either of the tests will be of no use. So, rule out this doubt from your mind and make a wise decision based on your preference.

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Is it Easy to Crack the PTE Exam for the IELTS Aspirants?

Since now we have an overview of both the exams. We can conclude that an IELTS aspirant can take up the PTE exam easily. Both of the exams have almost the same parameters of judgment. So if you have aced the IELTS exam, then you have high chances of cracking the PTE exam.

PTE IELTS Comparison on the Grounds of Speaking Test

For a candidate who does not have a background in English, the speaking test is the most intimidating section amongst all the levels. We all are familiar with the automated scoring system of the PTE exam. So, the aspirants who feel odd talking in English might face difficulty in scoring.

As compared to physical communication, web-based procurement has some drawbacks. Here are a few drawbacks;

  1. One can ask the examiner to repeat the question in a face to face interaction. However, in computer-based tests, this option cancels out.
  2. The speaking test microphone switches off automatically in just three seconds if there is no reply from the candidate. Therefore, one must be spontaneous in speaking tests as it lowers down the time to think.
  3. The IELTS speaking test is conducted in a quiet room with no other candidates around. On the contrary, the PTE test expects the candidates to answer from a partitioned booth with other candidates.

PTE vs IELTS Score Range

IELTS and PTE have different types of scoring methods. IELTS assigns the scores to the candidates on the band of 1-9, while PTE has a numerical ranking method where the candidates are marked numerically out of 90. PTE exam has an automated scoring method, whereas IELTS exam scoring has a manual method.

PTE vs IELTS, Which Delivers the Result Faster?

If you are someone who needs results fast, then blindly go for the PTE test. As it is a computer-based test, it generates results quicker than the pen and paper test, as in the case of IELTS.


This article lays all the points to help you understand everything about PTE vs IELTS. Choose the test that aligns with your goals and requirements. Both PTE to IELTS requires practice and eloquent English.

Start working on your language skills and solve as many sample papers as you can. Keep reading our blogs for more such content. The foreign countries are waiting to welcome you.

Happy studying!

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