What is the PTE Exam? PTE is a test that is entirely computer-based. No human involvement is there. For example, in the Speaking Module, you must use a headset for all Speaking assignments. The computer keeps track of all responses. Similarly, all tasks in the Writing Module must be typed. As a result, this test is extremely advantageous to those with strong computing abilities.

MCQ/ blanks style questions, as well as other question kinds, are included in the Listening and Reading Modules. In this article, we will learn more about the PTE English test including why it is important, exam details, preparation tips and more.

What is the PTE Exam?

So what is meant by the PTE exam? The PTE is a computer-based English language assessment that is approved by educational institutions all around the world. Students and hopefuls who want to study abroad or migrate to a largely English-speaking nation must take the Academic test to demonstrate their English language skills.

The 3-hour computer-based test is based on everyday English instead of high-level English and assesses a student’s ability to comprehend the language as it is spoken on a daily basis. The multi-level grading system allows for a better grasp of a student’s English language competence.

Why is the PTE Exam Important?

Now that you have understood “what is the PTE exam?” Let’s move on to learn why it is so important.

Several factors distinguish this test from other organisations that offer proficiency exams across the world. Here are some of the most compelling reasons to take the test:

Computer-based Test

PTE is the only organisation that offers a completely computerised online test. Speaking, writing, reading, and listening are the four parts of the test. The answers to these parts are solely supplied on the computer, and no documentation is required. It is an essential alternative if you wish to avoid a paper-based test.

Faster Exam Results

In contrast to IELTS, which takes 13 days to provide exam results, the test scores are sent within 5 business days or sooner. It saves time and makes it easier to apply for courses at reputable universities. Furthermore, test takers may quickly transmit their scores to several colleges, increasing their chances of admission.

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No Ambiguous Questions

Multiple choice, describing visuals, paraphrase, short questions, essay writing, and other question types are included in the test. Unlike the IELTS exam, this one does not include any confusing questions, which make it harder to comprehend and reduce your score.

Contain Real-Life Questions

Instead of the local dialect seen in other examinations, questions in the exam are based on spoken English or language that is used in everyday life and academically.

Perfect English Assessment Test

This is a comprehensive examination of the test takers’ mastery of the English language. It assesses listening skills as well as fluency in speaking, writing, and reading.

Transparent Marking System

Intelligent computers trained to provide scores after evaluating responses mark the test. This aids in obtaining a trustworthy and unbiased score, which is sometimes lacking with human checkers.

Test Scores are Accepted Globally

Over 6000 companies across the world accept exam scores, and this figure is continuously rising. The exam takers can choose from a variety of dates throughout the year at any of the over 50 accredited exam locations around the world.

How to Register for the PTE Exam?

PTE stands out from other English proficiency exams in a number of ways. The scoring structure and outcomes are the first and most distinguishing features of the same. Because the tests are entirely automated, the PTE results and scores are usually available within two business days. This makes it ideal for students who are pressed for time.

Step 1: Visit the official website.

Step 2: Fill up your personal information to create a Pearson account.

Step 3: Pearson will send you an email with your login information within 48 hours after completing the registration procedure.

Step 4: The next step is to locate a testing facility near you.

Step 5: Choose an appropriate time and date as well.

Step 6: After you’ve entered all of your information, such as time, date, and slot, you’ll be sent to the checkout button.

Step 7: Then make a payment and complete your reservation.

Other Methods of Registering for PTE

Candidates can now register for the exam over the phone, in addition to the widely favoured online approach. Indian students interested in taking the PTE Exam may call the Academic Testing Body at 00080 0440 2020. (Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM local time; except on local holidays.)

About PTE Slot Booking

Candidates who wish to take the Academic must first create a Pearson account before registering for their Academic Slot Booking. Candidates will get an email with their login information within 48 hours after completing the registration process. Before reserving the exam, candidates must thoroughly read the handbook accessible on the official website.

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PTE Test Information: Exam Dates 2021

The test is given at authorised Test Centers around the country throughout the year. These dates may differ from one facility to the next. Students must use the Pearson Academic website to look for available seats. Simply click next after selecting the exam centres nearest to you. The website would direct you to a calendar that displayed all of the available dates.

PTE Test Information: Exam Centres

The following is a list of Academic test centres for candidates who are planning to take the Academic in the near future. Candidates should select the exam test centre that is most suitable for them in order to perform at their best on test day.

PTE Test Information: Accommodations

Exam accommodations, sometimes known as “special arrangements” or “reasonable changes,” are made accessible by Pearson VUE in order to make the test accessible to all persons with impairments. Among the arrangements that have been made feasible are:

# A separate testing room

# Extra testing time

# A Reader or Recorder

Applicants who require special accommodations must explain their requirements and how their handicap prevents them from functioning at their best under normal circumstances.

