PTE, the Pearson Test of English, checks the English proficiency of the candidates whose native language is not English but aspiring to study abroad. One thought that continuously nags every PTE aspirant – does PTE have academic and general tests? And, is there any difference between PTE academic and PTE general? The answer to these is – yes.

This test has two parts PTE academic and PTE general. This article sketches what is the difference between PTE academic and PTE general? To clear your doubts, have a look at the points mentioned below.

Point of Difference between PTE Academic and PTE General

  1. PTE Academic vs PTE General Exam Pattern:

    PTE academic has four areas of judgment; reading, writing, listening and speaking. Whereas, PTE general exam has two main sections; written and spoken tests. The written part further splits into listening, reading comprehension, and writing sections.

  2. Score Validity:

    The PTE academic test results are valid for only two years starting from the result’s date, whereas the PTE general test’s score does not have an expiry date. It is valid forever. Once you have taken this test, you will have an added benefit when shifting abroad, even if you are not sure of the dates.

  3. Exam’s Purpose:

    PTE academic exam is taken up by the aspirants who are willing to take admission or migrate to an English country. Whereas, PTE general is for the candidates who want to analyse their expertise in the English language.

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When Can You Give Both the Exams?

  • PTE General

This exam has only three slots available in a year. These are in May, June, and December. If you are a person who does not have time limitations, then PTE general is for you. 

  • PTE Academic

PTE academic has a brownie point over PTE general on the grounds of test dates. This exam is for people who cannot take time out from their hectic schedules. The test dates are available throughout the year. There is no time limitation for your preparation. One can give the test according to his/her choice.

Time Duration of both the Tests

  • PTE Academic

The candidates have three hours to complete this test.

  • PTE General

The time of this test depends upon the level you are taking. The minimum duration to complete this test is 90 minutes, while the maximum is three hours.

How to Prepare for the PTE Test?

Chalk Out a Plan that Suits You-

While studying for the PTE test if you build a plan before appearing, then you can outshine other candidates. Make a time table and divide each level of the assessment based on your weak and strong points.

How to Start Your Study Cycle?

Experts recommend you to start with the section in which you are confident and slowly move forward to your weak points. It will help you gain confidence at the beginning of the preparation, and it would be easier for you to proceed further. Repeat this daily, and this will skyrocket your preparation.

How Much Time to Donate Each Day for this Exam?

There is no ideal time of studying required to ace this test. It depends upon the personal level of understanding. Toppers recommend studying for at least two to three hours daily. Ideally, one should start preparing four to six weeks before the exam. It increases their chances of cracking the exam.

How to Master Each Section Separately?

Since there are four sections in both the papers, one should at least spare thirty minutes on each section provided that one has the same level of proficiency in all four. If any section requires more time, do not hesitate to give extra time.

Writing Section

Focus on the grammatical part. Be articulate with your thoughts. Enrich your vocabulary by writing some new word-meanings daily.

Reading Section

Read nonfiction books; this will broaden your knowledge. Read newspapers, academic magazines, and relevant articles online.

Listening Section

Listen to audiotapes and comprehensions to improve your listening skills. Try to match the speed of the speaker. You can listen to podcasts, news on BBC or national tv.

Speaking Section

To ace this part of the paper. One needs to interact with peers, friends, or family members in English. Enrol in some public speaking platforms, join literary clubs to have intellectual conversations in English.


The PTE exam is tailored to assess the English language skills of a candidate. We have put together every important point for both tests. Select the test on personal preference.No matter what test you opt for, acquiring a good command of the English language would remain a constant requirement. Put all your hard work into the PTE preparation, and you will surely pass with flying colours. Keep reading our blogs for more such content.

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