GRE exam is a prestigious examination conducted globally for graduates from all over the world and helping them enter into further studies by graduating abroad. Further, then 1,200 business universities around the planet approve the GRE totals, comprising top-ranked MBA undertakings. The GRE exam measures your authority of fundamental arithmetic, geometry, data analysis, and algebra as well as college-level terminology. More honourably, it assesses your proficiency to evaluate and analyze composed elements, understand critically, and understand dilemmas.

This article talks about the whole Graduate Record Examination exam from what the examination is about to the fees, the 2021 aspect and the syllabus, so stay tuned till the end to not miss anything.

What is the Graduate Record Examination Exam?

The Graduate Record Examination, or Graduate Record Examination, is a crucial phase in the graduate university or business university application procedure. The Graduate Record Examination is a multiple-choice, computer-based, formalized exam that is frequently expected for the acknowledgement to graduate proposals and graduate business assignments (MBA) worldwide.

The Graduate Record Examination is formulated and allocated by test maker ETS to furnish graduate and business universities with widespread criteria for distinguishing applicants’ capabilities and preparedness for graduate-level educational jobs. Graduate university and business university acceptance conferences glance at your Graduate Record Examination achievement, along with your educational document and supporting elements, to evaluate your eagerness for the rigours of graduate educational research.

Graduate Record Examination Exam Fee 

The application payment for the Graduate Record Examination General Test is $213 globally, which would approximately decipher to Rs. 15,782 roughly. Graduate Record Examination Subject Test amounts to $150 globally, which would go for Indian pupils Rs. 11,114 roughly. Also, if the aspirants want to shift the centre or reschedule the examination, they would be compelled to spend an additional fee for the equivalent.

Graduate Record Examination Exam Fee in India 

Graduate Record Examination General Test to pay more for Indian aspirants as they are presently compelled to spend the US $213 from the earlier US $205.

Commencing October 2020, ETS has increased the Graduate Record Examination General examination fee from $205 to $213. Competitors enrolling from India, after October 7, 2020, would be compelled to spend the recent Graduate Record Examination allocation fee of US $213. All additional fees comprising shifting of Graduate Record Examination examination centre and rescheduling of the Graduate Record Examination exam continue intact.

Graduate Record Examination Exam Fee IN India in 2021

The Graduate Record Examination exam payment for the general examination is $205 in all nations except five, which are India, Australia, Turkey, Nigeria, and China. The enrollment fee for the Graduate Record Examination General Exam in India is $213 or roughly INR 15,800. Different from the Graduate Record Examination general examination whose expense differs by area. Seizing the Graduate Record Examination subject examination is getting on to amount to $150 worldwide.

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Graduate Record Examination Exam Syllabus 

The Graduate Record Examination syllabus 2021 is considerably distributed into three categories – Analytical Writing, Quantitative reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning. You can accept a computer-based or paper-based Graduate Record Examination examination, and the examination structure for each is unique. Commonly, the computer-based exam is accepted by aspirants who want to seek their graduate grades abroad.

General Test Structure for Computer 

Graduate Record Examination sections Duration No. of sections
Verbal Reasoning 60 minutes 2 sections – 40 questions
Quantitative Reasoning 70 minutes 2 sections – 40 questions
Analytical Writing 60 minutes 1 section – two tasks
Unscored Varies Varies
Research Varies Varies

General Test Structure for Paper 

GRE sections Duration No. of sections
Verbal Reasoning 70 minutes 2 sections – 50 questions
Quantitative Reasoning 80 minutes 2 sections – 50 questions
Analytical Writing 60 minutes 2 sections – 2 tasks
Unscored NA NA
Research NA NA

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Graduate Record Examination Academic Test Syllabus 2021 


The examination comprises roughly 190 five-choice topics connected to Biology. The questions include:

Cellular and Molecular Biology

Organismal Biology

Ecology and Evolution


The test comprises roughly 130 multiple-choice problems associated with the four areas into which chemistry has been traditionally allocated

Analytical Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

Literature in English

Each version of the examination comprises roughly 230 problems on the poem, an acting, narrative, the manuscript, the quick tale, the fiction, judgment, academic assumption and the chronology of the terminology.

Literary Analysis


Cultural and Historical Contexts

History and Theory of Literary Criticism


The examination comprises roughly 66 multiple-choice problems drawn from lessons generally requested at the undergraduate degree.



Additional Topics


The examination comprises roughly 100 five-choice problems, some of which stand grouped in pairs and established on such materials as graphs, diagrams, practical data and explanations of corporal circumstances.

Classical Mechanics


Optics and Wave Phenomena

Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics

Atomic Physics

Special Relativity

Laboratory Methods

Specialized Topics


The examination comprises roughly 205 multiple-choice problems. Every topic in the examination has five alternatives from which the examinee is to assign the one alternative that is the exact or best explanation to the problem.






Measurement/ Methodology/ Other


With the right learning, the right choice, stiff determination and confidence one can always achieve what they believe and I can tell one thing that tension, stress, anxiety and fear of failure can do you nowhere other than your own harm so be mentally positive and lead your life. This examination can lead to your education and not your life so aim for it and if you didn’t don’t ever be disheartened, always remember there are chances and you will succeed. We are here to assist you and counsel you. So buckle up and prepare and all the very best for your examination and stay home stay safe because corona might chase.

Hoping you liked and gained some confidence by reading this article here, let us know in the comments below about your feedback and suggestions.

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