Applicants would have to present evidence of documents and apply weeks ahead of time in order for the organising body to make the necessary arrangements. Before scheduling a test, candidates must submit an application for the request.

PTE Test Information: Exam Pattern

Speaking & Writing, Reading, and Listening are the three components of the Academic Syllabus. These three portions are graded, and you also receive an Academic overall score. The Exam Pattern shown below goes through the elements of the Academic Paper in great depth for the candidate’s advantage. Candidates interested in taking the Academic Exam should review the Exam Pattern listed below.

PTE Test Information: Syllabus

In order to sit for the exam, students must first grasp the Academic syllabus. The Academic is broken into three sections: Speaking and Writing, Reading, and Listening. Applicants can review the Syllabus in detail for each division below:

Speaking and Writing

Personal intro; intensive reading; repeat phrases; describe image; repeat lecture; brief questions; and summarise the material are examples of question styles for the Speaking and Writing Section.


Fill in the gaps, multiple-choice questions, and re-order paragraphs are examples of question formats for the Reading Section.


Summarizing spoken material, multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blanks, highlighting the right summary, writing from dictation, highlighting erroneous words, and selecting missing words are all examples of question formats for the Listening Section.

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PTE Results and Score

Within 2 working days of the test day, Academic results are generally accessible online. The Academic results are available on the internet. It’s also available through your Academic account setup. Within five business days, you will get an email with details on how to view the results online. After that, you must log in to your Pearson account by following the instructions. With your Pearson account, you may share your scores with the schools and institutions of your choosing.

The Academic Exam is graded on a scale of 10 to 90, with 10 being the lowest and 1 as increments. The score, which is based on a scale, demonstrates a person’s ability to read, talk, interpret verbal directions, and write in English. The results are shown on a graph, making it simple to see the candidate’s fundamental language abilities as well as areas for growth.

Books and Materials

Applicants are sometimes perplexed as to whether they should enrol in coaching classes or study alone. However, receiving extra support, whatever they rely on, isn’t a bad idea. We’ve compiled a selection of the finest books and resources for preparation so that our readers may give it their all throughout the test.

Applicants should constantly keep in mind that time is of the essence. Applicants should not put off their preparation till the last minute. They should begin studying early and leave enough time to review near the conclusion of the exam in order to pass the exam and get the desired results on the first try.

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How to Choose The Best Books for the PTE English Test?

Candidates are sometimes overwhelmed by the huge amount of preparation resources available on the internet. So, how do applicants go about choosing the finest preparation books and materials for themselves? To have access to the greatest preparation material, candidates must complete the simple procedures outlined below.

# The key to any good preparation strategy is to get started early.

# Frequently, a significant amount of time and resources are wasted on questionable websites. Only legitimate study materials should be used by candidates.

# Candidates are encouraged to use the PTE official website as a reference guide for their preparation.

# The preparation techniques are distinct, and you should develop your own strategy. It’s possible that blindly following plans isn’t the greatest way to study.

Best Books to Prepare for PTE English Test

The Official Guide to PTE Academic

Our selection of the best books for the assessment starts with The Official Guide to the Pearson Test of English. The book includes a thorough exam guide that will teach you all you need to know about the exam. The book will teach you about the assessment structure, how it is administered, the scoring methodology, and the exam criteria.

The official Pearson assessment organisation, which conducts the exam all over the globe, is the book’s publisher. There are 200+ practise assessment papers in the book, as well as a CD-ROM, analysis of example assessment answers, test-tips, and much more. All you need to ace the exam with a good score may be found in this book.

Expert PTE Academic Coursebook 

The PTE expert academic coursebook comes in second place on our list of the top books for the test. Advanced modules for the exam are included in the book. As per assessment takers, the textbook has two levels: B1 and B2. You must determine your level by comparing it to one of the levels in the book.

The book contains specific information that is designed to assess the assessment taker’s skill level. The book will assist you in honing your abilities and improving your exam performance.

PTE Academic Practice Tests Plus: Volume 1

Complete practise tests with real exam questions written by Academic assessment writers are included in PTE Academic Practice Tests Plus Volume 1. The book contains thorough instructions, techniques, and recommendations on how to complete each task type on the exam.

An annotated answer key and scoring guide are included in the book to assist you in evaluating your answers. It also includes MP3 recordings for all of the exam’s hearing and speaking activities, as well as genuine candidate responses with notes on each spoken and written test.

