The essay for IELTS Writing Task 2 is something that a lot of students are scared of. You must write about 250 words in a proper format and this should be finished in approximately 40 minutes because you also need to do the Writing Task 1 in the first 20 minutes of the one-hour writing test.

Follow the IELTS essay on the topic Art is Considered an Essential Part of All Cultures below to get a good idea about the format.

Essay Writing Sample 1

Art is a significant cultural heritage that represents individuality and expresses national characteristics, practices and customs. Even though its value, involvement and general engagement in art have been diminishing in recent times, technological innovation is more significant. It is possible to recognize certain causes of this indifference, but there are approaches to improve the perspective.

Put Facts or Examples

There are some major factors why focus and mindset towards technology have been transformed into technological sectors. With that being said, painting as a career does not promise a high income. Individuals decide to work certain occupations which are more important and in need in the industry, such as physicists.

Furthermore, individuals rely greatly on technology, as devices promote everyday activities, healthcare aid detect and manage illnesses, and make our country more comfortable in particular. People began to establish scientific realms by studying the advantages and successes of technology. Humanity chooses technological and business expertise, instead of creative skills, because of these advantages.

To question positively, certain tasks should be carried out. In relation to the findings of its significance and improved creative ability among young adolescents, the government could initially encourage museums and galleries or art-related areas in schooling.   Empathic attractions, productions of musical theatre, string quartets and dramas would also inspire and generate a willingness towards cultivating arts in culture.

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Wrap it Up

People are busy with their day to day life, and congested lives, and in any of their free time, they do not want to spend their free time visiting a museum or art galleries. Management will also open community centres in the evening or plan events that give people chances to visit on holidays. Such remedies will boost the existing scenario and shift the optimistic outlook towards painting.

In conclusion, art can be considered as a vital part of our lives that has lost its appeal. Even so, the dilemma can be addressed with the correct steps by citizens and it’s government.

Essay Writing Sample 2

A vital impact of social identity is art. And as such, art constitutes an integral part of cultures all over the world. These days, nevertheless, not that many individuals are involved in the arts. The great majority of people are currently leaning toward areas such as history, technologies and industry. Because they deliver great work opportunities, the primary factor for this is the profits generated after studying these topics.

Even so, once the agencies take just several steps in conjunction with the wider public, this issue can be addressed.

Individuals lack appreciation of art because they do not treat it as a realistic subject. In other terms, in a global corporation, practising art cannot allow anyone to achieve a decent career.

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Include Facts or Examples

Especially in comparison to those working in the industry and technology fields, many musicians fail to secure their living. It is believed that working on topics other than painting is a gateway to performance.

Art has been the foundation of every society, nevertheless. The loss of confidence in the art would inevitably contribute to the demise of the globe’s rich history and culture. The government is providing to rekindle young peoples’ interest in the subject. By building art schools and sustaining museums and galleries, the officials can assign budgets for the creation of the art sector. The organization of cultural activities would establish opportunities for many and draw many visitors.

Conclude Your Essay

Growing visitor numbers would help to raise additional profits. For people to seek art as a hobby and a fulfilling career, the improved employment opportunities would serve as a lift.

In regarding career opportunities, issues such as engineering, innovation and industry are enticing, however, art can be a source of livelihoods too. For the survival of art, the joint efforts of the government and citizens are necessary.


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