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Pearson Test of English Academic 

Another useful book for the PTE assessment is the Pearson Test of English Academic. Four full practise tests with real exam questions written by Academic test writers are included in the book. Which will assist you in studying for the exam. The book provides overviews of each section of the examination, so you’ll know what to anticipate on the exam and be able to complete it efficiently and effectively.

You’ll find thorough instructions, techniques, and suggestions in the book to show you how to do each work type. How to solve each portion of the exam, as well as how to prepare for it ahead of time. All of the listening and speaking exercises are recorded on an MP3 disc included with the book.

Practice Test Plus of Pearson Test of English Academic: Volume 2

Four comprehensive practise exams with genuine assessment questions are included in Practice Test Plus Volume 2. The book contains thorough instructions, techniques, and recommendations on how to complete each task type on the exam.

You will find audio recordings for all of the listening and speaking questions in the book. It includes an annotated answer key and a scoring guide to assist you in evaluating your responses.

PTE Prep: Offline Practice Test

Candidates frequently decline to purchase books. They might simply go to the official Pearson PTE Academic website and get the entire PTE Academic assessment in pdf format. Applicants would be capable of solving this exam in the offline mode enabling them to know the exam much better.

PTE Exam Preparation: PTE Official Practice App

Candidates may now prepare for their PTE Academic assessment while they are on the road. It would just be necessary for them to download the PTE Academic Official Practice App. The app is accessible on a variety of devices, allowing students to prepare for the PTE Exam while on the go. Students may use the app to create a study plan, practise exercises, and learn more about the test.

PTE Exam Preparation

You can learn on your own or enrol in a PTE tutoring facility for your PTE preparation, just like you would for any other test. The choice is totally yours, as you must choose if you have enough time and money to do both or choose one.

Newer study techniques, such as PTE preparation online, are gaining popularity. It contains tools for self-study as well as coaching classes. You enrol in a virtual classroom and learn from the convenience of your own home. To choose the best technique for preparing for the PTE exam, you must first consider your criteria and make an informed decision.

PTE Exam Preparation Tips

Many PTE exam takers are perplexed as to where they should focus their PTE preparation. No need to be concerned. For individuals who want to ace their PTE exam, follow these 10 steps.

#1. Plan ahead

#2. Know what you’re getting into

#3. Take lots of practice tests

#4. Start studying vocabulary

#5. Focus on your subject

#6. Don’t ignore the other subject

#7. Use good materials

#8. Know question types

#9. Keep an error log

#10. Plan on taking the exam twice

Effective PTE Preparation Strategies

Students frequently begin their preparation by enrolling in a coaching facility or registering for free practise exams. What a student overlooks is that, like any other test, language competency assessments require a technique.

Here are some study suggestions to help you succeed on the PTE Academic Exam.

It is crucial to remember, however, that no amount of tips, techniques, or tools will be able to overcome the practice’s devotion and efficiency. To succeed, you must perfect these abilities and practise them over and over again.

You don’t have to be a technical expert to pass this exam. This exam is necessary to confirm that you are conversant in the official international language. Your assessment results and score guarantee that you will be able to study abroad using this language as the medium of instruction from English-speaking teachers in a multicultural environment.

How Can I Prepare for PTE at Home?

Applicants should not mistake preparation for the PTE at home with preparing for the PTE at the exam centre. The sole difference between the two PTE exams is the assessment setting. assessment takers may become overwhelmed at times.

Candidates should be aware that Pearson, the PTE exam’s governing organisation, has begun giving PTE exams at home for candidates who want to take the exam in the comfort of their own homes. If the COVID-19 local limitations allow, candidates who do not have a favourable atmosphere at home or the requisite system requirements can take the exam at a PTE test centre.


  1. Is it possible to pass the PTE Academic without studying?

Ans. Candidates are strongly advised to prepare for the exam before scheduling a PTE Academic test appointment.

  1. How long does the PTE Academic test take in total?

Ans. Your PTE Academic test will last three hours in total.

  1. How much time does it take to study for the PTE Academic exam?

Ans. This is totally up to the candidate’s choice. Students who have taken the test previously and are taking it for the second time will spend less time preparing than first-time test takers. Placing a number would be incorrect from a technical standpoint.


It is necessary to obtain proficiency exam results in order to gain admission to reputable colleges overseas, apply for visas, and work after graduation. A high proficiency score might lead to opportunities to study abroad, immigrate, and work in other countries.

Several organisations across the world provide English proficiency exams and certify non-native speakers. Among the organizations, the PTE English exam has quickly gained popularity among foreign students. The PTE test has evolved into a quick, secure, and accurate method of evaluating non-native English speakers’ English ability.

Looking for a PTE course to get you on track? Check out the PTE course designed by IELTS Ninja.

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